It has been a long time since I last visited a cinema to watch a movie. I was 9 years old when the first live-action Disney movie, Toy Story, was released in 1995. Fast forward to March 2010 and I finally watch a live-action 3D movie in the theater.

I saw Megamind at the movies and had a lot of fun. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a film that’s for both parents and kids, but adults will find it a great deal of fun as well. The story is about a super hero (voiced by Will Ferrell) who is a kind of combination of Superman and Spiderman, who battles a super villain (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen) who’s a kind of combination of Lex Luthor and the Joker.

CHECK : Megamond (2010)

There is no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, and no Queen of England!

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2010 was a surprisingly good year for DreamWorks Animation. How to Tame the Dragon was released in March to rave reviews and impressive box office results. If Shrek Forever After was ever greeted with indifference, I think people gave it a warm welcome. The 5th. In November, the studio released Megamind, a superhero parody starring Will Ferrell as a supervillain who just can’t seem to settle down. Before I saw this movie, I was skeptical. I wasn’t a big fan of DreamWorks and found it questionable to make a parody of traditional superheroes for the 6th time. Anniversary of the release of a Pixar superhero movie. But when I looked at Megamind a few months later, everything seemed fine. Not great, but not bad either. Let’s see. word-image-354 Megamond (Will Ferrell) and Metrohuman (Brad Pitt) were born on an isolated alien planet. Like Superman, their parents put them in escape pods and send them to Earth when their homeworld is destroyed. However, their fate on earth can be very different: Little Metro-Man ends up with loving and wealthy Earth parents, while Megamozg ends up in prison. At school, Metroman is the favorite of the teachers, while Megamind is rejected by everyone. Megamond decides to become just as bad as everyone already thinks, and Metro Man’s archenemy is born. The two men continue to bump into each other, with Metro Man repeatedly saving Metro City and a reporter named Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey). The situation takes a dramatic turn when Metro Man suddenly dies from the effects of his one weakness….. Med. Megamond enjoys his unexpected fame for a while, but becomes bored and depressed when he realizes that he can take anything he wants without any effort. Megamond will make his best opponent yet – a hero as powerful as Metro Man. Megamind, however, may have an even bigger problem with Hal Stewart (Jonah Hill), Roxanne’s operator/detective. word-image-355 I liked Megamind much more now than when it came out. There’s a lot to like about Megamind, starting with the very first scene. This film juxtaposes Megamind and Metropolitan Man for a reason, but it does touch on the nature/education debate. Putting Baby Megamind in jail while Metro Man ends up in the arms of a rich, caring couple is an extreme and hilarious way to illustrate how different their development is. Megamind grows up in the arms of criminals and under the ridicule of his classmates. Even the people who are supposed to help him, like his teacher and the principal (J.K. Simmons), laugh at him and consider him a troublemaker. Megamond tries to do good, like when he tries to make popcorn for class. But everyone around him treats his bad boy status as an inevitability. Although Megamoggle was the first, it reminds me of the scene in Zootopia where Nick says that everyone thought he was dishonest and untrustworthy, so there was no point in trying to be more so. The only people who treat Megamind with love or respect, Mignon (David Cross) and the prisoners, fall under society’s idea of evil. The premise of the film is that a child who grows up in a hostile environment and is exposed to such treatment naturally becomes a criminal that the universal golden boy must deal with. Megamind goes even further, showing that Metro Man didn’t necessarily want to be a hero, but was forced to become one because of his abilities and general good nature. And yet, when the opportunity arises, he fakes his death to avoid attention and responsibility. When Roxanne and Megamind finally find Metroman, he treats Megamind with surprising warmth and calls him little friend. I wonder if they could have been friends if society hadn’t interfered with their relationship by literally pitting them against each other? word-image-356 Speaking of relationships, this is a good time to talk about Roxanne Ritchie. At first, Megamind indirectly presents it as a love interest for Metroman. She is captured, he rescues her, and they fly off into the sunset. His alliterating name and profession as a journalist are clearly inspired by Lois Lane, just as Metro Man’s powers mimic Superman’s. But sometimes she seems mildly irritated by Metroman’s bravado, and later confesses to Megamind (under the guise of her friend) that she never met him. At the moment, Roxanne has been dating Megamind for a while, but she doesn’t know it. In his depression following the death of Metro Man, Megamind was forced to briefly disguise himself as Bernard (Steve Carell), the curator of the Metro Man museum. Roxanne was willing to talk and open up to Bernard, something she wouldn’t have done with a supervillain. Megamond enjoys it, because the role of Bernard finally offers him the human attention and connection that have always been denied him. I really like the way it goes. Roxanne meets the real Megamind without knowing it’s him, and when she finds out it’s him, she’s naturally upset. I especially love the line where she says she can’t believe he made her care about him. When she learns that Megamogg stands before her, Roxanne is forced to acknowledge his humanity while accusing him of doing something very sinister and intrusive. Megamond also uses his transformation clock to turn Hal into a Titan. He turns into the space dad Hal, which is an obvious reference to Marlon Brando’s role in the movie Superman: Movie. Megamond wants to create another hero to replace Metroman, when he should have just become a hero himself. Hal is selfish, sinister, and sees Roxanne as a prize he can win through personal achievement. When Megamogg gives him super-powers and a super-suit, Hal just sees this as a chance to show Roxanne that he’s worth going out with. The problem is that Roxanne rejected Hal because he was a creep, not because of his looks or his position in life. Being a superhero is the worst thing about Hal, because he’s not trying to help people or do the right thing. When Hal realizes he can’t be with Roxanne, he begins to terrorize the city and take what he wants….. exactly what Megamogg considered an empty, meaningless existence. I’m not saying Megamind is a masterpiece in character development or anything, but in that area it’s pretty good. I think Roxanne has the least interesting growth during the movie, but even she learns something. Megamind, Hal and Metro Man are interesting explorations of heroes, villains and their motivations. word-image-357 The voice acting in Megamind is excellent and enhances the film. Will Ferrell is hilarious in the title role, but he also falls into the pathos of such a character. His performance with Faye, Pitt, Hill and Cross is just irresistible. Brad Pitt is also very funny as Metro Man. I especially like the And I love you, random citizen line! Metro Man is generally a good person, but he doesn’t value Metro City personalities as much as he values their approval. David Cross plays the Minions very well, but I think he is the most forgettable main character in the film. I don’t know if it’s really Cross. Comedy friends are usually at the bottom of my list. Tina Fey is totally into the role of Roxanne. She has an excellent rapport with all the players. And Jonah Hill is creepy and disturbing, but hilarious as Hal. The animation is correct for the time; some scenes, such as Presentation! Sequence, stand out, but it’s not too revolutionary. Hans Zimmer wrote the music for the film, and it is very memorable. I’ve only seen Megamind twice in my life, but I clearly remembered the main theme before seeing it again. Megamond is a very good movie. He borrows from films like Superman, but mostly to get his point across, and for the most part he succeeds well. Although Megamind was announced as a parody of superhero stories, I’m not sure it’s fair to put it in that category. It’s mostly a funny, heartfelt film about likable, interesting characters.

Location – 8
Actor – 10
Control/Assembly – 7
Music/Sound – 10
Animation – 6



Megamond is a very good movie. It borrows from movies like Superman, but mostly to get its point across, and mostly it does so well. It’s mostly a funny, heartfelt film about likable, interesting characters.

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