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This is a list of all the bosses that will be available in the Elden Ring closed beta. We’ll tell you where they are and how to stop them.

For those who were fortunate to get a code, the Elden Ring Closed Beta is now accessible. If you’re one of the fortunate ones, you’re probably wondering what you’ll be able to do throughout this exam.

You’ll get the chance to fight a few bosses and minibosses on your treks in the Necrolimbo area. Because we already have access to this test, we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of Elden Ring.

In the Elden Ring closed beta, there are a total of ten big opponents. The primary goal of your gaming sessions will be to go to the Castle of Stormy Veil, but the open environment is full of surprises.

Explore your surroundings thoroughly, and if you don’t have much time to play, we’ve included a map with each of the places and the bosses that may be found there. We provide you with all of the information you need.

Elden Ring’s bosses in the closed beta: where to locate them and how to beat them

Main Boss: Margit, the Fallen Omen

This is the most difficult boss in the beta, and you should proceed with caution. Margit, the Fallen Omen awaits you at the castle’s entryway, and you’ll have to work up a sweat to finish it.

During the opening phase of fight, he will harass you with very strong strikes with his staff. You may either block or avoid them. If you choose the second option, you may have to strike him more than once. When you have the chance to offer them, we suggest that you use caution and deliver no more than two strokes.

He can stab you with a golden dagger that he can also toss if you come too near. Preparing a charged strike for when you perform a leap attack, which has less range than you may imagine, is a useful strategy.

When you’ve taken half his life, he’ll go on a stroll with a sledgehammer that creates lethal shock waves and become much more hostile. If you find yourself outmatched, feel free to deploy summons or play multiplayer.

Agheel, the Flying Dragon — Secondary Boss

This dragon will astound you in the same-named marsh. When you summon your ride, combat becomes considerably simpler since you can better avoid its terrible searing breath.

You should be able to avoid Torrentera’s wings and bites if you ride on its back. It constantly attacks its legs, and when it falls, it dismounts and delivers a devastating blow to the skull.

Secondary Boss: Guardian of the Tombs

This boss may be found in Stormyfoot’s catacombs. This kind of gladiator is quite aggressive, but after you learn to manage his strikes, you’ll be able to hit with some consistency.

You must be cautious with his rage, since it will increase his strength at some time. The fight’s key feature is that it takes place in an extremely dark environment, and you may not be able to see the hits coming.

Secondary Boss: Burial Tree Guard Dog

This weird boss may be found in the Dark Water tombs. This monster, a half-sphinx, half-cat of good fortune, is one of the easiest in the beta.

They are robotic and their motions are not difficult to anticipate. Dodge and punch him till he’s knocked out. You must, of course, be cautious of its round fire breath.

Darriwil, the Hound Knight – Secondary Boss

This beast may be found near the top of the plateau in the Desolate Hound’s Eternal Prison (you can access this from the north of the map with Torrentera).

Its design is terrifying, and despite its speed, we always advocate dodging and dodging, launching a single assault, and bracing yourself for a barrage of swift punches. It doesn’t have much health, so if you’re well-prepared, the fight will be over in a matter of minutes.

Minor Boss: Stone Digger Troll

This behemoth awaits you at the end of the Necrolimbus tunnels. Its attacks are fairly similar to those of the giants you’ve almost certainly previously fought, so it’s not a difficult fight if you know what to do.

Get beneath him and avoid when he tries to tread on you. It simply entails avoiding being crushed by his baton, since you will not stay long if you are caught inside his strike radius.

Secondary Boss: Pumpkin Head

This pumpkin-headed boss may be located in the Ruined Basement, in one of the village’s demolished homes. This boss should be a formality if you’re well-equipped.

Despite his slowness, be wary of his head butting, as it may catch you off surprise and put you off balance. Despite its bulk, it is quick.

Minibosses – Wild Knight and Demi-Human Bosses

Just beyond the instructional area is where you’ll find the wild knight. We know you’ll attack him as soon as you see him, but unless you’re a seasoned player, you won’t get much of it at first.

Due to your disadvantage, wait until you reach Torrentera and combat him on horseback to level the playing field. It will be lot simpler for you to beat him if you use this strategy.

The Dragon’s Gorge Cave contains the two demihuman bosses. It’s an unfair combat since there are just two of them, and they have small minions at their disposal. Our recommendation is that you complete with the little children and then concentrate on one of the two options.

NPC Invasion – Bloody Finger

You will be invaded by an NPC after crossing via the marsh bridge (below), despite the fact that he is not a boss. Do not be alarmed; if you talked with the hunter Yura after fighting the dragon, he will emerge to assist you in battle.

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