Today, NVIDIA and Intel will be announcing the details of their respective new technologies for achieving real-time ray tracing. This is a big deal for the graphics industry and the implications could be huge.

This week, AMD is expected to reveal details of its upcoming game-changing, next-generation graphics architecture known as AMD Radeon FreeSync 2, and rival NVIDIA is expected to share details about its upcoming graphics architecture known as Pascal. This will be a big week for the graphics industry.

Google’s Ultra-Deep Field camera software gives this camera the ability to map out 3D environments at a resolution of 32 million pixels—or 32 million times more pixels than the typical high-definition camera. This camera is essentially a deep learning supercomputer, a secret sauce that will allow users to get a never-before-seen level of detail in 3D, allowing for new and exciting gaming experiences.

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Intel Arc, the company’s latest high-performance graphics brand, was unveiled today. The brand will launch with the first generation of graphics products based on the Xe HPG microarchitecture, including hardware, software, and services. These items will be released in the first quarter of 2022 under the code name Alchemist.

Alchemist GPUs will have hardware-based ray tracing and complete support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, according to Intel’s press statement and accompanying video, but that’s not all. Alchemist goods will also benefit from a new, artificial intelligence-driven super sampling technique, comparable to NVIDIA and AMD’s DLSS and FidelityFX Super Resolution technologies, which enables for higher-quality graphics at reduced hardware costs.

It’s unknown how Intel’s approach compares to NVIDIA and AMD’s choices at this time, but Anton Kaplanyan, Intel’s VP of Graphics Research, has stated that formal information on Intel’s new super-sampling method would be published later this week. On Twitter, Kaplanyan hinted that it would be a major event, saying that the high-quality neural supersampling technique deserves its own announcement.

Intel is expected to announce the official name of its upscaling technology shortly. According to rumors from earlier this year, it’s known internally as XeSS.

Intel Arc GPUs will support full DX12U, including mesh shading and high-performance ray tracing, in case you were wondering. In addition, high-quality neural supersampling merits its own announcement.

August 16, 2021 — Anton Kaplanyan (@Kaplanyan)

This is a new picture supersampling technique we developed to provide high-quality graphics at a reduced cost.

August 16, 2021 — Anton Kaplanyan (@Kaplanyan)

More details will be released later this week.

August 16, 2021 — Anton Kaplanyan (@Kaplanyan)


The Xe HPG microarchitecture, which combines Intel’s Xe LP, HP, and HPC microarchitectures, will provide scalability and compute efficiency with sophisticated graphics capabilities in next Intel Arc graphics devices. Alchemist, the first generation of Intel Arc products, will support DirectX 12 Ultimate and include hardware-based ray tracing and artificial intelligence-driven super sampling.

Anton Kaplanyan is the author of this article.

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Does Intel work better with Nvidia than AMD?

While AMD and Nvidia are competitors in the GPU market, Intel is a different game entirely. Instead of competing with AMD, Intel has a partnership with AMD to work together and to produce better and faster processors. Q: What are the best games of 2019? The best new games of

Why is AMD struggling against Nvidia?

AMD is having trouble competing with Nvidia because they are using old architectures that are a decade old. Nvidia is using newer architectures to yield better performance than AMDs older architectures. AMD is also having trouble competing with Nvidia because they arent willing to pay for the best chips. Nvidia is willing to

How do I switch from Intel HD graphics to dedicated AMD or Nvidia graphics card?

The way to do this is to open the Device Manager and then open the Display Adapters section in the Device Manager. Another way to do this is to open the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel and then follow the steps there to change the graphics card. Q: What is the best computer to run

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