I received the Yuoni for review from Sony Australia, and it was well received by all those who tried it out. If you haven’t yet, I would say go out and buy one if you have a PlayStation 5. The Yuoni is a true work of art and is a must buy for all gamers that own the PS5.

Yuoni is an indie studio made up of a small team of developers who’ve been working especially hard on their next title, which combines elements from action, RPG and strategy genres. YUONI is an exciting new action game that is set in ancient China, where you will find an epic story, a strong battle system and great graphics.

Yuoni is a new game that was released for Playstation 5 or Playstation 4 on June 5, 2017. The game was developed by Yuoni Inc. It was announced at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. Yuoni is a puzzle game that has you in control of a character they call Yuoni. You must use his abilities to reach the end. You must crawl, jump, push and pull objects, and walk through hoops to get to the end. You must also use your head to guess the answers to puzzles by determining what each character is thinking and feeling.. Read more about playstation 5 retail price and let us know what you think.

If there’s one thing Japan excels at on a shoestring budget, it’s horror. Take a look at their impressive list of low-budget horror films, such as The Ring (Ring) and The Grudge (Ju-On). However, in comparison to other areas of the globe, Japan’s independent industry is still in its infancy, therefore we don’t see many low-budget games. If you want a Japanese horror game, you’ll either have to settle for a huge, bloated AAA like Resident Evil or a remake of a cult classic like Fatal Frame. Yuoni is here to offer a fresh perspective on horror to the people, but due to its cheap budget, it ultimately falls short.

Yuoni is either excessively brilliant or excessively dark. There is no middle ground.

No, before you get your pitchforks out, I’m not saying I don’t like low-budget games. That would be ridiculous. In reality, the constraints imposed by a restricted budget are often what motivate developers to be more inventive in their approaches. It’s a constraint that encourages innovation. Yuoni, on the other hand, did not take advantage of this stumbling block in order to stand apart. When it came to the quality of its graphics, the shock factor, and how it told its narrative, it essentially accepted its limits. Please notice that I’m mostly addressing the problem of HOW the narrative is presented, rather than the story itself. The latter is, in reality, the game’s high point.

Yuoni is a game about a group of students attempting to call the spirit of a child by submerging a cursed doll in water. The protagonist is then “invited” to play the eponymous game of “Yuoni,” which is essentially a demonic version of hide-and-seek: win, and the ghost kid will give you a wish. If you lose the game, you presumably already know what will happen. Between chapters, additional comprehensive information about your main character and the ghost kid, as well as the environment around you, is provided. But there’s a catch: it’s just a lot of words on a static backdrop. The majority of the narrative isn’t revealed naturally throughout the game, which would have made it much creepier.


Yuoni’s tale does not bother me. In fact, I enjoy it quite a bit. However, I don’t like how it’s presented since it’s so disappointing.

The plot is fantastic. I appreciate how the ghost child is explained in depth, as well as the difficulties the protagonist encounters. Unfortunately, I would have liked to see this develop in some other manner than a borderline visual novel presentation in between levels, since Yuoni’s level design and barebones gameplay aren’t exactly great. It’s another another horror game in the vein of Amnesia and Outlast, in which you must hide from the evil people because you are helpless, but without the excellent level design or interesting presentation that made these games so successful.

The majority of the game’s settings are tight hallways with an overly strong bloom effect or are too gloomy for their own good, all while operating at an inconsistent framerate. You’ll have to deal with a ghost in a hallway on a regular basis, but it’s not a scary scenario. You’ll need to hold down the “hold your breath” button, then hit R1 and L1 repeatedly to keep from losing your breath, all while remaining completely silent against these bat-like ghosts. Ironically, I ended myself generating a lot of noise with my controller during what was supposed to be a quiet stealth part.

Other perplexing problems should have been addressed before to launch, particularly since they are so easy to repair that they shouldn’t have existed in the first place. One of these problems is the inability to navigate menus with the D-pad. The analog stick is your only choice, and its sensitivity has been turned up to eleven, making the simple act of selecting an option much more difficult than it should be. Another problem is the sound mixing, which is very bad. I get that the game wants you to go slowly and quietly, yet my steps are louder than a Manowar concert, and I’m not sure why.


You know, child, from a distance, you’re not all that frightening.

Technical difficulties and bad level design aren’t even Yuoni’s greatest problems, in my opinion. It’s not at all frightening. It doesn’t tell a terrible tale, but the manner it’s delivered takes away from its power. It’s less of a horror game and more of an uninspiring stealth adventure around dark hallways, with a few shiny children and unkillable monsters thrown in for good measure. I get that the creators were attempting to create a fresh take on the genre while working with an obviously limited budget, but it’s still far from becoming even an average-at-best horror game in a genre that’s on the verge of saturation.


Even if the game’s assets aren’t bad, the lighting effects and jerky framerate certainly are.

Yuoni is a horror game in which you must hide from ghosts. Although the controls aren’t bad, the opponent placement and level design are lacking. Other flaws and bad design choices may also be found throughout the game.

Yuoni’s frantic attempt to convey fear and suspense is undermined by poor sound mixing and an average-at-best music.

There’s a good idea here, at least in terms of narrative. Unfortunately, Yuoni has a monotonous gameplay cycle and an uninspiring narrative, making it one of the least frightening horror games I’ve played in a long time.

Final Score: 4.0

Yuoni is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, and PC.

PS5 was used for this review.

The publisher supplied me with a copy of Yuoni.

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