But just because Biomutant doesn’t ask you to carry the weight of the world, doesn’t mean it isn’t asking a lot of you. Like most open-world RPGs, it’s a little rough around the edges, which makes sense given that it’s only in early access right now. It also tends to ask you to do too many fetch quests at times, which makes it feel like you’re doing busy work. But aside from those minor quibbles, it’s a breath of fresh air, an action-RPG with just the right amount of focus on combat, exploration, and customization.

Biomutant is an action RPG that takes place in a world as colorful and vibrant as it is dangerous. It puts you in the role of a mutant hero who can learn new abilities by means of a unique skill tree. The game’s combat style is focused on melee combat and the use of firearms. Biomutant is scheduled to be released in 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Biomutant is an upcoming action RPG set in an original post-apocalyptic world. The setting is a dark fantasy world set in the aftermath of a meteorite striking the planet.

The biomutant had a long way to go to finally reach us. The game, developed by a team of just 20 people, was introduced to the public in 2017 and has since been featured on several video game shows. It has attracted attention because of its unusual idea and the caliber of the developers responsible for the Just Cause series. Although this is the first game from Swedish studio Experiment 101, many gamers had high hopes for this release due to the involvement of former Avalanche Studios employees and the company’s ambition. Biomutant offers an open-world journey with many narrative ramifications, as well as deeply integrated role-playing and action systems, but its grand ambitions were not fulfilled. Want to know more about what went wrong? Then check out the full report below!

A world of wasted potential

Biomutants are anthropomorphic animals that, through a series of mutations, can not only talk to each other, but can also carry firearms, learn martial arts, organize small businesses, and create large machines and cities. At first glance, the post-apocalyptic world seems engaging enough, and the plot with an environmental message is a good hook. Here, despite all the dangers that still exist on a planet full of radioactive areas, the tree of life continues to bless the living beings on it. However, her roots are threatened and the best way to overcome the difficulties and protect her must be chosen. The problem is that different tribes around the world have different views on how to handle this issue, which creates even more resistance. Besides the fact that the world of Biomutant is open, the player is not only free to choose the order of the missions, but also the way to solve the problems, because during the missions there is an active morality system. Building an open world that can be accessed in the order that the player wants is inherently difficult, and in many ways the developer has failed to succeed in this bold undertaking. The biggest problem with biomutant scenarios is that they are very empty. However you plan to navigate, many biomes just don’t offer enough sights along the way to reward exploration. What is even more striking on such a large map is the poor use of capacity and the fact that the areas are poorly connected. Running across open plains is tedious, and trying to climb rock formations becomes a nightmare due to the inaccurate controls.

Other level

In addition to a much more complex world than the studio could accommodate, Biomutant also struggles with its varied RPG mechanics. At first glance, everything is perfect here too: You create your own rodent protagonist, choose from several basic looks, select from ear size to coat color, review basic body features ideas. You can choose whether your hero is more suited to melee or distance combat, with more brute force or more focused on elemental attacks. The elements include glasses that increase adaptability and resistance to certain problems such as fire, ice and radiation. For fans of the genre, this sounds like a treat, especially since you can keep completing these quests throughout the campaign. But what does it matter when all the skills are so tedious to use? Most biomutant enemies are walking bullet sponges, and no matter what attack you use, your attacks never seem to have any effect. The battles aren’t very civilized, and even if you activate the aim lock, you’re mostly just hoping your attacks go in the right direction and have the desired effect. As you complete objectives and level up, you can spend more points to upgrade Charisma, Vitality, Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck, but I felt just as powerful in the first hour as I did in the twentieth, no matter how many upgrades I applied or how much gear I got. Ultimately, the battles are so boring that it doesn’t matter how well prepared your character is, and the loot collection is almost pointless.

Loss of control

word-image-9812 The moral system of the game is even more important. As we said earlier, everything you say and do counts, and this is reflected in the inner karma system. Do good deeds and you will be able to use more light-related skills. Be more rebellious and rebellious, and the forces of darkness will become your allies. You don’t have to concentrate on one side, and you can add points on both sides at the same time, but in doing so you don’t concentrate on the system. What works a little better is when your actions have direct consequences. For example, one of Biomutant’s main missions is to lead a major tribal war. You must immediately decide which of them you will ally with, but you can switch sides if you disagree with their methods. If you have captured your opponent’s leader, you can still choose to arrest him or offer him an alliance to increase your power. It was a pleasant surprise when, after dominating two strains, the offer to surrender came from all the other biomutant strains at the same time, reducing the task considerably. Seeing the glass as half full was a good thing, as the system worked well and rewarded my choices with clear and useful rewards. But looking at the glass as half-empty, most of my enjoyment was due to no longer having to deal with the tedious and repetitive invasions of powerful enemies. Each base usually consists of a confrontation with small hordes of enemies, a stronger minion, or sometimes a side trip to collect an item from another location on the map. None of these challenges are enough to make the forts worthwhile, and it says a lot about how boring exploring the game’s map is, because the forts should be one of the main attractions due to the way the open world, which is full of empty spaces, is structured.

Lack of courtesy throughout the region

word-image-9813 It’s hard to get too heavy on these aspects of the game because, as mentioned, the development team was pretty small. But since the manufacturer has decided to charge a premium for this launch, you should have an idea of what to expect here. Biomutant falls far short of the high technical quality standards used in mainstream games, and fails in even its most basic ambitions. The dialogue between the characters, for example, is a real pain in the ass. Whenever you meet someone to talk to – and this happens often and usually takes a long time – the animals babble in their unintelligible language for a second or two before the narrator begins to translate what is being said. The first two or three times it’s cute, but soon it emerges as a martyr due to the agitated repetition. It’s all the sadder because the same narrator was responsible for recording dozens of hours of dialogue. Other annoyances mar the game experience, such as textures that don’t translate well and the terrible blur effect often used in background scenarios to draw attention to objects in front of the screen. There is almost no background music in the game, except for one or more more minimalist songs, which – surprise! -… also becomes repetitive after a few hours of play. To make matters worse, Biomutant is full of bugs in the encounter system, which is especially noticeable in the rare boss fights. Your movements and theirs happen with hitboxes that aren’t calibrated at all, and the problems are compounded when the game tries to apply its good ideas to such an inaccurate system. One of the bosses has weak points behind each of his legs, and you have to aim and shoot at them while riding another animal that dodges your shots, in a long and inaccurate shootout. Another, more creative boss even gobbles up the main character during combat, and the game changes the environment to create a small stage in the big boss’s stomach so you have to climb into his body to escape, all with terrible controls and camera. What about puzzles? Biomutant often offers small missions to interact with the storyline to unlock new paths, complete side missions, or earn points for upgrades. They consist of controlling the lighting system by turning the three knobs left or right to connect the circuits, or by turning the lights on and off in pairs until they are all the same color. Even the Turma da Monica holiday almanac challenges offer a more exciting challenge than this! By doing so, the biomutant constantly irritates the player’s senses. The visuals hurt the eyes, the music (or lack thereof) torments the ears, and the imprecise controls make you question your senses – in the end, all good gameplay ideas are buried by an extremely problematic product. And there is no enhancement patch that could fix so many obvious annoyances and design flaws.


It’s sad to see how disappointing Biomutant has turned out, as it’s clear that a small development team put a lot of good ideas and passion into this project. Yet there is no love that can mitigate the pervasive lack of civility in all systems of the game. Instead of trying to be a massive open world with deep RPG and action systems, perhaps Biomutant should have aimed a little lower and focused on ambitions more in line with the team’s budget and structure. As it stands, this is one of the worst releases of the year. Biomutant tries everything, but stumbles every time. A sad example of wasted potential. Anyway, would you like to receive more articles like this? If so, follow us on Google News. Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Biomutant is an action role-playing game played from a third-person perspective. The player controls a furry creature known as the biomutant. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, open world environment that can be freely explored. Biomutant’s world is filled with mutated animals, plants, and fungi, all of which can be neutralized or harvested for resources. ~**~. Read more about biomutant age rating and let us know what you think.

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