Friday, February 3, 2023

Scarlet Nexus Review: Brain Food


Scarlet Nexus is a product of the former developers of tales of Brain Punk. As the first next-gen animated game, Scarlet Nexus has a lot going on at any given time and often juggles more than it can handle. But it doesn’t disappoint.

The idea of losing yourself in a game is one that’s been around for as long as video games have been around. From the days of Pong to the modern day multi-player games, this has always been a natural progression. As technology has evolved, so too has our ability to lose ourselves in a game. However, it seems that the latest trend to come along is mental stimulation. The possibilities are endless, and it’s the latest “game” on the block. Scarlet Nexus is a game that is designed to “turn your brain on” (at least that’s what the marketing is trying to sell). It’s a game that promises to “enhance your intellectual performance” and “break through plateaus of your mental abilities”. What

As you probably have heard by now, the much anticipated Scarlet Nexus gaming console is out in the wild, and it has a lot of people excited. The Scarlet Nexus project is a collaborative effort founded by Matt Cordell, James Blevins, and Myles Connor. As you probably have heard, the idea behind the Scarlet Nexus is to allow the use of both the Android operating system and the PlayStation 4 in a single, super-powerful piece of hardware.

A diet of fast food and sugary soda leaves the average person with the brain of a fool. Even if you do have a good diet and exercise regime, you can still be at risk of developing serious mental health problems. This is the unfortunate reality that is the scarlet nexus.

Fast and elegant, with inventive combat, interesting characters and a well-told story: this might just be one of my favourite games of this year.

Scarlet Nexus Review: Brain food