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It’s the first week of Season 15, and Season 15 has been a great one for Bungie. We’re seeing brand new exotic weapons like the Breech and the Jotunn, the return of some old favorites like the Mythoclast and the Vex, and a handful of truly amazing Exotic weapons that we’re all looking forward to finding out about in great detail. In this episode of the Season 15 Weapon Sandbox Changes Podcast, we talk to Bungie’s Lead Sandbox Designer Chris Proctor about these weapons and the changes made to them, as well as a few weapons that didn’t make it into the update.

Whether or not you care about Destiny, the entire game’s future is riding on your reaction to the new season’s weapon sandbox update. The update is Bungie’s most significant post-launch expansion since Destiny launched back in September 2014, and it’s a major overhaul that will radically change the way players build and use their weapons. Not only are there new types of weapons (yes, including some that are fusion rifles), but there are new weapon mods that let you apply abilities to them. There’s a new grenade launcher, a new fusion rifle, a new Vex mythoclast, and a new heavy weapon called the Bastion. It’s a ton of new stuff, but how does it all work? And why is it so important? We

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Season 15 Weapon Sandbox Changes Preview with Bungie’s Weapon Features – Massive Breakdowns Podcast Episode 225, Part 1 Chris Proctor, the team’s leader

Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from my Massive Breakdown posts, although they’ve been few and far between recently due to IRL obligations. However, the podcast has been going stronger than ever, and this week we were incredibly fortunate to have Bungie’s Weapon Features Lead, Chris Proctor, join us for a discussion of the upcoming Season 15 weapon sandbox changes, as well as a brief Q&A. I know not everyone is able or wants to listen to a nearly 3 hour long podcast (split into 2 parts so I could actually get some sleep last night), so I figured I would post the show notes for part 1 here. These will just be a TL;DL of the highlights type thing, not word-for-word transcripts, so if you would like more info or context you can ask or check out the show!


Terms and Definitions:

  • In-game “Hitscan” has been clarified: As a performance optimization, they usually set projectile speed to a very high number in weapon data, and the engine changes it to hitscan if it estimates that it will reach its maximum distance in a single frame (non-hitscan projectiles are a lot more expensive and can be unreliable over the network). There aren’t many projectiles that are both quick and not hitscan; they’re either slow (like Rockets or partly drawn Bows) or hitscan. The tracers will sometimes indicate the direction of movement in a manner that implies trip time. Sidearms are also proven to be hitscan.
  • Shotgun “Spread Angle”: The inner ring of a shotgun shot is a ratio of the outer ring; for example, if the outside ring diameter was 1, the inner ring diameter would be. 6. The inner ring diameter would be if the outer ring diameter was.5. 3. These are simply samples of how the values interact, not the real values.

Glitch in Quickdraw

  • For a variety of reasons, it had to be removed:
    • It’s not a game mechanic, it’s not stated in the game, and it’s not shown to players as a skill.
    • The handling stat, which is meant to be more important, is almost completely ignored.
    • If it remained in the game, Boss DPS would have to be adjusted to accommodate it, and it would then become a necessity for that content. Reckoning, for example, was designed around such OP skills and required Super regen exotics to accomplish it.

Launchers for Breech Grenades

  • The Blast Radius attribute modifies the damage distribution between Impact and Splash Damage.
    • At 0 Blast Radius, the Impact Damage is 100, and the Splash Damage is 100 in Season 15. (was previously 120)
    • At 100 Blast Radius, the Impact Damage is 40 and the Splash Damage is 160 in Season 15. (was previously 180)
  • Impact Damage is completely eliminated with Proximity Detonation.
  • In PvP, a direct strike will nearly always kill a 10 Resilience Guardian (clarified that they may not get all of the splash damage due to strangeness, although this is rare), and 10 Resilience is verified to have 200HP (70 health and 130 shields)

Fusion Rifles are rifles that have been fused together.

Archetype Charge Time Prior to Time to Recharge Damage from the past Damage has increased. 0 Resistant Old Bolts Bolts to Kill 0 Resistance 10 Resistant Old Bolts New Bolts Kill 10 Resident
High-Affect 0.86s 1.00s 48 62 four bolts (7 res survives) three bolts (1 res survives) 5 bolts 4 bolts
Precision 0.73s 0.73s 39 40 5 nuts and bolts (8 res survives) 5 bolts 6 bolts 5 bolts
Adaptive 0.67s 0.67s 38 38.6 5 nuts and bolts (6 res survives) 5 nuts and bolts (7 res survives) 6 bolts 6 bolts
Rapid-Fire 0.54s 0.46s 35 29.4 6 bolts 7 bolts 6 bolts 7 bolts
  • Aggressive Fusion, Coriolis Force has remained unchanged.

Effects of Benefits

Archetype Charges for the Backup Plan Damage to the backup plan Charge Rate for Acc Coils Damage to Acc Coils Charge Rate of Liquid Coils Damage from Liq Coils
High-Affect 0.70s 49.6 0.96s 60.76 1.04s 63.24
Precision 0.50s 32 0.70s 39.2 0.77s 40.8
Adaptive 0.47s 30.88 0.63s 37.83 0.70s 39.37
Rapid-Fire 0.33s 23.52 0.43s 28.81 0.50s 29.99


The Lion Warrior

  • Nerf may have been excessive, but with the new main ammunition market, they needed to be careful. If it turns out that it isn’t required, they may walk it back.

Mythoclast Vex

  • They think that in PvP, this rifle will be very powerful. With RoF tweaking, optimal TtK drops from 0.83s to 0.77s, but PvP damage remains constant.


  • Was previously capable of delivering 357 damage plus burn and killing supers with low damage resistance. Will now deal 323 plus burn, making it less effective against supers with low DR.


  • Since shotgun nerf PvP usage statistics were increasing, damage was reduced from 30 to 26.5 per pellet. Killing a Guardian now takes 8 pellets instead of 7, and killing a super now takes 15-16 pellets (depending on resilience) instead of 14. These may not seem to be significant modifications, but they require utilizing a second burst shot to kill a regular Guardian and a third burst shot to kill a Guardian with a 50% damage resistance super. The interval between shots is considerable, thus this adds a significant amount of time to the TtK.

Part 2 is on the way!

Everything from Sweet Business on, and we have a Q&A at the end too!

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  • Season 15 will be announced soon.

    Start of Season 15 [Source] The following dates mark the conclusion of Season 14: North America: 5:00 p.m. PDT on Sunday, September 16th. Europe: 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16th. CET Asia: 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16th. KST Season 15 will premiere on the following dates: North America: 5:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 21. Friday, September in Europe…

  • Season 15 already has 6 modifications that you probably forgot about.

    So I was looking through some of my earlier blogs from this year and noticed a few things about the “Season 15” chronology. The actual posts, as well as links to them, are included below. I may have forgotten a few details, but it’s exciting to see what S15 has in store. Light Subclasses have been updated. “Tuning Update for Light Subclasses: “Once…

  • Changes to Weapon Stats (Observed as of June 15)

    Hello again, You may remember me as the guy who made the post about some unlisted weapon balancing changes discovered after Wastelanders (Patch #18). Well, I’m back again with a few more “stealth changes” that I’ve since discovered that did not make the original list. With Patch #20 looming on the horizon, I wanted…

For the game Destiny 2, see “Massive Breakdown of the Season 15 Weapon Sandbox Changes Interview with Bungie’s Chris Proctor (Part 1) – New Breech Grenade Launcher, Fusion Rifle, Vex Mythoclast, Jotunn, and Bastion Numbers!”

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