Blade-X is a new line of gaming cases from Darkflash, the company that brought us the popular Blade-X and Blade-XPro lines of gaming cases. Blade-X is the company’s first foray into the world of open frame cases. What makes Blade-X unique is that it doesn’t actually have any frames at all, but rather has an open-frame design built around a set of plastic or aluminum trays that hold your components.

DarkFlash, a premium open frame case manufacturer, announced a new line of luxury cases that feature a classy, yet modern design. The cases are meant to complement the modern gamer’s lifestyle, are made of top quality materials, and are crafted for easy access and maximum functionality.

Anyone who owns a mid-range or high-end gaming laptop knows the struggle of fitting the massive laptop in your bag. This is one of the reasons that limited-space gamers have always looked to gaming cases as a way to cut down on their bag space. After all, who wants to lug around all those wires and cables?

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For PC gamers looking for something a little different, DarkFlash has introduced the Blade-X, an open gaming case. Its design, which includes a “non-directional framework,” offers builders more choices. In the system tray, it can fit up to 420 mm AIOs, a reservoir tank, two 2.5-inch drives, and extra drive bays. ARGB strips are included in the tray, which is compatible with ATX, M-ATX, and ITX motherboards. It’s now on sale for $349, but it’s sold out.

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Blade-X uses a non-directional framework to create an artwork that can be seen from any angle.


Blade-X is known for its open frame design and for being outside of the mainstream. Even without modification, a simple yet distinctive construction may express the RGB lighting system and cooling system in a flawless and stunning manner.


Consumers are often concerned about cable management when choosing a chassis, however Blade-X offers adequate room to handle wires and is the ideal option for end customers looking for simplicity.

SOLID STRUCTURE is a term that is used to describe a structure that is

Blade-X has solid hardware, including a 1.5mm SECC and a 4mm aluminum alloy bracket. Due to the high-strength aluminum alloy handle of 27mm solid aluminum alloy cutting, Blade-X can withstand a 20kg load.


The chassis supports the 420mm water cooling system. Instead of worrying about restricted room to perform modification, gamers may install A.I.O. cooling or a water tank with amazing ingenuity.

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As a kid of the 1970s, I was one of many who were captivated by the 1980s video arcade invasion. I bought my first computer from a buddy after saving money from several odd jobs… Peter Brosdahl’s work may be found here.

The Blade X is a highly versatile and innovative design that will allow you to construct a custom case around your currently-owned motherboard. The Blade X is designed with a removable motherboard tray to make it incredibly simple to switch out your motherboard. The front-facing I/O ports are integrated into the main frame, so there’s no need for any ugly plastic bezels.. Read more about aigo s1 and let us know what you think.

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