(This blog is meant to be a guide for a review that is commenting on the game “Falconeer”) “Falconeer is a challenging 2D platformer where you play as a cute little falcon named Frederic who has been captured and forced into the service of a Red Knight named Scout. Frederic wants to free his fellow falcons so he must serve Scout in order to gain the knowledge and experience needed to take down the Red Knight and return home.”

The Falconeer is an indie game from developer Flippfly that blends an action RPG-like combat system with a focus on exploration and puzzle solving. If that sounds like a strange mixture, that’s because it is; the game’s numerous flaws make it pretty easy to pigeonhole, but its non-stop action, clever level design, and terrific sense of humor make it a joy to play. Note: This guide covers all achievements and trophies, including the back-end Badges of Honor.

In this guide, we will explain how to get 100% of the achievements in the game The Falconeer. If you are one of the players who are trying to get all the achievements in The Falconer game, then this achievement is for you.

Before we begin our guide, a reminder that this achievement guide may contain spoilers about the game. We will try to avoid as many spoilers as possible. You can search the article if you are looking for advice on a particular service.

We will break down each performance by category. We have story-based achievements, map-based achievements, race-based achievements, outfit-based achievements, and combat-based achievements.

You can get the following achievements with no extra effort once you finish the game.

  • This is my first day. I’ll finish the prologue.
  • Probably the worst hacker I’ve ever seen –
  • The bomb is gone! – The Kleftspear chapter is closed.
  • Enemies at the Gate – Outland Chapter Completed
  • Where All Roads Lead – Finished Chapter Reaching Oberon.
  • Precious Cargo – Epilogue completed

Here I divided the map into 6 sections (top, middle, bottom + left and right sides) plus one at the very bottom in the middle that didn’t fit. I apologize for the distracting blur at the edges.

Top left:

Top right:

Center, left:

Center, right:

Bottom left:

Bottom right:

Down the middle:

Performance on map

See the Maps section above.

Accidental archaeologist – discovered a sanctuary or temple

World Historian – Discover all the shrines and temples

  • Some temples can only be unlocked after you have completed the story. Wait until the end to unlock it.

What are you buying? – I found a biochemist and an arms dealer.

  • They are located in Emporio Petech’s Airborne, Northgate and Kaiter’s Biochemistry stores.

Lots of stories. The 3 Sikanthropes have been found.

  • They are located in Witchrock, Redmouth Forge, and Sacred Steps.

Impregnable Walls – Find all the fortified places.

Mortar and concrete – found throughout the realm

  • Especially in the western part of the map.

Sea People – All locations of Free House of Civilians have been found.

  • Mainly in the upper and central part of the map.

Locked – all Munser locations have been found

  • Mainly in the lower middle part of the map.

In another life… – Return to the scene of the attack.

  • Return to the location of the last Cleftspire chapter quest. This is a round, explosion-like object located in the upper right corner of the central part of the map.

Variety benefitVariety benefit

The racecourses are small illuminated symbols on the map. They are located at Dunkle, Mowbridge, Imperial Peak, Sark’s Hollow and just south of Port Remit. There is also an east of the background text of The Mancer Benefice card, but it is obviously not necessary for the performance.

Their execution can be irritating. Choose a very fast and agile bird and make fluid movements so you don’t lose your momentum.

One Bird Race – The fastest time on the track will be stopped.

A racing champion! – Indicates the fastest time on the 5 circuits.

Falcon Collector – Bought all 5 types of falcons that participated in the race.

  • After winning a race, you must land in the 5 race-related cities (listed at the beginning of this section) and buy the bird offered there. You can go right back if you want.

Equipment services

Strange Science – Fill all the mutagen slots for your falcon

  • Any mutagen is good, even a very cheap one.

The wind in the hair and the song in the heart – all songs bought by sailors.

  • You must do this towards the end of the game, when you have visited all the shrines and temples. Go to Redmouth, Sacred Steps and finally Witchrock and buy everything you can from the Shipwreckers.

Friend for all – All rights unlocked in every campaign

  • You can get it at the beginning of the game, in the Dark chapter, when you visit all the colonies. Just buy permits at every colony you visit and you will eventually get them.

Prepare for battle – buy a new type of weapon

To the Empire! – Reconstruction of a fortified position for the empire

  • Attack one of the small forts in the Empire chapters.

Follow the path! – Renewal of a strengthened position for the Order of Munser

  • Attack one of the small forts in the Manser chapter.

Free Life – Converted Pirate Position

  • First you must become a pirate by attacking civilian ships. Then, you guessed it, attack one of the smaller forts.

Ace in a Day – 5 air targets destroyed in one mission

  • You should have no problem getting it during the story.

Ace of Aces – Shoot down 10 aerial targets in a single mission.

  • You should have no problem getting it during the story.

Steel Surgeon – 15 turrets destroyed in one mission

  • They will never get it natural in history. I suggest you replay the story mission of the destruction of the Mancer caldera. Don’t go home after destroying the wall, but go back and forth between Caldera’s prison and the Western Gate a few times, destroying all the turrets each time. Caldera Prison is 3 and Westgate is 4. Do this three or four times, because sometimes the count gets mixed up.

Deep Sea Emissary – Sink 3 ships in one mission

  • You should have no problem getting it during the story.

So much for this performance guide. We would like to thank Heidi for this guide about Falconeer’s performance. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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