Nostalgia is a powerful human emotion. It can potentially create the most beautiful and memorable moments of our lives, but it can also be a painful reminder of painful memories and an unhappy reminder of unhappy moments. When we look back at past years, it’s also easy to see the poor choices we made during those difficult times. RetroMania Wrestling aims to take us back to the good old days, to the days when we felt inspired and passionate about the things that make up our lives.

RetroMania Wrestling is a retro-inspired arcade wrestling game with an 80s theme, including the usual array of wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Rock, before you have to change into your “Boys Club Nostalgia” gear.

I remember when I started playing wrestling games on the NES. I thought it was a lot of fun, but I never really got into the sport or the characters. Now that I’m older, I decided to finally give the series another try. I picked up the newest entry in the series, RetroMania Wrestling, and I have to say that I really like it. While it does have some solid old school wrestling action and some really cool characters, I do wish I could have seen more of these guys in their heyday.

Few wrestling games are as memorable as WWF Wrestlefest, a 1991 arcade game from Technos Japan. With the improved visual quality and sound quality of WWF Superstarsand its worldwide distribution, Wrestlefest was a success that helped shape wrestling in video games for generations to come. After 30 years, Retrosoft Wrestling RetroMania Wrestlingis the successor to WWF Wrestlefest, replacing the need for a clunky box with a gamepad and a Steam account. The WWF license was replaced by the National Wrestling Association and House of Hardcore, and a host of modern wrestlers became potential new heroes of the arcade. Three decades late, the sequel to RetroMania Wrestling celebrates modern professional wrestling in the pixel art and sound of yesteryear. As a throwback to the days when the best way to hold a grudge was the arcade terminal, it lays a solid foundation, but as a showcase for modern pro wrestling, it leaves a lot to be desired.

RetroMania : Boys Club NostalgiaWrestling Review

. In RetroMania Wrestling, there are two single-player modes, each with its own story. In story mode, you lead Johnny Retro (based on WWE Superstar John Morrison) through a dramatic comeback after a career-threatening injury at the hands of Zack Saber Jr. After his rehabilitation, Retro hits the road and travels across the United States and the world for a chance at revenge. Stylized versions of Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder in WWE), Jeff Cobb, hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer and many others appear to team up with Johnny or challenge him at various shows. In combat, three sets of movements are used: weak, medium and strong. The shots require good timing and a decent amount of striking to win grappling matches for more serious holds. There is a tutorial, but like its predecessors, RetroMania is best understood through trial and error, by trying out combinations against wrestlers in real matches. It can be frustrating to watch the standard AI perform suplexes and other combos that seem impossible, but once you start to understand the overall rhythm, the intricate techniques become a pleasant distraction. At some point the opponent’s stamina for 1-2-3 is just exhausted, and then you can increase the difficulty. Short animated scenes interrupt the plot encounters, with Retro interacting with other wrestling characters in a kayfabe-like setting where everyone is their own character in the ring. Names and faces like Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer appear to help develop the story, and from time to time you must choose alliances or your next opponent, which affects your future matches and creates some replay value. If melodrama isn’t your thing, in the second mode, 10 Pounds of Gold, you can choose a wrestler to defeat Nick Aldis in a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, one of the oldest belts still in circulation. You’ll take on a range of random opponents in matches from one-on-one to fatal duels, before taking on Aldis in the arena of the NWA pay-per-view, accompanied by Aldis’ animated pre-match promo. If you win, you defend yourself multiple times, giving Aldis a rematch. These are complemented by the Royal Rumble and the Exhibition, where you can play against friends with one of 16 teams, with the Exhibition giving you full control over the location, rules, etc. If there are more than four players in the game, it affects the flow of the game, as it is difficult to maintain the thread without a slider. I’ve lost sight of my character more than once and I’ve been fooled. It’s a solid package for those looking for another alternative to WWE’s dominance in wrestling matches, but it’s held back by the lack of non-gender-specific male talent on the roster. RetroMania is positioned as a recreation of a bygone era of wrestling video games that appeals to the modern generation and showcases the legacy of more than just the WWE. I’m someone who grew up watching WWE and WCW in the 90s, with an older brother who started in the 80s. I’m the obvious target audience for a game like this. But as much as I love seeing a banner celebrating the NWA’s 70th anniversary as if it were tucked away in a closet in the early 90s, and hearing heavy metal chiptune music follow my athlete of choice into the ring without a single female or non-binary artist, my rose-colored glasses aren’t so pink. word-image-11897 In the absence of a more inclusive program, RetroMania lives in retrograde Boys’ Club nostalgia, a male-determined view of wrestling devoid of any internal criticism or self-awareness. Journalists and T-shirt makers mention Serena Deeb, Candy Lee, Thunder Rose or one of their peers (even though the NWA Women’s World Championship predated the World Heavyweight Championship). This is especially egregious given WWE’s disrespectful cancellation of the women’s title match at the last PPV, as well as AEW’s controversial decision not to televise the women’s tag team tournament, proving that these problems persist on a systemic and cultural level. Fortunately, developers are aware of this, and there is potential here for a retroactive recognition of the struggle outside the male paradigm throughout history, based on the Netflix film GLOW , which highlights the workers who led the way and their struggle for mainstream acceptance. For now, though, it’s a game that avoids acknowledging these problems, and while I enjoyed it, it’s not a game I want to return to.

RetroMania Wrestling Review – TheConclusion



  • It’s beautiful, and the soundtrack is catchy.
  • Large variety of movements
  • It’s cool to see small businesses in video game form.


  • The burner lacks diversity
  • Too many people in the ring, it’s chaos.
  • Learning the controls can be difficult

Retrosoft knows exactly what kind of game they wanted to make with RetroMania, and aesthetically they succeeded. Taking the lead in a race and holding it until you win is exciting. But for now, RetroMania keeps aspects of professional wrestling that are better left in the past. [Note: Retrosoft Studios provided a copy of RetroMania Wrestling used for this review].Let us record the boys of yesteryear: the young men of testosterone, the male counterparts to the female characters of the Advance Wrestling series, of whom I have yet to play.. Read more about retromania wrestling switch review and let us know what you think.

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