Release 90 of Shroud of the Avatar launched last week with a big feature: new jewelry. For a limited time, players can find powerful new jewelry that gives players a boost in stats. The new jewelry items are imbued with the power of gems and jewels found in the game and are available in the Crown Store. Only one of each item can be in a player’s possession at a time, but imbued jewelry can be traded between friends or sold in the Crown Store.

Counting down to release 90, the latest version of Shroud of the Avatar, this week’s edition of Release Notes is a look at the Imbued Jewels and Imbued Gems added with the release.

Shroud of the Avatar has several new updates coming to Release 90 on October 20th, and there are several great new features, but the two that I’m most excited about are the new Imbued Gems and Jewels. Imbued Gems are both new and exciting, as they are a new type of item that will allow players to craft special gems that boost specific stats. They are not made of the same material as normal gems, and can only be crafted by players using the new Imbued Gem Crafting Station found in players’ Player Lodges.

Do you like putting hollowed-out infinity stones into your gear to gradually improve your character’s stats and create the illusion of character customization? Then you’ll love the imbued gems added to Shroud of the Avatar in number 90. The latest update introduces 77 gems and trinkets that can be mined from numerous artifacts, and another 18 that can be made from recipes found in New Britain, as well as four new recipes for mining gems and trinkets. These new items can only be applied to crafted equipment, and not all artifacts will yield gems or jewels, but players can obtain these new sparks in a number of ways, all of which are described in the patch notes. On the artifact side, the game includes another change to the artifact balance, as well as several adjustments to the combat and skill balance, some UI updates, and numerous changes to the world quests. You can find all the details in the latest Avatar update. Longtime MOP readers know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. The game, which launched in 2013, and its original studio have been criticized for cutting promised features, exaggerating crowdfunding, delaying rewards on Kickstarter, hiding their corporate governance and office status, and ignoring Securities and Exchange Commission documents legally required for crowdfunding the game’s shares. In 2019, Richard Garriot’s company, Portalarium, sold SOTA to its lead developer and essentially withdrew from the game. Questions from the press were met with repeated denials and insults, and crowdfunding investors were abandoned without warning, but the game still has players and is evolving, as we keep telling you. ViewThe latest release of Shroud of the Avatar is upon us, and the new items are really great! One of the most exciting new features is the new Imbued Gems and Jewels that can be equipped in the new Jewelry slot. Imbued Gems have a level requirement of 90, and they are used to further augment a character’s existing stats, and can only be obtained in the Plunder and Treasure system.. Read more about crowfall free and let us know what you think.

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