Monday, January 30, 2023

Last Epoch Rogue Leveling Guide: Flurry Bladedancer


The Last Epoch is a Rogue-like dungeon crawler that takes place in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. In this game, players will explore a dark and dangerous world while leveling up their character and collecting loot.

The last epoch rogue build is a guide to the last-epoch rogue build. The guide includes stats, gear, and more.

last epoch rogue

In Last Epoch, leveling may take a long time, but it doesn’t have to if you utilize the right build. We’ll give you a great setup to get you started as a Bladedancer Rogue in this leveling guide. The build focuses on dual-wielding swords with quick attack speeds and a Melee Flurry channeling variant. It provides all of the DPS you need, as well as some AoE damage.

The key interactions for this build are having a quick attack speed that grants both life and mana on impact, allowing you to always have full life and mana while hitting opponents. You’ll also utilize Force Wave within the Flurry tree to give your melee skill some mid-range game.

There will be no need to farm any particular unique goods or configure any autocast options. Begin by unlocking Flurry and specializing it by level 4, after which you’ll be able to plow through opponents with it. The Bladedancer leveling guide for the Last Epoch Rogue will bring you to the endgame fast and effortlessly.

Flurry Bladedancer – Last Epoch Rogue Leveling Guide



  • Resistances and armor have been capped.
  • On a melee hit, health is restored.
  • Endurance 60 percent and critical strike avoidance
  • Health


  • Physical melee damage has been increased.
  • Physical damage and attack speed have been increased.
  • Critical multiplier and critical strike chance
  • Dexterity

Passives and Skill Leveling

LevelSkillsPassivesNotesBuilder’s Guide
4+1 for Flurry AlacritySwift Assassin +2Wear any gear you can get your hands on and focus on Void and Physical Resist. For damage, add melee damage. Your guardian is a flat HP hit on melee.Link
8Flurry: +1 Boundless Blows +2 Alacrity


Timing: +1 Puncture: +1 Puncture: +1 Puncture: +1

Swift Assassin +5Link
12+1 Blood Revelry Flurry


Puncture: +1 Timing +1 Puncture: +1 Puncture: +1 Puncture: +1 Penumbral Ambush Splinter

+1 Assassin Swift +1 Guile +2 Twin BladeLink
20+1 for Flurry Second Wind +1 Blood Revelry +1 Willpower is depleted.


+2 Cross Forward +1 Splinter +2 Shadow Puncture

Recuperation +2 shift Rapid Recoveries

+6 Guile +3 Steady HandAt this stage, physical/void/necoritc resistance is crucial.Link
25+1 Sap Willpower to Flurry


+2 Shatter Puncture

+1 Momentum +2 Quick Recovery Shift

Cloak of Shadows +5Link
35+2 Flurry Adrenaline Rush +1 Relentless


+2 Timing +1 Seized Prey Puncture

Momentum: +2 Shift Sleight of Hand +2 Sleight of Hand +3 Alacrity

+1 Shurikens +1 Blade Shield for Thin Shurikens

+3 Shadow Cloak +5 Pursuit +8 OnceLink
43+2 Deep Strikes in a Flurry


+2 Seized Prey Puncture

Sleight of Hand: +3 Shift

+3 Shurikens Ethereal Blades +4 Bladed Armor Arsenal’s abrasive style

+1 Pursuit +1 Pursuit +1 Pursuit +1 Pursuit +1 Pur Blood Dance +1 +5 Shroud of Dusk +1 for Flash of Steele Weapons of OppositionAt this stage, Physical/Void/Necoritc/Poison Resist is crucial.Link
50Precision: +1 Flurry


+1 Seized Prey Puncture

+1 Shadowslip Shift

+2 Abrasive Arsenal Shurikens

Shrouded in Darkness: +1 Smoke Bomb +5 Lingering Fumes +1 Rapid Concealment

+7 Weapons of Opposing Opposing Opposing Opposing OpposLink
55+1 for Flurry Crescendo


+1 Puncture Imprint of Death

+1 Shift Elusive

+1 Shurikens Arsenal’s abrasive style

+3 for Smoke Bomb +5 to Rapid Concealment Blades of Smoke

+5 Critical Eye +2 Steel FlashAim for a 75 percent success rate on all resistances, since they are all crucial. To achieve and maintain a critical strike avoidance rate of 100 percent.Link
65+1 for Flurry Precision +1 Shockwave +1 Death’s


+1 Puncture Shatter +1 Death’s Imprint

Elusive Shift: +2

+2 Floating Blades Shurikens

+5 Hidden Blows with Smoke Bomb

+5 Veil of Night +5 All InLink
75Incision: +1 Flurry


+1 Shatter Puncture

+1 Shift Elusive

+1 Floating Blades Shurikens

+1 Hidden Blows with Smoke Bomb

+5 Asuvon’s Pact +5 Flash of SteelLink


Uniques aren’t required for the construction, however here are some excellent ones to use:

  • Vipertail is a kind of viper (belt)
  • Bee Humming (1h sword)
  • Gloves for the Keeper (gloves)
  • Chances of Winning (gloves)
  • Flesh Woven (chest)
  • The Falcon is a bird that flies (armor)
  • Heart of a Titan (armor)


The lootfilter for the Last Epoch Rogue leveling build is as follows:

  • Uniques, Sets, and Exalted items will all be shown.
    • Unused basic types and objects not belonging to the Rogue class are hidden.
  • 1+ Tier 5+ Class Specific Affix For Any Class Teal/Blue
  • Early game items (1 affix Tier 1+) in light blue (Around level 25, uncheck these boxes.)
  • Green — Items from the middle of the game (uncheck around level 40)
  • Yellow — Endgame starter items (1 affix Tier 5+) (uncheck around level 60)
  • 3+ Affixes with 8+ Total Tiers – Orange – Mid-game
  • 3+ Affixed with 12+ Total Tiers – Red – Late game
  • Idols – Light Green

Check out the Last Epoch area of our website for more relevant builds, information, and instructions.