The rising popularity of Chinese astrology has been known for centuries, but in recent years it’s also been adopted by Western celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It’s a simple but intriguing system that predicts the character traits and personality traits of an individual based on the characteristics of the sign they were born under. The system can be used to understand the current and future behavior of people, with a wealth of information to be gleaned from the 12 animal signs of the zodiac.

The Zodiac Age is a mobile game that’s been gaining traction in the recent months, and for good reason. This digital board game, based off of the Chinese astrology system, is designed to help you learn about the basic elements of your character’s path in life, as well as the different stages of your life.

In this day and age, it seems as though we can’t go one day without hearing about some new method to prevent the signs of the zodiac from affecting your life. From the #ZodiacAge to the #ZodiacEgo, there are always new ways to fight the forces of the sign that is currently in power.. Read more about final fantasy xii the zodiac age pc and let us know what you think.

The samurai is one of Final Fantasy’s most recognizable professions.

While it isn’t stated explicitly in FFXII: The Zodiac Age, the Bushi is essentially its spiritual descendant.

The bushi uses katanas as their primary weapon and has the gimmick of wearing magical armor, which provides a number of beneficial synergies with other professions.

In my view, the game’s quick combo-oriented style and relatively simple weapon acquisition are also extremely appealing.

So, if you need some assistance with your Bushi character, let’s look at the finest weaponry for your character (and where to find each one).


5. Yakei

The Yakei isn’t the most powerful weapon here, but it is the most powerful katana for sale.

It’s easily equivalent to the power of other weapons at this stage, while still possessing the characteristic high combo rate of other katanas, as well as a minor risk of poisoning opponents.

While it can’t compete with the better katanas on this list, it’s a good place to start in the endgame.

How to Get It: Get it at the Archades store or later from Balfonheim Port.


Muramasa is number four.

Muramasa sword render from FF12

The Muramasa wins by a landslide in stats despite having the same license as the Yakei.

There is a difference of 21 attack power between them.

It’s also extremely simple to find, so if you don’t want to hunt down the two stronger options, you’ll have a good weapon to complete the game with.

How to Acquire It: The quickest way to get it is to wait for a chest in Pharos – Second Ascent – The Bounds of Truth to open. Those wanting an earlier power boost may attempt farming a chest with a Diamond Armlet on in the Cerobi Steppe – The Terraced Bank, or killing the rare game Crypt Rabbit in the Feywood – Walk of Stolen Truths.


Masamune Tokugawa

Masamune and Kumbha Render / FF12

The Masamune doesn’t have quite the same potency as the previous entries.

However, it has a significantly greater combo rate than any previous katana.

It comes with the proviso that you’ll have to fight Gilgamesh, a strong and difficult monster.

However, it might be argued that it’s a plus when you consider the very synergistic Genji gear you can take from him.

You may start the journey to locate Gilgamesh if you’ve been keeping up with your hunts and have earned the status of Brave Companion with Clan Centurio. You’ll discover this sword in a chest in Lhusu Mines – Site 7 after facing him in his last phase of battle. Alternatively, after you’ve completed the Hunt Club sidequest, you may buy the Masamune for 700,000 gil if you’ve handed Atak all 30 trophies.


Karkata is number two.

Karkata Render from FF12

This isn’t a katana, and it’s not near as powerful as the Masamune.

The Karkata, on the other hand, is ranked second because it is very simple to get.

Trial Mode Stage 3’s Flowering Cactoid features this weapon as an uncommon steal prize, whether by mistake or not.

Taking the time to fight the esper Zalera early on, which unlocks the license, may also offer you a significant boost in power, since no weapon will come close until much later.

It’s also a 1-handed sword, which allows you to retain a shield for protection. It also has a 100% chance of inflicting the strong status effect Confusion on opponents who are vulnerable to it.

How to Get: Gather three members of your party that have Steal as a technick and attack the Flowering Cactoid in Trial Mode Stage 3. Remember that you must beat Zalera in the Barheim Passage in order to get the license.


1. Kumbha

Masamune and Kumbha Render / FF12

This famous sword isn’t even a katana in the traditional sense. Rather, a one-handed weapon such as the Karkata.

In all other respects, however, it is a katana.

The Kumbha’s strength is amplified greatly by its ability to be coupled with a shield, since it has one of the greatest combo and evasion rates in the game.

A Bushi carrying a Kumbha may be one of the most lethal fighters in the game if the proper combos are used.

The Kumbha’s sole flaw, unlike the other weapons, is how difficult it is to get – since it must be produced via the market. You’ll need to obtain 2 Gemsteels, 3 Orichalcums, and 2 Mallets, as well as 350,000 gil, to make it appear as the Master-Crafted Blade.

The Zodiac Age is a video game that takes the classic Zodiac match-three games and combines them with a new 3D engine. It has been released in the App Store for iPad, the Google Play and Amazon App Store for Android.. Read more about final fantasy xii the zodiac age walkthrough and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Zodiac age a remake?

The Zodiac Age is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 12.

Is the Zodiac age worth playing?

I am not familiar with the Zodiac Age, but if you are asking me whether or not it is worth playing, then yes.

What is different about Zodiac age?

The Zodiac Age is the latest installment of the Final Fantasy XII series. It was released in 2017 for PS4 and PC, and it features a new job class called the Astrologian, which is a healer that uses astrology to cast spells.

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