Alan Wake Remastered has been released for Xbox One and it’s a beautiful game. The graphics are stunning, but how does it compare to the original on Xbox 360?

Alan Wake Remastered is a game that was released in the year of 2017. The graphics are significantly better on Xbox Series X vs Xbox 360.

Alan Wake Remastered is a remaster of the original Xbox 360 game that was released 11 years ago. Remedy’s remaster is transformational, no longer constrained by the chains of its era’s technological limitations. Some aesthetic alterations may annoy some people, but that’s usually the case with large-scale remasters. You can’t satisfy everyone, but you can’t overlook the amount of effort that went into Alan Wake Remastered.

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Setup for basic rendering

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The original Xbox 360 version of Alan Wake was rendered at 960 544 with 4X MSAA, a necessary sacrifice to fit the game’s visual feature set into the console’s outdated hardware at the time. On current 4K screens, image quality is extremely muddy, almost soup-like. The Series X version, according to Remedy, renders at 1440p with the same 4X MSAA pass.

That’s a 7X increase in native pixel counts, as well as a doubling of the desired framerate. To produce a 4K output, this is coupled with reconstruction. Remedy’s allegations hold water since the picture lacks the pin-sharp quality associated with genuine 4K images. That’s not to suggest Alan Wake Remastered isn’t enjoyable. With that considered, it’s remarkable that a remastered Xbox 360 game, even at 60 frames per second, couldn’t achieve native 4K.

Face-to-face comparison

While Remedy mentioned a number of aesthetic improvements, such as better lighting, visual effects, and textures, how do these improvements affect the end-user experience? It’s one thing to list all of these enhancements. It’s another thing entirely for those improvements to have a noticeable effect on the game’s visual quality.

Surprisingly, textures are given a boost throughout the board. Artwork is dramatically changed for the better, whether it’s important textures like the stitching on Alan’s jacket or random levers you’ll never interact with. Geometric detail, particularly more intricate rock formations, is given equal attention to incidental details. In a cinematic that is largely hidden by depth of field, Remedy even went to the trouble of boosting polygon counts on a car’s side view mirror.

Another significant enhancement is the depiction of hair. When you examine Alice’s hair, you see that it’s more polygonal than you recall, almost clay-like in its clumpiness. On the other hand, the remaster seems to be more in line with what you’d expect from a contemporary game. It doesn’t use cutting-edge hair rendering, but it’s a significant improvement over the previous approach.

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Few remasters provide the sorts of sweeping enhancements to assets on offer here without compromising the purpose of the original artwork. In addition, there are more incidental features in the environments. Additional items are included in both the outdoor and interior settings to create a more comprehensive environment. Extra condiment bottles, utensils, and a napkin dispenser, for example, are displayed on the diner’s main counter. There’s even a second poster in the dining room and extra fixings in the kitchen that participants aren’t allowed to see. These additions blend in so well with the experience that you’d be excused for not noticing they weren’t there before – the real mark of a well-executed remaster.

However, not every nip and tuck is successful. Remedy took advantage of the chance to change Alan Wake’s model to seem more like his live-action counterpart. The choice seems reasonable, but the final effect is unsatisfactory.

The use of fog is another aesthetic modification that may prove to be much more divisive. The remaster’s volumetrics are better quality on a technical level, but they’re also less apparent. The higher precision effects work is usually a success. The original’s murkier and hazier fog, on the other hand, has a greater impact on the game’s mood while slogging through the woodland.

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Of all, fog is just one component of Alan Wake’s atmospheric conundrum. Lighting is also very important. Alan Wake Remastered is a tremendous triumph in this regard. Shadows, particularly dynamic shadows, have a much better resolution across the board. In addition, it seemed that the initial version used a low-quality screen space ambient occlusion option.

Some items barely detected pockets of shadow, while the more apparent ambient shading in other situations was much harsher than it should have been. Ambient lighting, when combined with the low resolution shadows, is one of the most dated elements of the original’s presentation. Better shadows and a more realistic SSAO implementation in the remaster correct this, giving things a more grounded appearance. Shading is also applied to things that previously lacked it. Overall, scene lighting is more natural and realistic, which benefits Alan Wake’s intended experience.

Some gamers will be dissatisfied with the minor aesthetic modifications made. Despite these changes, Alan Wake Remastered is one of the best remastering efforts in recent memory. Remedy went above and above the anticipated improvements to assets and rendering, adding extra geometry to scenes that seems like it’s always been there. This remaster is deserving of the title’s illustrious history.

The xbox series x vs pc is a comparison of the graphics for Alan Wake Remastered. The game was released on Xbox One and PC, but it has been ported to Xbox 360.

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