The game begins with Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja with an unwarranted sense of confidence, leaping from a helicopter to a meditating statue, which magically transforms into a large tower. The first thing you know, you are in the middle of a massive ninja battle.

I recently got a copy of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection , a collection of the 1998 first person action game for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The game is a reboot of the first Ninja Gaiden game for the NES and is the 2nd title in the Ninja Gaiden game series. It was released for the Saturn in 1998 and came out for the PlayStation under the title Ninja Gaiden Black in 1999.

Master Ninja Gaiden, for the uninitiated, is the latest entry in the beloved NES/SNES/Genesis that has been remade, remastered, and is even on the mobile platforms now. There’s really not much of a new game here, but it’s a good one with new features and a solid performance.

I was praying for a compilation like Ninja Gaiden to come out: Master Collection for many years. Ever since I played the boring but almost perfect reboot of the original game on Xbox, I’ve fallen in love with this franchise. Ninja Gaiden is a stupidly difficult, punishing and unfair game, but it also contains one of the best hack n’ slash action games ever, with a plethora of weapons to use, combos to execute and ultra-bloody final moves to enjoy. And you know what’s even better? You can now play these games on the go. I hated you then and I hate you now. Yeah, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is not only available on PS4, PC and Xbox One, but also on the free Switch. When I heard about this news, I drooled at the idea of being able to play these games on the go, but I was also a little skeptical. Even though we’re talking about old games, we’re talking about the Switch, a console with a mobile architecture and a heavily limited GPU. Games similar to Star Wars : For example, the game Republic Commando had trouble running on this system. Ninja Gaiden is a series of games that has always pushed the hardware they were released on to the limit, always striving for the best graphics with the highest frame rate possible. How are these games supposed to work with such low specs? Fortunately, they work very well in most cases. At least, the games that really count for the trilogy, but I’ll get to that later. If you’re worried that a game like Ninja Gaiden on Switch will run at 30 frames per second and have clunky controls on the Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers, relax: The games look and play great, even in handheld mode. That said, yes, you have access to a portable Ninja Gaiden that runs at 60 frames per second. Isn’t life beautiful? word-image-4711 Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a slimmed down version of 2004’s Ninja Gaiden… but is still a lot harder than most existing action games. The reboot of Ninja Gaiden originally came out on Xbox almost seventeen years ago, and at the time was easily the hardest game of its generation. The first boss alone was harder than most bosses in any other game at the time, and I can’t imagine how many kids must have hated the game because they couldn’t beat a guy who held back and didn’t use all his strength while he was testing us the whole time. The version of Ninja Gaiden included here is actually a port for the PS3 that was released a few years later, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. It included slightly improved graphics, higher resolution, and easier difficulty settings. One of these settings includes an auto-stop if you don’t have the lightning-fast reflexes the game demands of you to survive the waves of violent enemies that descend upon you at any moment. The more complex difficulty levels are just as punishing and unfair as before. So don’t worry, if you need a challenge, you’ll always have it here. word-image-4712 Ninja Gaiden 2 is still the best game in the trilogy. Ninja Gaiden Sigma runs at 60 frames per second, regardless of the number of enemies or particle effects on screen. Sure it still looks like an OG Xbox game and doesn’t have the same graphical quality as its successors, but all in all it’s a very good game for the Xbox. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is a remake of the 2009 PS3 game that came out on the Xbox 360 in 2008. It’s also easier than the original game on the lower difficulty levels because there are fewer enemies on screen, but that doesn’t make it any less punishing. It’s always stupid and complicated, and the smallest mistake leads to disaster. The addition of auto-healing at the end of each battle may give the false impression that this game is a breeze compared to its predecessor, but it makes up for it with a greatly improved enemy AI system. word-image-4713 The first boss in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is a giant Buddha statue. It’s not so bad, is it? Of the three games in the reboot trilogy, I think Ninja Gaiden 2 (or Sigma 2) is the best. It contained the best boss fights and backgrounds, as well as the best visuals and execution of any game. Surprisingly, this port runs at 60fps on the Switch….., but not as smoothly as the first Sigma. It all depends on how detailed the environment is at any given time: If you are outside a building with a busy background, the frame rate will decrease. When you’re in a building, the game runs at 60 frames per second, even if there are multiple enemies on screen. And for a game that came out thirteen years ago, it looks incredible, especially in portable mode. Overall, this is a strong point of the collection. Then Ninja Gaiden 3. Well, every trilogy has its ups and downs. Godfather III, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Death, Skywalker Rising, the list goes on and on. A lot of people hate Ninja Gaiden 3 because it focuses too much on elements that don’t fit the style of the franchise, like the emphasis on the story and a lot of fast-paced events, but it’s not that bad. It’s a departure from the previous two games, but still an average action game. Especially since the version here is Razor’s Edge, which fixes some REAL problems. word-image-4714 Ninja Gaiden 3 seems to be much worse than its predecessors. By fixing it, I mean abandoning many of the original gameplay ideas and replacing them with mechanics more reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden 2. And for that, I thank the Ninja team. The problem is that the game still focuses too much on the thing we care least about in games like this: a weak and forgettable plot. Still, it’s fun at times, but it’s not really a game you want to watch over and over again. You’ll probably do the same with the other two Ninja Gaiden games. The problem with this version of the game is that it doesn’t work nearly as well as its predecessors on Switch. It is usually limited to 30 frames per second and very rarely reaches the expected 60. The graphics are much worse than their PS3/360/Wii U counterparts. Ninja Gaiden 2, for example, is much prettier, and yet that game is five years older than Razor’s Edge, since it was released at the beginning of this console generation. Some of these problems are fixed if you play the game in portable mode, but it’s still a bit frustrating. word-image-4715 It also relies too much on QTEs. I’m pretty sure the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection doesn’t include the items mentioned in this review (well, except for the inclusion of Ninja Gaiden 3), but I don’t care. Availability of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection on-the-go is great. You get two of the best action games of all time, plus Razor’s Edge, with great controls and a borderline satanic difficulty that makes Dark Souls look like Elmo Fun With Numbers. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this collection, although I’m more than sure I’ll break a Joy-Con or two out of spite during some of the difficult sections.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks a little dated, but runs at 60 frames per second. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 looks the best, but the frame rate leaves a lot to be desired. Ninja Gaiden 3 looks pretty cheesy and doesn’t always achieve a decent framerate. One of the best hack’n slash games ever made. Unfortunately, the last two games suffer from framerate issues, but they are still quite playable. Ninja Gaiden 3 also relies too much on stupid QTEs.
All three games have an excellent soundtrack and voice acting, no matter what language you play in. The novelty of bringing two of the best action games of all time (and Ninja Gaiden 3) more than makes up for the fact that they suffer from some technical issues that the PS4 and Xbox One ports certainly don’t.
Final decision: 9.0

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is already available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Checking the switch A copy of the game Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection was provided by the publisher.


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Ninja Gaiden, which came out in arcades in 1987, was developed, published, and localized by Technosoft and published by Tecmo, a company that would become known for its 16-bit fighting games like the Dead or Alive series. Despite the fact that the title looks like an early PlayStation game, it is actually a port of the NES classic, which means that it’s one of the earliest Ninja Gaiden games on the system.. Read more about ninja gaiden: master collection ps4 and let us know what you think.

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