The Ultimate Collection is a game that pits you against other players in the form of an endless race to collect items. The game has over 10 million unique combinations, and with no two games exactly alike!

The “the ultimate collection cookbook” is a book that has been released by the author, who has over 30 years of experience in the culinary world. The book goes through some of his favorite recipes and how to make them.

The Sims series has always had the most creative approach to romance.

From the classic “woohoo” interactions to the funny “woohoo” animations to the laughably simple courting system (leave two Sims alone for an entire day and return to find them in a committed relationship…), there’s a lot to love about this game.

Regardless of how you slice it, The Sims offers a plethora of love possibilities to experiment with.

Pose packs allow TS4 content makers to increase those choices even more.

So there you have it: some of the most adorable kissing posture packs this side of Oasis Springs.


1. CazMari’s Slowly Pose Pack

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Slow dancing in the dark is always a romantic experience.

Even if you’re not a natural dancer, you can always sway from side to side (very cautiously).

This collection stands out because it captures the tremulous tension between the two models in an intimate context.

I’m not sure how the designer did this considering it’s essentially just pixels.

But I’m not complaining since it resulted in some stunning stills.

The first eight stances progressively build up to #9 and #10, when the Sim models kiss.

The built-in height difference is great for smol-tol match-ups, and it’s incredibly lovely and seductive.

The postures are labeled with “f” and “m” so you know who gets what, but look at the sample photographs; I’m very confident the stances are unisex and suitable for any partner.


2. sciophobis’ Kiss Me

'Kiss Me' Poses by sciophobis / Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

This collection of postures by sciophobis is sort of like a variety pack of kissing situations, keeping things nice and basic.

Kisses on the nose, kisses on the hand, and even playful kisses with your eyes closed?

Yes, they’re all here (with a height disparity to boot!)

You’ll receive a total of 5 postures, each with two all-in-one animation choices.

They’re ideal for creating casual kissing sequences between couples who are clearly at ease with one another.

There isn’t even a need for a lengthy narrative or explanation.


3. We’ve gotten engaged! Perfect Sims Life’s poses

We’re Engaged! Poses for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

This is (supposedly) the creator’s first pose pack, and I must say that they did an excellent job!

The attention to detail is superb, the idea is original, and the third posture had me laugh out loud.

Although it isn’t a kissing posture, the excitement is much appreciated.

But don’t worry, the first two postures in this set are all about kissing.

The second is a particularly Simstagrammable posture in which the newly engaged Sim displays their wedding ring.

In fact, I’m quite sure I’ve seen similar stances in real life on Instagram, so…

The real-life imitation is flawless.

Just keep in mind that the third stance is designed to be seen from the Sim’s perspective (as you can see in the previews).

You may capture the picture from a third-person perspective, but be aware that the Sim putting out their ring hand would seem rigid. It’s best to follow the creator’s instructions.


4. Symphony Sims’ It’s Okay Poses

It’s Okay Poses / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

I had to add the postures in this collection since they are so delicate.

“Walking hand-in-hand,” “talking,” “comforting,” and “kissing” are among the creator’s descriptions.

And that’s a very good summary of what you’ll be receiving.

I’m guessing the developer didn’t mean for this to be unisex since each stance is labeled “Her” or “Him.”

I believe the positions will work with a mix of sexes, although I haven’t tried it myself.


joannebernice’s Kiss Poses Pack is number five.

'This Kiss' Poses Pack by joannebernice for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

How many distinct ways can a person be kissed?

According to Joannebernice’s pack, she is 14 years old.

That’s fourteen different ways to do the same thing.

It’s a big amount that not many Sims 4 pose packs can match, which is why it’s on our list.

Many of the stances in this series are likewise one-of-a-kind.

It goes beyond the standard standing-up-while-caressing-the-face kissing and explores a variety of postures in a fun way.

The final two positions on the sofa are my favorites. They’re really relaxed and comfortable, which is a story I strive to keep my Sims attached to.

The.package file has an all-in-one animation option for both Sim models (which is quite useful if you want to check all postures at once) as well as a little height difference built-in.


6. 3lodiie26’s Kiss Me If You Can Couple Pose

'Kiss Me If You Can' Couples Pose / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Despite the fact that this pack only has two poses, it nevertheless tells a sweet and beautiful narrative.

The second stance (the one that’s supposed to take place against the door) has a lot of passion, while the first has a lot of fresh, fun flirtation.

I guess I simply appreciate how simple and plain the whole idea is.

There are no extras to buy, and there isn’t much to set up.

Simply set two teleporters in the same location and voila! You’re ready to go!


KatVerseCC’s Because Love Poses

'Because Love' Poses by KatVerseCC / Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

This pack includes four poses of a Sim couple acting obliviously nice and sentimental.

There’s little more to say about it, but the subtlety is remarkable.

It’s a really gentle, gradual build-up to a passionate kiss, which I find rather charming.

I really like the Female Sim’s expression in the third posture.

It’s not labeled as unisex, but the absence of height disparity and friendly faces make me believe it is.


8. atashi77’s Stolen Kisses: Angry

Stolen Kisses: Angry Poses for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Dude, don’t steal kisses when someone is yelling at you. That’s not acceptable.

However, if this situation occurs to coincide with your present storyline, then atashi77’s pack is a must-have.

There are 5 postures of a couple in the middle of a fight.

One is a touch arrogant, while the other is a little wound up. Same Sim believes a stealthy little kiss would win the dispute, but a slap soon puts them in their place.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Sims 4 kissing pose pack with a similar layout, so the notion is both intriguing and unusual.

When it came to setup, the postures in this collection were really simple to use.

There are thumbnails in the game to help you figure out which stance you’re in.

The thumbnails are also labeled with very specific behaviors, such as “getting struck,” “striking,” and “walking away,” making it simple to assign them to the appropriate Sims.


9. andromeda-sims’ Be Together

Be Together Poses by andromeda-sims / TS4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

And now it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled romance programming.

This pack is diametrically opposed to the preceding one.

Unlike atashi77’s Stolen Kisses, which included a heated debate, andromeda-sims’ pack has two Sims that are completely in accord. There’s a lot.

These have your Sims kissing a total of three times if you cycle through all ten stances. All of the other stances are just charming filler poses, in which they cuddle to collect their breath before doing it again.

However, I would admit that the gentle in-between pictures make this pack stand out quite a bit.

I’m not sure; the facial emotions definitely stand out.


10. pandora-sims’ Kiss!!!

Kiss!!! Poses by pandora-sims for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

The name of this posture set is self-explanatory.

There are six postures in all, with three for the build-up and three for the actual smooches.

This pack begins with a flirting, fun mood that lasts approximately four poses before veering off into hot territory.

Is it just a one-night stand?

Is it a rare date night?

Is it possible to have a secret meeting with the mistress?

To be honest, these stances are ideal for all three situations.

The only issue I had with this bundle is that there are no thumbnails, thus I had no way of knowing which posture I was in.

Apart than that, queueing up postures and placing them using teleporter was a breeze.

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