Some time ago, I wrote a post detailing my experience playing the game Civilization 5. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what I would say to my fellow Civ players if I was to share my thoughts publicly, and I came to a conclusion. I’m going to share it here first, and then I’ll post a more detailed explanation of my thoughts later.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that cash compensation for completing a game is the only way to fit in with a community (or a “collective” as some would call it). It’s not uncommon to see a big debate on a forum or on reddit between two players (or groups) over whether or not it’s better to stick with a community or quit and try going it alone. I’m not saying the choice to quit or stay in a community is wrong, but I also can’t see myself quitting a community anytime soon. I’ve been a part of a community for six years now and it’s taught me more about this hobby than I ever learned on my own.

My name is XxXxXxX and I have been gaming for about 19 years now. I have been playing games since I was about six or seven, but I really got into playing competitively in my late teens. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to play Counter-Strike, CS:GO, Minecraft, and most recently, Starcraft. This is not a long story.

Most of you should be up to date on the recent huge departure of Community Contributors from the software, or at the very least be aware of it. You don’t need my clumsy half-assed synopsis, and if you do, go over to

Instead, see ( people up to date on the cc walkout/) by /u/Thunder gp.

With that out of the way, allow me to state that I completely accept the reasons why my fellow creators have decided to leave the program. They are genuine, and I am not endorsing WG’s conduct in regard to the Yukon incident, the Missouri nerf, their lootbox business methods, or the plethora of other “mishaps” in relation to CCs and the community over the years (deliberate or not).

But why are you still a CC if that’s the case?

Simple. It’s a deliberate business choice for me and many others. I don’t have enough money to purchase all of the premiums and goods that are released each month. As a CC, I get them for free in return for creating game-related material. This is very liberal in terms of commercial relationships. Look into the kinds of agreements that airline travel or automobile review channels must go through in order to get their review goods. We are not given a script like WoWS CCs, and we are not even required to shout WG’s praises (as will be evident from this post). All we have to do now is create content, which we were planning on doing anyhow.

Now that I’m a new CC (3 months into the program), I realize that being a CC meant a lot more in the past, based on what I’ve learned from my older colleagues. Whatever the situation may have been back then, let me dispel some rumors: WG doesn’t give a rat’s Tootsie about our comments and views right now, either. We CCs get a lot of flak for WG’s antics, and a lot of it is because people believe we have the power to call WG out on their nonsense and make changes. We don’t have any. Many have attempted in the past, and the current exodus from the program is just the Old Guard recognizing that a key component of the program is no longer functional.

If you believe that makes me a WG shill, I’m sorry, but I’m out of words. Regardless matter what I or anybody else says, some people will believe this. But, for the time being, I’d want you to think about your stance and attitude toward the artists who have decided to stay. While I applaud the artists who have stepped down after years of dedication to the community, I don’t believe it is fair to the rest of us to face retaliation.

You’re a shill because you’re more concerned with the development of your channel than with the community.

You want to know why I haven’t quit the program yet? It’s because I’m well aware that quitting will have no effect on WG. Even if every current CC in the program quits right now, the senior executives aren’t going to fundamentally alter their views about things like loot boxes and game direction. The only thing that matters to them is their profit margins and the number of concurrent players. So, if you really want to send a message to WG, stop purchasing premium items. Stop telling your relatives and friends about the game. Remove the game from your computer.

The departure of CCs from the program has sparked a significant debate among the community. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking they’ve all gone because they’re attempting to maintain some moral ideals and bring about change on WG by leaving. A lot of it has to do with brand association, and WG has done a terrible job of honoring the artists’ brand reputations since they joined the program. People no longer believe it is a wise economic choice for them, and it is just convenient when it is also the moral high ground.

I’ve made my point. People must eat at the end of the day. If you have any questions, I’ll attempt to answer them without violating any NDAs in the comments area below.

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I’m not going to blow my own trumpet too much, but I’m actually a CC, and I wanted to talk about how I’m sticking around while others leave.. Read more about classical conversations lawsuit and let us know what you think.

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