While the Xbox is an established platform that has seen many iterations, Microsoft’s next big push is for the Windows platform. Since the Xbox One launched in 2013, Microsoft has been busy developing its next-gen console, codenamed ‘Project xCloud’ and ‘Project xCloud 2’. In late 2019, following the announcement that the Xbox One is now the best-selling console in the US, the company announced that the Xbox One X will be discontinued, with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models to be the last Xbox consoles manufactured.

I first saw Terra Invicta in the first teaser trailer, and I think it looks fantastic. I personally feel that it has a much more realistic look to it than most other games in the genre.

E3 is an annual video game industry conference held in Los Angeles, California, during which game companies, such as Microsoft , Sony , and Activision , show off upcoming game titles, and reveal new product lines. E3 2019 is right around the corner, and this year it’s looking very interesting for Sony , thanks to an exciting series of announcements, and the release of ” The Last of Us: Part II ” in the Summer of 2019.

XCOM fans may know Pavonis Interactive from their involvement with the Long War mod series, the second of which was funded by 2K. Their first full-fledged game that has nothing to do with any other franchise is called Terra Invicta, a 4X/strategy hybrid about preparing for an alien invasion that threatens Earth. During Hooded Horse’s E3 2021 presentation, I had the chance to speak with one of the company’s developers, John Lumpkin, and get a look at a brand new version of the game. Terra Invicta is a two-part game. The first is set on Earth, where there are seven different human factions, each with their own plans and views on the alien invasion. You play as the commander of one of these factions, who must gather enough resources and manpower to dominate his rivals. You will also need enough stability to ensure that Earth is united, intentionally or not, to deal with an alien invasion as your philosophy envisions. The first half takes place on Earth. Make sure your faction dominates the others. To do this, you recruit a small group of allies who will represent and lead certain organizations and armies on Earth, and who will do the dirty work that you tell them to do. You are acquiring more and more territory for your pseudo-imperium, presented in a quasi-risky way that I appreciated. You can also share your knowledge with other factions and set up allied projects, depending on your goal. If you are a pro-alien faction, it makes sense to try to share resources and scientists with another pro-alien faction that has slightly different goals, for example. When you have collected enough resources, you can enter the room, where the second half of the game begins. You explore the many planets and asteroids of the solar system, where you can build habitats and colonies. These stations can be used as supply stations, but also as research buildings where you can do research and build ships for your fleet. You can create ships in general by linking modules together and creating specific features for each member of your armada. Finally, you can send your ships against an armada of aliens in real time, taking inertia and physics into account in combat. word-image-1655 The second half takes place in space. Colonize celestial bodies, build space stations, ships and participate in fleet wars. Honestly, I’m curious to see how these two completely different playstyles will work together over the course of the game. But I don’t think one is more important than the other, and that’s a plus. What I liked most about Terra Invicta was the accurate description, not only of the solar system itself, but also of the Kuiper belt that surrounds it. Not to mention the different types of factions available, which ensure that there are different ways to win the game, and the size of the Earth map, which takes into account the correct geographical boundaries and the exact distribution of resources. I look forward to the final version to see if this is a revolutionary approach to 4X or a tale of two games in one. Terra Invicta will be released in 2021, for PC only.


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For the second year in a row, E3 is being held in the US. This year, though, it’s in Los Angeles, California, which is a huge change from previous years, in which E3 was held in a North American city. This year’s press conference is going to be held on Monday, June 10th at 12pm PST, and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.. Read more about terra invicta rock paper shotgun and let us know what you think.

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