The Guilty Gear series (or GG as it has come to be known) is one of the most important pieces of fighting game history. It started life in the arcades, but has since spawned a number of spin-offs and an acclaimed anime series which has just finished airing. Despite all of this, the game is more or less unknown to most people, meaning that the current airings of Strive is a big event for the series.

Guilty Gear Strive is a game for the PlayStation 4. It is also an amalgam of a fighting game and a music rhythm game. The soundtrack is full of rock, punk and metal songs. The song selection will appeal to many people, as it includes many artists such as Judas Priest, The Misfits, Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses and many more.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have bought into the fighting game explosion over the last few years, you’ll know that Guilty Gear has been a long time in coming.. Read more about guilty gear -strive ps4 release date and let us know what you think.Guilty Gear is one of the oldest fighting game franchises, but it has always lagged behind the more popular games in the genre, like Street Fighters or Mortal Kombats. However, Guilty Gear has a loyal following among those who have taken the time to delve into its wild mechanics and breakneck pace. Combined with a metal and hard rock aesthetic, Guilty Gear has managed to carve out its own place in the world of fighting games. But with the release of the new installment in the Guilty Gear Strive series, more people than ever are aware of the franchise. The developers at Arc System Works became famous overnight with Dragon Ball FighterZ. And now they want to introduce their flagship franchise to a whole new audience. The first thing you’ll immediately notice about Guilty Gear Strive are the incredible graphics and animations. Arc System Works has perfected the 2D style with 3D models, and with each game the visuals get better and better. Strive is beautiful, both in still and moving images. Each character exudes personality throughout the game. This visual representation also extends to the game’s story mode. There are many close-ups of different characters in the game, where you can see small details that you wouldn’t normally see in the game. Rookie Giovanna in action. Guilty Gear has always worn its musical influences on its sleeve, so it’s no surprise that Strive’s music tries to impress with every song. The soundtrack is full of unmissable headbangers and toe-tappers. Some jump right out as fan favorites, like Potemkin or Theme Chippa. In other cases, it depends on personal preferences. But I think all Strive soundtracks will end up being just as popular. And if you don’t like the songs on the soundtrack, you can unlock tracks from previous Guilty Gear games. word-image-4033 S O C I A L S This is all good news, but luckily I can tell you that playing Guilty Gear Strive is an absolute pleasure. Arc System Works has ensured that this is the most accessible game in the series, without sacrificing the depth to explore more complex strategies. Some major changes to the combo system will undoubtedly be felt by players who have been around longer: Gone are the full Gatling combos that allow you to combine all five attack buttons (punch, kick, slash, heavy slash and dust). Instead, you can only use the Gatling Chain Chop and Heavy Chop, which forces you to choose your striking positions more carefully, as they are always slower than punches or kicks. Short but devastating combos are easier than ever. All of this could make for an easy fighter, but what makes Guilty Gear is absolutely the Roman Nullification System. This system allows you to cancel normals, specials and all types of moves at the cost of 50% of your tension meter. And when you cancel these moves against your opponents, there are different types of Roman cancels available. This creates an environment that allows combos that are not normally possible and juggles that are not otherwise possible. The Roman demolitions, as mechanisms, offer Strive all kinds of possibilities for evolution in time. word-image-1555 Samurai Vampire Nagoriyuki. At launch, there are a total of 15 playable characters in Strive, which doesn’t seem like much compared to other games, but the cast more than makes up for it. Strive features a welcome mix of familiar and returning veterans, as well as two brand new ones. Nagoriyuki is a massive samurai vampire with slow movements but long and powerful punches. He has his own blood tank that, when full, puts him into a berserk state that further increases his range and damage at the cost of reduced health. Giovanna, the other newcomer, is on the simplest side of the character spectrum. She uses her mental companion dog for a variety of hard knocks and ground pressure. Both games are sure winners and welcome additions to the growing Guilty Gear series. Strive’s single player game is basically a standard game. There is an arcade with eight battles for each character, but unfortunately it does not offer any special endings for the characters. There is a survival mode where you can fight an infinite number of enemies. The training mode is a bit disappointing, as it only teaches you the basics (how to move and attack – that’s it). Mission mode is also ambiguous, but only at the beginning. There are over 100 missions in the game, but many of the early ones are best suited for tutorial mode. On the contrary, the mission mode shines later, where you learn more advanced techniques and real game applications, such as B. How to deal with and avoid attacking a certain character. There’s also the aforementioned story mode, but it’s not played, it’s watched. Like Xrd before it, Strive’s story mode plays out like an animated series that you can watch in one sitting. Whether you like this or not depends on the individual player, but I prefer to play the story mode. This gives you a chance to get to know each character in the cast beforehand. word-image-1556 Ky and G in history mode. I’d like to say that Strive is absolutely perfect, but it’s not. Anyone who has played the previous two betas knows that the lobby is just not that good. This is a case where novelty is more important than function. The pixel art loses its charm when it comes at the expense of the speed of the game when going in and out, and that’s ultimately the biggest problem. When it comes to online gaming, you want to spend most of your time playing online against other people. I don’t know anything about lobbies. However, this disadvantage is offset by Strive’s excellent netcode. This is one of the best implementations of rollback netcode in a fighting game. The games are going well and the course doesn’t look difficult at all. If you don’t want to go through the lobby, you can also search for games in training mode to avoid the lobby altogether. word-image-1557 The infamous online lobby. I would like to give special praise to the current assessment system. You’ll be placed on one of ten floors to determine the level of players you’ll be dealing with. So far, these levels seem to be a fair metric for finding players with the same skill level, which is important for the length of a fighting game. The most interesting thing about Strive, however, are the high ranks. After the 10th. The ground is the secret 11. Floor, known as the heavenly floor or, if you will, paradise. To keep your place in heaven, you must win 5 games before losing two, or you will be banned. The idea of the ranking system is to go from hell (floor 1) to heaven (floor 2). It’s a very cool player ranking system. word-image-4034 Employability training to protect against chipp. Guilty Gear Strive is a great package with a few bumps, but nothing to throw it off. Considered by many to be the first true next-gen fighting game for the 9th generation of consoles. Generation. From the looks of it, it’s off to a fantastic start.

Guilty Gear Strive looks as fantastic as almost any other Guilty Gear or anime game on the Unreal Engine developed by Arc System Works. Arc System Works has ensured that this is the most accessible game in the series, without sacrificing depth to explore more complex strategies.
Guilty Gear Strive’s soundtrack is full of head-banging and toe-tapping. The terrible online lobby is one of the few things that keeps a game with great controls, characters and netcode from being near perfect.
Final decision: 9.5

Guilty Strive is already available on PS4, PS5 and PC via Steam. PS4 Review. A copy of the game Guilty Gear Strive was provided by the publisher.


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“Glory days past, the poor state of my finances has forced me to mothball my Playstation 4. I’ve only had it for two years, from launch, which is ever so sad. I wrapped my live up in the one thing that made me happy: gaming. Of the many games I played, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 was the most fondly remembered, and I’ve been dying to revisit that experience.”. Read more about guilty gear strive esrb rating and let us know what you think.

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