Flynn, a new platformer from indie studio Kitfox Games, is a love letter to retro games and the golden age of gaming. The game’s story follows a young boy who travels through time in search of his father.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a game that was released on the Nintendo Switch. It received an average rating of 8/10 from 148 reviews.

Humble Bundle’s publishing arm, Humble Games, is renowned for its meticulous selection and high-quality releases, particularly given how much they charge for their wares. They’ve given us titles like Dodgeball Academia and the fantastic Mega Man Battle Network-inspired One Step From Eden in the past few months alone. With their most recent release, Flynn: Son of Crimson, being one of their greatest to date, it’s time to add another smash to their resume.

Following an unfortunate assault on the guardian, Flynn, a Demi-god, and his guardian dog Dex, Flynn: Son of Crimson tells the tale of Flynn, a Demi-god, and his guardian dog Dex. The game takes you through a variety of various locations and biomes, each with its own set of puzzles, obstacles, and treasures, all capped off with an usually intriguing boss who fits in with the aesthetics of the area.

It reminds me of my childhood, when I used to play the Super Mario Advance games.

Simply classifying Flynn: Son of Crimson as an action-adventure game would be a mistake. This is a game featuring an overworld that is identical to Super Mario World’s, complete with hidden entrances and everything. Its levels feature scrolling displays, different routes, treasures, and a variety of adversaries, similar to its sources of inspiration. There are a lot of opponents, but they aren’t all that diverse. Each region also has a reskin of the primary enemy (a goblin), which is generally not much different save for the ability to absorb greater damage.

The larger opponents do end up being very unique, but they’re also few and far between, with just a handful each level. The bosses in each region, however, are distinct. They aren’t difficult in the sense that if you understand what they’re capable of, or if you’re persistent (or obstinate) enough, you may just be able to tank their hits and come out on top. But it’s still an entertaining collection of bosses, with some unexpected twists along the road.


Scourged levels have you running through levels you’ve previously finished, but they’re typically a little creepier… and greener…

Flynn: Son of Crimson is entirely created in the pixel graphics style, and as a consequence, it looks fantastic. Being able to strike that delicate balance between having everything built in a manner that isn’t unjust, but also not condescending is a key aspect in a game about discovering hidden routes and invisible barriers. Many levels, particularly the sky and ice levels, make excellent use of foreground and background features. I also feel compelled to commend the creators for creating great level design for what are basically two of the most vexing types of levels in gaming: ice levels that don’t fool about with slippery ice physics, and water levels that are more than tolerable. I really liked the music, with Jacob Lincke’s songs expertly complementing their respective locations.


Flynn has a lot of wonderful characters, but none more so than the Encouragemint.

The game’s vast range of unlockable weapons and abilities was a highlight for me. You’ll say to yourself at the start of your trip, “That seems like I can wall jump here,” and you’ll be right… but not for now. Simple skills, such as those you’d expect to have right away, aren’t unlocked until much later in the game, prompting you to return to earlier levels to solve lingering riddles.

You’ll be able to get a variety of weapons, including swords (rather than the literal wooden stick you start with), axes, knuckles, and so on. Because different weapons are helpful in different circumstances, you’ll be swapping between them often. The same may be said about magic. You’ll get sneezed on (yeah, you read that correctly) at various points in the game, and by suffering such, um, orderal, you’ll acquire new spells to employ, such as fire, ice, and lightning, each with its own unique usefulness throughout your journey.


Fists soon became the preferred method because to their speed and effectiveness. Now if he’d just stop fleeing whenever I attempt to hit him…

Flynn: Son of Crimson was one of the few games I couldn’t put down once I began playing it. It had the ideal blend of fantastic graphics, retro-styled gameplay, a tough but never unjust degree of difficulty, and a wonderful advancement system that encouraged you to go back and replay previous levels. This is a game I really want people to know about since it would be a crime if a treasure like this one went unnoticed by gamers.

Simply stated, Flynn: Son of Crimson is one of the rare pixel art games that manages to keep the foreground and backdrop distinct while still being fascinating and distinctive.

A solid game that handles puzzles, exploration, and fighting with ease. Even in high-intensity sections, the game seems extremely smooth.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is chock-full of excellent tunes that perfectly complement each of the album’s sections. Jacob Lincke has done an outstanding job.

This is one of the few games in recent memory that I couldn’t put down once I began playing. It’s an amazing blast to play, and although certain sections are challenging, it never seems unfair.

Final Score: 9.0

On PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, Flynn: Son of Crimson is now available.

On a computer, I reviewed it.

The publisher sent me a copy of Flynn: Son of Crimson.

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Flynn: Son of Crimson is a first-person action-adventure video game developed by Polish studio People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. The game is set in a fictional 1980s Cold War era, in which the player takes on the role of protagonist Michael Thorton. Reference: flynn: son of crimson steam.

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