Some people just wake up one day and decide they want to be a rapper. Some are just messing around and decide to make a rap song to see how it sounds. Others have been rapping and decided they want to become famous. Other people have been doing this for a while and decided that they want to go pro and make music for a living. If you are like any of these people, you might be interested in becoming a rapper.

I’ve been thinking about making a hip hop game in the past, but I hate the idea of doing it alone. I know how difficult it would be to learn all the ins and outs of making a rap song, when I don’t even know how to make a game. Well, I have finally decided to take the plunge and create my own game, titled BitLife. It’s a rap game where you try to become successful in the music industry, while making it a living through fame and fortune.

BitLife – How To Become A Rapper 2021 – Once you become a rapper, you can always use your rap skills to make money. You can also sell your music online, and tour around the world for a month. You can also be a celebrity and get your own TV show. Your money will be able to buy you all kinds of things, such as cars, houses, and even people. You can also buy a computer that can go online. And best of all, you can buy a car that will be able to drive itself.. Read more about how to become a rapper in bitlife new update and let us know what you think.

Many people are curious whether it is possible to become a rapper in BitLife. Yes, and it’s not as difficult as you would imagine. It’s a fantastic job option, but you’ll need a little luck and some natural musical ability, just like in real life. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be well on your way to making your fantasy of being a rapper a (virtual) reality in BitLife.

If you have God Mode, you may speed up the process by choosing Music as a Special Talent while establishing your new existence. Whether you want to learn how to verify if you have it without God Mode, check out our tutorial.

In BitLife, how do you become a rapper?

15 minutes are required.

You must have great musical skill from a young age to become a rapper in BitLife. Begin by learning to play instruments when you’re six years old, and then add voice classes to your annual practice schedule. You may apply to a record company and sign a contract to become a rapper after you’ve perfected your instrument and voice.

  1. Begin a fresh life and grow up to the age of six.

    Start a new life as any gender in any place, since none of those specifics matter. Your numbers shouldn’t matter much, but having good looks and intelligence won’t harm your chances of becoming a rapper.

  2. Start taking lessons in whatever instrument you choose.

    When you hit six years old, the Mind & Body tab becomes accessible. At this point, you can begin taking instruments lessons! Go into Activities, Mind & Body, and Instrument to get started. We recommend picking any two. You can practice an instrument up to three times a year to increase your skill. Any lessons beyond three in the same year will not increase your skill any further. Remember to do three lessons every year, to get the maximum amount of musical talent.

  3. As soon as possible, enroll in voice training.

    Voice lessons will become an option under the Mind & Body tab at somewhere between age eight and twelve. It’s important to take voice lessons three times every year, as you do with instruments. Some BitLife players say it also helps to join the school band.

  4. Choose a musician’s profession.

    It’s time to become a rapper when your vocal and instrumental abilities are at their peak. Go to Special Careers under the Occupation heading. Select Solo Artist from the Musician drop-down menu. Under Career Type, choose Singer, and then select a record label, such as “Ensemble Beats.” You may sign a contract to be a musician if you get an audition. You may close BitLife, restart it, and try again if you are denied. 

  5. Sign a deal with a rap group.

    The record company to whom you apply may give you a contract in any genre of music, including Blues, Country, Rap, and many more. You’ll want to search for a Rap contract if you want to become a rapper. You may restart BitLife and go through the steps again until you get a rap deal. After you’ve signed the contract, choose your stage name. Congratulations for being a BitLife rapper! Make a new album, put on a live performance, record a single, and more choices will be accessible under the Job tab.

BitLife is the world’s first media company. It has over half a trillion videos archived in its library, and two billion monthly viewers. It has invented a new genre of media, called “BitLife”, and crowned its world’s first rapper, “Smyly B. Dotz”, the “King of BitLife”.. Read more about how to become a famous rapper in bitlife and let us know what you think.

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