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Over the past few decades, the media’s focus on gays and lesbians has changed dramatically.

Not only are gay people much more common, but they are also much more realistic in their portrayal of people instead of a bunch of stereotypes.

Japanese culture is in a constant struggle between old traditions and new ideas. Like the Western media, they have gradually introduced a healthier representation of homosexuals – even if it is not always the most prominent.

But here I want to introduce some of my favorite depictions of LGBTQ+ characters in anime. To keep it simple, I will list the pairs with the singles where possible.

20. Ryo Asuka

Anime: Devilman: Crybaby

Ryo Asuka is far from the most likable character.

But he is excellent at breaking down stereotypes of malleable, docile gay heroes in anime.

On the contrary, this guy is dangerous.

He’s a force to be reckoned with, and he tries to assert his superiority wherever he goes. This of course has to do with the fact that he is literally Satan.

And like Satan, he too looks androgynous, with intersex characteristics such as female breasts and a male pubic area. At this point the ground should be less stiff.

19. Fumi Manjume

word image 13406

Anime: Soft blue flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers is the series to watch if you just need a sweet and tender romance to slowly but surely let go of the stress of our complicated daily lives.

It’s a series about young love and self-discovery.

Fumi’s character is a kind of jack-of-all-trades – a perfect vehicle for the viewer’s self-righteousness. The difficulties she faces as a lesbian in an old-fashioned society are understandable, and the courageous calm with which she tackles them is inspiring.

I love this series because it’s not a sexualized lawyer meant to sexually arouse a male audience, but a realistic and even wholesome series with healthy lesbian relationships.

18. Ymir

word image 13407

Anime: Attack on Titan.

One of the most interesting characters in the second and third seasons of AoT is Ymir, an inspiring warrior with a tragic past who has more than a little crush on Krista, aka Historia Reiss.

And the two characters were mirror images of each other.

While Ymir claimed to have royal blood until the sect that worshipped him in Marley ceased to exist, Historia took the name Krista and pretended to be an ordinary girl.

In case Ymir’s commitment to Krista wasn’t already clear, series producer George Wada has already confirmed that Ymir and Krista are a lesbian couple.

Thanks, George, but the wistful glances they gave each other were all the reassurance I needed.

17. Yuzu Aihara

word image 13408

Anime: Citrus

Not every character needs to delve into one aspect of the LGBTQ+ experience.

some of the gay characters are just fun to watch, like Yuzu from Citrus.

For this self-proclaimed gypsy, being gay doesn’t have to mean drama.

In the beginning she leaves it at that, looking for love and happiness.

She hesitated a bit when it became clear that not everyone in Japan thought lesbian relationships were appropriate. But after being comforted a bit by her lover May, she goes back to basics and moves on.

16. Makoto Sunakawa

word image 13409

Anime: My love story

The series never talks about it directly, but Makoto Sunakawa’s attitude towards relationships has led many to consider him an asexual icon.

Countless girls (and probably boys) throw themselves at him every day, and he doesn’t care.

His love is pure and brotherly. And this is directed exclusively at his friends – especially Takeo Gouda and his girlfriend Rinko Yamato.

Like many aces, Suna is open to a relationship if someone piques his interest.

But over the years, while the masses were fanatical about his handsome looks and aloof personality, it never came to pass.

15. Luka Urushibara

word image 13410

Anime: Rocks; Door

Luka Urushibara – better known as Rukako – is the most feminine person in the world.

They have the grace and elegance of a nymph, delicate features and a soft voice.

He is the Japanese ideal of the perfect woman – except he is a man.

Luca even goes so far as to send a message to his mother’s pager in the past to tell her he was born a girl – all so he can get closer to the main character. When it became clear that this would not work, the decision was reversed.

It’s clear that Luke is going through a difficult time. But it’s a great example of how some people try to figure out their identity and sexuality.

14. Motoko Kusanagi

word image 13411

Anime: A ghost in a shell

Classic cyborg villain Motoko Kusanagi is on the list because she is a lesbian and can empathize with the problems of transgender people.

When she was only six years old, her entire body was replaced with a prosthesis, and she had to get used to her body for many years.

She’s probably not trans, though.

She still clings to her female identity and continues to demand female bodies when she is replaced.

While the anime only hints at their sexuality here and there, the manga is much more detailed, with several steamy scenes involving women.

13. Tiziano & Squalo

word image 13412

Anime: Jojo’s bizarre adventure

Tiziano and Squalo don’t have much screen time.

But every second they have is spent in PDA mode.

Nobody says anything about it. But these two members of Unita Speciale Diavolo are clearly a gay couple.

What makes them so special is that they are the only two openly gay people on this show, where everyone else seems to be eating colored peanuts.

The entire Diavolo organization – including the Bucciarati faction – seems like a mafia of morons, but only Tiziano and Squalo are so open about it.

12. Hana

word image 13413

Anime: The godfathers of Tokyo

Satoshi Kon’s Godfathers of Tokyo explores some of the ugliest aspects of modern society while telling a moving story of an unorthodox, blended family.

One of the most interesting characters is Hana, a former transvestite who is down on her luck.

Despite her difficulties, she is an intelligent girl with a strong moral code.

And despite the church’s historic mistreatment of the LGBTQ+ community, Hana remains a committed Christian who believes more in her God’s message of love than in the actions of her imperfect flock.

Her pious nature and good character make her the best mother an abandoned child could wish for.

11. Hange Zoe

word image 13414

Anime: Attack on Titan.

You may not have thought about it while watching, but there’s more to Henge’s androgynous image than meets the eye.

There is no specific genre in the manga Explorers Corps Commander. And while they are mostly depicted as women in the anime, you could say that Hange falls somewhere in between.

No one seems to care about the gender of this Titan explorer.

She is appreciated for her studious mind and good heart, which leads her to confront Eren in his war against the world.

The world of Attack of the Titan is grim, but it’s not too bad in that respect.

10. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus

word image 13415

Anime: Sailor’s thread

Since the film was released in 1992, you may be surprised to learn that a lesbian couple appeared in Sailor Moon.

Of course, if you weren’t paying attention, you missed it.

However, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune fit perfectly into the Shoujo-ai trope – a prince (Uranus) with a traditionally feminine and delicate character (Neptune).

Funimation made minor changes to the script of the original English dub of Sailor Moon to make them cousins, but honestly I don’t think it helped.

Now it’s gay and a little weird.

The suspense obviously continues!

9. Kaworu Nagisa

word image 13416

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

It’s hard to say whether we’re looking at another transcendent being, like… For example, an angel can be classified as blue.

but every second of screen time Kaworu spends with Shinji is riddled with homosexual innuendo.

Shinji falls in love with Kaworu the moment the fourth child looks in his direction, and Kaworu answers his gaze.

Their time together is the only time we see Shinji truly happy, which makes us wonder if his whole plan was just uncertainty about his sexuality.

This condition is further developed in the third Rebuild of Evangelion film, where Kaworu brightens Shinji’s dark days and genuinely tries to help him, unlike all the other characters in the film.

8. Haruhi Fujioka

word image 13417

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

Some people cannot be categorized as male or female. For some people, it’s more ephemeral.

Haruhi Fujioka seems to be the perfect example.

Although Haruhi identifies as a woman, she said she doesn’t care what gender others recognize.

Their relationships with those around them are not built on this basis. Rather, it is the connections that bring them together.

In general, she doesn’t think gender norms should be so rigid (after all, her father is also a transvestite).

She even had her first kiss with a girl, and she didn’t mind.

She’s a lesbian, but it’s more like she doesn’t care.

7. Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov

word image 13418

Anime: Yuri on the ice

Many novels begin with admiration.

And the one between Yuri and Victor from the skating masterpiece Yuri on Ice is a perfect example.

Yuri begins to pursue Victor because of his admiration for his skating skills, and Victor falls in love at first sight – he eventually agrees to become Yuri’s coach. Their relationship develops organically with the plot, rather than the plot revolving around their affair.

It’s also nice to see their romance on screen as they kiss and get engaged, rather than tormenting us with innuendo as is often the case.

These two could become gay symbols for the younger generation, both in Japan and abroad.

6. Tomoyo Daidoji

word image 13419

Anime: Card Captor Sakura

Looking back, I was more than surprised at how much of the homosexual theme was present in the original Card Captor Sakura animation.

Looks like the only natural character is Sakura herself!

Let’s start with Tomoyo.

Although she lives a rich life, she doesn’t seem very interested in the pleasures that money might bring.

Instead, she devotes herself to Sakura, her good friend and beloved girlfriend.

You may have missed it if you saw the movie as a kid. But Tomoyo’s passionate support for her friend clearly has romantic overtones, even though Tomoyo has never expressed her feelings.

5. Toya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukihiro

word image 13420

Anime: Card Captor Sakura

Even if you watched the dub with special censorship or didn’t pay attention, you’ll remember the relationship between Toya and Yukito.

I remember being a little surprised every time these two interacted on the show.

This is the first time I’ve seen such a normalized representation of same-sex relationships, which speaks volumes about how poorly the LGBTQ+ community is represented.

Honestly, everything about Yukito was gay and outrageous. Even Xiaoran gets nervous and blushes when he’s around!

4. Lyron Littner

word image 13421

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

You don’t expect a particularly good gay character in a show where 50% of the plot is based on the power of hypermasculinity – but TTGL is designed to exceed your expectations.

Lyron, who looks androgynous and has an eccentric transvestite personality, has been the chief mechanic of the Gurren team since the beginning of the series.

They are caring, mature, innovative and often act as the voice of reason, despite their playful temperament.

Liron can be criticized for being a bit stereotypical.

But all of Gurren Lagann’s characters are drawn with great lines.

The TTGL team did a fantastic job developing the character of Liron, and it’s just a pleasure to see him when he appears on screen.

3. Utena Tenjou

word image 13422

Anime: The revolutionary girl Utena

Sailor Uranus is not the only powerful lesbian Booch icon in classic anime.

There is also Utena Tenjou, a dashing prince who is in a relationship with his fiancée Rose, Anti-Himmy.

Utena is passionate and intelligent, but also flamboyant and impulsive. She’s a force to be reckoned with – a flawed but inspiring character who just does her best.

Except for Utena, most of the other characters in the story are gay or bisexual.

So the show is an absolute classic of pederasty.

2. Akemi Homura

word image 13423

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura hasn’t done anything wrong.

If you have observed the PMM: The movie Uprising, you know what I mean.

In all of anime, it’s hard to find someone as devoted to the person they love as Homura – willing to go to the trouble of changing the rules of the universe just to ensure a happy ending for them.

Of course, Homura is a bit brash and sometimes ignores Madoka’s feelings.

But more than anything, she loves the pink-haired leading lady. And she’s willing to sacrifice everything to protect her smile.

1. Yoshino Takatsuki and Shuichi Nitori

word image 13424

Anime: A lost son

Few anime have been as brutal about transgender people as Wandering Son, a series about two transgender friends who discover their gender identity and evolve over the years.

Growing up is hard.

But this can be doubly difficult in a world you don’t always understand.

The Wandering Son deals with difficult themes such as body dysmorphia and the struggle to find your place in a world full of gender norms that don’t always apply to you.

Yoshino and Shuichi have a deep relationship with transgender people, like almost everyone else, but for different reasons.

They’re both very human. And they remind us how important it is to have someone around who cares and tries to understand what you’re going through.

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