If you are an avid Final Fantasy fan, chances are you have already played this game. If you haven’t, then this is a great game to start with, as you will be introduced to the amazing characters that make up this epic universe. There are many ways to play, however, as the game offers a unique experience for both hardcore players and the casual gamer. In this article, we will discuss the best mixture moves in the game.

One of the best things about the GBA was the fantastic selection of music. The Final Fantasy series is no exception with a huge library of tracks, many of which were composed specifically for the games. Follow our guide and make the best chemist in the game.

In the early 90’s a young Japanese businessman named Shigeru Miyamoto was working on the game Super Mario 64. It was a huge hit, but instead of returning to the drawing board to create another game like Mario, Miyamoto decided to create a spin off for the N64 called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game was a huge success but Miyamoto wanted to create more. Problem was, Nintendo was not a big fan of creating spin off titles, as they wanted to keep focus on the Mario series. So, Miyamoto decided to create his own spin off.

Wherever Chemistry goes, it seems that game-breaking mechanisms aren’t far after.

The beauty of Final Fantasy V is that this is absolutely true, but it isn’t the only method to completely deconstruct this game.

All of the tools you’ll need to make this game as simple as possible are there in front of you; all you have to do now is figure out what to do with them.

The Chemist job allows you to combine two materials to create different concoctions. As long as you know the proper combinations, they will either restore HP, inflict harm, or kill you.

In this post, I’ll list the greatest mixes in Final Fantasy XV, explain what they do, and how you use them in combat.


Panacea is number ten.

Nothing is more annoying than a foe that continuously spams negative status effects.

And FFV has some of the most vexing characters in the series.

You can heal one party member from every bad effect in the game by combining a Panacea.

This is helpful in a variety of situations and doesn’t need any difficult to come by ingredients.

Phoenix Down and Turtle Shell should be mixed together.


9. The Kiss of the Dragon

Dragon’s Kiss chemist battle pose in FF5

If you’re weary of being struck by status effects and having to continually remove them, you may avoid the problem entirely by providing yourself with status effect protection.

Dragon’s Kiss has a variety of unique effects.

It bestows the statuses of “Heavy” and “Dragon” to the victim.

Most bosses in the game are classed as heavy, which enables them to negate most status effects, which this will gladly do for you as well.

It also shields you from most gravity strikes, but not from immediate death.

The Dragon condition doesn’t help you at all; in fact, it hurts you by making you vulnerable to any Dragon-slaying assaults.

One use for this combination is on a boss who is already “Heavy.”

They’ll now have the Dragon status, which means weapons like Apollo’s Harp will do them more damage.

Maiden’s Kiss and Dragon Fang should be mixed together.


8. Flush Kiss

Drain Kiss battle poses in FFV

Either the power of this Mix is deliberate, or the creators just ignored the Mix’s intensity and impact while creating it.

Because this is the most straightforward method to cheese most boss battles.

When you employ Drain Kiss, the enemy’s HP is depleted.

This Mix has a spell power of 255, which is incredible.

When used with any high-magic party member (Black Mage, Summoner, etc. ), you’ll inflict a ton of damage — and very certainly restore yourself back to full health.

There aren’t many circumstances when this Mix isn’t helpful, unless you’re battling an undead foe.

Maiden’s Kiss and Turtle Shell should be mixed together.


Reincarnation is number seven.

Reincarnation in Final Fantasy V

This mix is the ultimate reset switch.

And if you stock up on the things that make it up, you’ll never be in any difficulty.

Reincarnation restores a party member’s HP and MP to 100%.

In Resurrection, there’s a lesser version of this that has the same effect but doesn’t restore MP, but why should you settle for less?

Phoenix Down should be mixed with an Ether or an Elixir. Replace the Ether/Elixir with a Potion or Hi-Potion for Resurrection.


6. Dragon Strength

Dragon Power FFV screenshot

This Mix, like the others in the Dragon family, raises the target’s level by 20.

The greatest thing is that the impact builds up over time, allowing you to go all the way to level 255 if you so want!

This may be used in a variety of ways.

If you’re having trouble fighting a specific monster, you might give yourself a much-needed stat boost.

You may even go all out and completely max out your party members’ levels.

This is a great mix to employ against difficult bosses since you’ll feel like a god in contrast after you’ve finished beefing up.

Dragon Fang and either a Potion or a Hi-Potion are combined in this recipe.


Dark Elixir (number 5)

Dark Elixir battle poses in FFV

When you’re weary of decreasing opponent HP with traditional means and simply want to move on, Dark Elixir is the Mix to employ.

Similar to the Blue Magic spell Death Claw, using this on an opponent would put them in critical HP.

This offers you the option of finishing them out with a standard assault.

Extremely helpful against any opponent with a high HP – who has time to patiently deplete an enemy’s health when there’s a planet to save?

Elixir and Dark Matter should be mixed together.


4. Armor of the Dragon

Dragon Armor battle mix in FF5

This is the finest mix to apply on your party members to keep them safe in almost any circumstance.

Dragon Armor gives the target Protect, Shell, Reflect, and Regen when utilized in combat.

This provides them a lot of leeway in terms of assaults, since they may go all out without risking their health.

Phoenix Down and Dragon Fang should be mixed together.


3. A Massive Drink

Giant Drink FFV screenshot

Unless you’ve spent a significant amount of time grinding levels, this Mix will provide you with such a high degree of protection in combat that you’ll begin to question whether anything is capable of harming you at all.

The maximum HP of the target is doubled with Giant Drink.

And, since maximum HP in Final Fantasy XV doesn’t grow much that much until you reach very high levels, you’re effectively adding an extra layer of defense.

However, this is clearly related to your HP levels. As a result, the higher they are, the greater the impact.

Elixir and Dragon Fang are combined in this recipe.


2. Elemental Strength

Elemental Power chemist battle pose in FF5

The Elemental Power Mix increases the effectiveness of all elemental spells by 50% and has a wide range of applications.

This may be used on your Black Mage to make their elemental magic strike more harder, providing them a little more late-game usefulness.

However, casting it on your Summoner is the greatest usage.

This will increase the power of all of your elemental Summon attacks, particularly Syldra and Titan’s.

Most importantly, Elemental Power is the sole method to increase the water element’s strength.

So, as long as the opponent isn’t resistant to water, Leviathan surpasses Bahamut’s strength and becomes the game’s most powerful Summon!

Holy Water and Eyedrop are combined in this recipe.


1. The Blessing Kiss

Kiss of Blessing battle poses in FFV

If you’ve heard of the legendary Kiss of Blessing bug, you’ll understand why this is at the top of the list.

On its alone, this Mix gives the victim the status effects of Berserk, Haste, and Blink.

This transforms the target into a ravenous physical attack that dodges almost all attacks.

However, when used on opponents in the SNES version of Final Fantasy V, this Mix had a strange characteristic.

Any scripts in the enemy’s kit would be overridden by the Berserk status.

The ideal time to utilize this is during the last fight against Exdeath’s Tree form.

Exdeath will never change into Neo Exdeath as a result of the bug, making this fight a lot simpler!

This bug was ultimately fixed in the GBA version, thus this exploit unfortunately perished with the Super Nintendo.

The only way for it to come back is if the Pixel Remasters decide to put it in (or patch it into) the forthcoming remaster of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy V is an old game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing through again. You can do a lot of different things once you’ve beaten it for the first time, so you might as well change up your strategy.. Read more about ffv best weapons and let us know what you think.

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