I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but seemed too busy to make it happen. I’ve always been a lover of video games, but never seemed to have enough time to play them all. This will be a collection of posts that takes me through my favourite video games, starts with some personal favourites and works up to some more ‘important’ games which I’d consider to be a priority.

{Collections are a big part of my lifestyle. I’ve talked a lot about it on here. I’m sure you’ve read much of it. So, I thought I would share with you this particular collection I’ve been working on. It’s a compilation of games I have recently played. Most of them were short, but some were quite long. As you can see, there is a vast array of genres represented. There are no games that I would consider “duds” in the collection, but there are some that I would probably never purchase again. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked some of these games, so I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I did.}

The Ultimate Collection is a feature series based on the work of Newgrounds user ThinkOfGames. It features 40-60 games, with the core objective of encouraging the viewer to discover new games and appreciate the world of gaming.. Read more about the ultimate collection windows and let us know what you think.

Air Jordans are the holy grail of footwear in the realm of casual fashion.

When it comes to genuine style, nothing beats their elegant designs.

There are nearly as many variants for Sims as there are for humans. Isn’t that unsurprising?

What Simmers like is often incorporated into the game, allowing us to all play with the material we desire.

A Sim with excellent taste needs some stylish shoes, and not just any sneakers will suffice. You’ll desire what’s popular in real life – even if it’s not Air Jordans.

Even within the same shoe type, there is a lot of variation. And, let’s face it, Jordans are like potato chips: you can’t just have one.

So prepare to completely transform your Sim’s wardrobe with these incredible shoes.


1. Air Jordan Retro

Take a Look At This CC

Something isn’t always excellent just because it’s ancient.

Consider the case of cheese or milk… Some things aren’t intended to be enjoyed as they become older.

Sneakers, on the other hand, are not among them. Retro Jordans are equally as powerful as new Jordans. For many long-time admirers of this brand, they were the spark that ignited their passion.

OranosTR’s design has a traditional appearance and a wonderful texture. The shininess of the rubber can be seen, which is something you don’t get to see in actual shoes for very long.

There are no scuffs or dirt stains in The Sims.

Forever, just immaculate, beautiful Air Jordans.

These come in six colors, but in CAS, there are only five spaces for daily clothes, so… I hate to tell you that you will have to choose and choose.


2. Air Jordan IVs by Nike

Nike Air Jordan IVs / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The Air Jordan IVs offer a new, contemporary appearance in addition to a very great name.

Right down to the branding on the tongue, they feature some genuine craftsmanship. Even the laces, which are wrapped in a bow, are flawless.

You may occasionally notice the faint stitching marks depending on the swatch.

These, like the genuine thing, may be worn with almost any outfit. Nothing can take down a pair of Air Jordans, not shorts, jeans, or sweatpants.

There are 11 swatches in all, which span a broad variety of styles. You’ll find the traditional, widely sought-after white ones, as well as striking black and red, olive green, and a variety of other colors.

It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Several designs are based on real-life collaborations between Travis Scott and Nike.


3. Air Jordan Sneakers by Nike

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Set / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

To male Sims aged adolescent and above, this basic design provides the classic look of Air Jordans.

The designer added a wonderful touch by making them accessible for both cold and hot weather, as well as daily and sports use.

Sims can now dress properly throughout the seasons.

Seriously, why do people get hot when they wear shoes in the summer? It’s insanity, I tell you, insanity!

However, because of the classification, your Sim may very well be the finest dressed man all year.

Each of these swatches is made up of three colors. The yellow, gold, and white colors stand out, while the red, white, and black is a timeless combination.

Who can forget the colors gray, white, and black?

That has to be the most popular shoe color combination of all time.


4. Jordan Retro 1s for Toddlers

Jordan Retro 1’s for Toddlers / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The days of children being forced to wear unattractive or simply hideous clothing are long gone.

The same designs that adults know and love are now more than ever accessible in considerably smaller sizes.

These teeny-tiny hightops are packed with attention to detail.

With five lovely swatches, this is the sort of stuff your Sims tots deserve.

With the famous swoosh, they’ll be the coolest child at the playdate or park.

While the other kids are running about in ill-fitting shoes or sandals, your Sim’s child will be dressed to the nines.

But not in a negative sense. They’ll still have the appearance of a child, although a fashionable one!


5. Retro Air Jordan 10

Air Jordan 10 Sneakers / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Here are some additional fun things to do with the kids in your home.

This time, they’re suitable for both toddlers and youngsters, both boys and girls.

With a thick, vibrant sole and bright colors, they are inspired by the iconic Air Jordan 10.

There are 36 different colors in this collection.

Any swatch you pick will be full with personality!

And, let’s face it, don’t the Sim kids’ wardrobes need some updating? The poor creatures need all the assistance they can get. The haphazard clothes they are given as they get older may be very frightening.

These won’t let you down when it comes to making them attractive. Air Jordan 10s are undoubtedly the kind of footwear that any modern-day child would be proud to wear to school and flaunt.


6. Air Jordan 12s Conversion for Kids

Air Jordan 12s for Children / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

As I’ve previously said, child CAS is in desperate need of assistance.


I don’t intend to disparage the material we’ve received; some of it is, without a question, excellent.

However, there are children who are as fashion aware as adults, if not more so.

Wearing ordinary, run-of-the-mill shoes will irritate them.

For the fashionable youngsters, only name brand beauties like these would suffice. They were initially adapted for adults from the Sims 3, demonstrating the endurance of such a fantastic design.

These are brightly colored and suitable for both boys and girls.


7. Air Jordan 1 “UNC” by Nike and Virgil Abloh

Nike x Virgil Abloh Air Jordan 1 Sneakers / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

It’s the small things that make a difference.

And there are plenty of them in these one-of-a-kind bespoke shoes.

Everything you’d find on a genuine pair of shoes is here, from the tiny loop on the back that no one knows what it’s for to the intricate treads and strings.

These, like all of the other items on this list, are based on real-world items. However, since they’re a copy of the sneakers created when designer Virgil Abloh and Nike collaborated, they’re a bit of an unusual design.

While this appearance would set you back about $200, it won’t set you back a dime for your Sims.

Those fortunate Simoleons who get to wear high-end designer clothing without spending a single Simoleon.

I guess it’s a reasonable trade-off considering that a single roll of toilet paper costs roughly the same as a pizza.


8. Jordan Air Dior

Air Dior Jordans / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Jordans are already among of the finest, but when they’re combined with Dior… wow!

This is really top-of-the-line style.

What we’re seeing here is art influenced by actual life, and that’s precisely what these shoes are.

They’re based on the real Dior & Jordan collab from 2020.

The price reflects the fact that they are the most expensive Jordans to date.

A single pair of these shoes costs over a thousand dollars.

But such a pricey appearance doesn’t have to be out of reach; you can just have your Sims live out your fantasies.

Isn’t that why we’re in the game in the first place?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “a little bit goes a long way,” you know how accurate it can be when it comes to high-quality shoes, which is exactly the case here. You only get one swatch, but it’s so close to the genuine thing that you won’t want anything else.

The “Ultimate Collection” is a series on my YouTube channel that showcases my favorite games across all platforms. They’re designed to help you discover a game you can enjoy for the long haul, and ideally helps you discover a game genre you’ve never played before. The first one of these videos was published on January 4th of this year, and there have been 5 other installments since then.. Read more about the ultimate collection command and conquer and let us know what you think.

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