Rares, Super Rares, and Ultra Rares are cool and all, but it doesn’t matter how good your deck is if you can’t summon them! Summoning monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! can be a tough challenge, especially when you’re aiming to get specific ones. Here’s how we’ve ranked the 15 hardest monsters to summon in the game, from least to most difficult.

Of the many monsters you can summon in Yu-Gi-Oh! , some are easier to get than others. The summoning requirements for some monsters can be met by simple luck, but others take a lot of tricks, and a lot of time. Robo-Baby If you have a bunch of Machine monsters, you can summon the robotic Robo-Baby, which is one of the most useful monsters in the game. Once per turn, you can force a monster to attack another monster, increasing your chances of building a strong defensive wall.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, challenging and attacking monsters is the surest way to defeat your opponent.

Logically, the harder it is to summon a monster, the stronger it must be, right? Well, there are some ridiculously difficult monsters to summon.

By this logic, they should all be absurdly powerful. Is that so?

The short answer is: Yes. Long answer: It’s complicated.

With some of these monsters you have to work for free, while with others you just have to win the fight. So let’s take a look at some of the craziest selection requirements of the game and see which ones are really worth it.

15. Majestic red dragon

If you can reliably summon this card, you should, because it’s really good.

To summon this card, you must summon it along with Majestic Dragon, Red Dragon Archdemon, and a non-tuner monster.

It’s a tough job getting all those samples in there. But once it’s done, it works like a charm.

This card even allows you to specifically summon Red Dragon Archfiend to the field at the end of your turn.

14. Pharaoh’s Ghost

word image 1210

Here we have the spirit of Pharaoh, which is extremely difficult to summon in the current meta-theme.

To summon this card, you must activate the first Sarcophagus Trap.

This card does the following: At the end of your opponent’s end phase, you may discard a second Sarcophagus spell from your deck or hand. Then, in the next end phase, reveal another enchantment card, Third Sarcophagus.

Once you’ve done all this, you can send all these cards to the graveyard and summon the Spirit of Pharaoh from your hand or deck.

But the problem is that if one of those Sarcophagus cards is destroyed, so are the others, meaning you can’t summon your monster.

In the current metagame, it is very easy to destroy spell or trap cards. And this challenge lasts two rounds, making it extremely risky (and difficult).

13. Fushioch Ritchie

word image 1211

Reading the effects of the Fushioh Richie card is probably as difficult as listing them, given the ridiculous font size.

But to summon this monster, you must summon it with the Great Shift effect.

With Great Decard, you must destroy two monsters in combat to summon Fushioh Richie from your deck or hand.

The problem is that these maps are outdated. Everyone uses monsters these days with an attack of 3000 and sometimes even 4000.

The Great Decard only has 1900 attack, so unless you increase its attack, you’ll have a hard time destroying two monsters.

12. Cybers Arrival @Ignister

word image 1212

So the next card, The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister, is a departure from all the old cards – because it’s relatively new, being a communication monster.

While the summoning mechanism works just like any other communication monster, the problem with this card is that it is a communication 6 monster that requires at least 3 other monsters to be summoned.

In other words, you can either use 6 unbound samples or 3 bound samples with a Binding Value of 6.

One might think: Okay, 6 monsters on the field isn’t so bad.

But the problem is that the 6 monsters must have different attributes.

Since most archetypes boil down to 1 or 2 different attributes, 6 attributes is a nightmare. However, an easier way is to summon three different Link 3 monsters with different properties onto the field.

This way you save yourself a headache. Well, it’s at least a small headache.

11. Flying Fortress Celestial Fire

word image 1213

Flying Fortress of Celestial Fire is not only not a good card, but it’s also hard to summon, which makes me wonder why it exists.

To summon this card, first call Trap Reactor ・Y FI or Spell Reactor ・RE, then Summon Reactor ・SK.

Yes, these are the names of the cards.

Next, use the Summon Reactor・SK effect to send one of the other two cards to the graveyard to summon Skyfire Flying Fortress.

This means it’s a 3-card combo, and it doesn’t help that Summon Reactor・SK is a level 5 monster, which only makes it harder to remove.

If you don’t build your deck around finding and summoning these cards, you’ll have a hard time getting them all on the field with that one chance.

10. Vennominaga god of poisonous snakes

word image 1214

Vennominaga is the first card in this list to have Instant Ain in its card effect.

To summon Vennominag, you must first summon Vennominon, the king of poisonous snakes.

This is no easy task, as Vennominon cannot be summoned with a card effect from another monster. So you have a choice between tribal summon, or it’s easier to tribal summon with Snake Rain and then use a card like Monster Reborn.

Next, destroy this monster with a card effect and activate Rise of the Serpent Deity, which allows you to summon Vennominaga Special Summon from your Deck or hand.


Still, this is one of the few cards that is truly viable, so it could be an interesting deck to consider.

9. Machina Force

word image 1215

Machina Force is very similar to Flying Fortress Sky Fire, but on a completely different level.

To summon the Force Machina, you must summon and use Commander Covington’s effect.

Commander Covington’s effect says to put the Soldier Machina, Sniper Machina, and Defender Machina from your field into your deck.

You can then summon Force Machina from your hand or deck.

This is a 5 card combo and you must have 4 of the 5 cards on the board, which is no mean feat.

Like other cards, you should probably build your deck around Machina Force if you plan on reliably summoning it.

8. Timaeus Doom Knight

word image 1216

The knight of destiny Timaeus is extremely difficult to draft. So just make sure you pay attention.

First activate the Legend of the Heart spell, which pays 2000 life, a tribute to a Warrior-type monster, and then banishes 3 Legendary Dragon spells from your hand or the graveyard.

This allows you to specifically summon the legendary knight Timaeus, the legendary knight Kritias and the legendary knight Hermos.

Finally, you can send all of these cards to the graveyard to specifically summon Timaeus, the Knight of Fate.

This requires finding 4 spell cards and having a warrior monster on the board, which can be annoying.

A single summon requires 8 cards, including the summoned monster, and 2000 health.

I made this list, but even I’m shocked he’s not at the top. This is an incredibly difficult challenge.

7. Exodia Necrosse

word image 1217

Just reading about the Exodia Necross effect makes you doubt its existence.

To summon Exodia Necross, you must have all five Exodia tokens in your graveyard and then activate Contract with Exodia to summon Necross from your hand.

This combo doesn’t even give you the ability to summon Necros from the deck.

Also, it’s pretty hard to send all 5 Exodia pieces to the graveyard, so you should consider building a deck to win with Exodia in hand.

In general, you’re better off building a normal Exodia deck.

6. Gatekeeper

word image 1218

If you thought calling other cards was a hassle, check out Gate Guardian.

To summon the Guardian, you must pay homage to Thunder Sanga, Kazejin and Suijin.

While this sounds simple, the problem is that these samples all have different types and characteristics.

Also, due to the lack of support for this map, there is no reliable way to find these three monsters as they are different from each other.

Next, you must find a way to get these three level 7 monsters onto the field to pay them homage.

I think this map probably worked better in the anime.

5. Great Sphinx of Teinen

word image 1219

You might remember him from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime, but you don’t remember how hard it is to summon him.

The best way to summon this card is to activate the Pyramid of Light.

This allows you to summon the Sphinx of Teleia and the Sphinx of Andro specifically from your hand, at a cost of 500 life for each.

You must then destroy the Pyramid of Light with an MST card that destroys the Sphinx of Telea and the Sphinx of Andro and summons Theinen the Great Sphinx.

Even though this card is pretty hard to summon, Teinen is still very cool and powerful.

4. Mirage Knight

word image 1220

If you can summon this card, I respect you completely.

Because Mirage Knight is also a headache, if you hadn’t already guessed.

First, you probably want to activate Instant Fusion to summon the Flaming Swordsman. Then you also have to find a way to get the Dark Mage onto the field or into your hand.

You must then activate the polymerization to summon the Black Lightning Knight.

If you destroy another monster in battle, you can use the Dark Torch Knight effect to summon the Mirage Knight from your hand or deck.

There’s really no good reason for anyone to summon this card. But if you’re going to do it, good luck.

3. Sophia, goddess of rebirth

word image 1221

Sophia, the goddess of rebirth, will literally make you feel like you’ve started the game all over again.

To summon this monster, you must banish the Ritual, Synchro, Xyz and Binder monsters.

The reason it’s so difficult is that your deck has to be very versatile to summon all those different types of cards.

But the effect is pretty crazy, as Sophia literally hunts everything but the decks of both players.

2. Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon

word image 1222

This card was created as a joke, as it is probably impossible for most players.

It takes, I kid you not, 11 different samples. So get ready.

You must first summon an armed dragon of level 5, which you can do with an armed dragon of level 3.

This allows you to summon a level 7 Armed Dragon to the field.

Then combine the challenge with the X head cannon, Y dragon head and Z metal tank to get the XYZ dragon cannon.

Then use the V-Tiger jet and the W-Wing catapult to summon the VW Tiger catapult.

Are you still with me?

Then combine the XYZ Dragon Cannon and the VW Tiger Catapult to get the VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon.

Finally, combine the VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon with the LV7 Armed Dragon to create the Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon.

Right now, if you manage to summon this card, its effect is crazy enough to more or less win the duel.

And you probably deserved to win if you did.

1. Dark sage

word image 1223

And finally, in first place, we have Dark Sage.

Even if the conditions are perfect, it’s always a matter of luck.

To summon a black mage, you must give him a tribute after correctly activating the Time Mage effect.

The plot of Time Wizard is as follows: you must correctly name the draw, and if you succeed, you can destroy all monsters controlled by your opponent. Otherwise, your monsters are destroyed and you get half of the total attack as damage.

Generally speaking, this card is not that difficult to summon.

But in the end, it all comes down to the flip of a coin.

Since everything depends on luck, I’d say Dark Sage definitely deserves the first spot on this list.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about top 100 strongest yugioh cards and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

One of the most memorable things about the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is how Yugi’s friend Joey Wheeler managed to summon some of the most powerful monsters in the game. However, even characters in the series aren’t immune to the power of the Yu-Gi-Oh monsters. One of the most powerful monsters in the entire series, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, was actually defeated by a character in the show. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon was a powerful dragon that ate magic, had eyes that could shoot laser beams, and could destroy anything with its signature Dragon If you’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh! before, then you know that monsters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some can summon other monsters from the hand or the grave, some can destroy cards on the field, and some can even heal themselves. But, which monster is the most powerful? This question has been debated for years, and not everyone agrees with the same answer. There are some who say that it’s Jinzo – a level 8 monster that can’t be destroyed by battle and can negate any trap card, but it’s hard to use because it’s a level 8 monster. Others say that it’s Blue Eyes White Dragon – a level 7 monster that can destroy any monster with 3000 or more attack points and makes your

What is the strongest XYZ monster?

XYZ monsters are one of the most popular game mechanics in Yu-Gi-Oh. These monsters can be summoned using Spell Cards, Trap Cards, or XYZ materials. XYZ monsters have been a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh game for many years. They were originally introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime. The game mechanic was then included in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s anime, and later in the Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal anime. Have you ever wondered how powerful the strongest XYZ monster you’ve ever seen is? We have. After conducting a large amount of research, we’ve concluded that the strongest XYZ monster is the XYZ-Dragon Cannon. XYZ-Dragon Cannon has an attack level of 8. XYZ-Dragon Cannon’s original attack level is 3500. XYZ-Dragon Cannon is also a tuner monster. (Tuner monsters can be summoned to the field by a duelist using monsters of the same type.) The XYZ-Dragon Cannon is also an XYZ monster since it has XYZ in its name. (XYZ is the name of a special kind of summoning card.) The XYZ-Dragon Cannon is also a dragon-type

Can you normal summon Level 5 monsters?

You’ve probably noticed by now that the highest level monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! tend to be Xyz monsters. There are a lot of reasons for this; Xyz monsters are more powerful than regular monsters, they’re easier to summon (you don’t need to Tribute), and they have really cool abilities that can change the course of a duel. But the fact that they’re easier to summon sort of gives away the biggest reason of all: most Level 5 monsters are Normal monsters. If you are someone who reads Yu-Gi-Oh! strategy articles, you’ve probably come across the term “normal summon” a few times. The term is used to describe how a player summons a monster to the field without using a card effect. However, the term isn’t exactly accurate in Yu-Gi-Oh! because there are monsters that are too powerful to be normal summoned. These monsters are level 5, and it’s impossible to summon them to the field without using a special effect to do so.

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