Minecraft dungeons patch update details


Developer Mojang has released a new update for Minecraft Dungeons that includes the Flames of the Nether DLC. Among the many new features are improvements for the next generation Xbox Series X and S controllers.

Patch, released by Mojang, opens the door to a new DLC called Flames of the Void and six new missions set in the Minecraft universe, along with a variety of new artifacts, weapons, and armor. Some of the main new features with the update are improvements for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, while details on the PlayStation 5 have yet to be announced. With the new additions, Minecraft Dungeons supports 4K speeds of up to 120fps on the Xbox Series X, while it stops at 1440p and 60fps on the Xbox Series S.

In all cases, accuracy and frame rate will vary and become less during local co-op sessions with four players. To celebrate the record ten million users, Mojang also released a new fur coat and a free pet.

In recent days, Microsoft has unveiled a new FPS Boost feature for the Xbox Series X and S, which promises to improve frame rates for backwards compatible games.


Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes – 24. February 2021

Former hunters

Ancient hunters are procedurally generated endgame missions that sneak up on you. To gain access to the Elder Hunt, you will have to sacrifice some of your items. Combining items changes the rare Elder mobs you can encounter. Investing in amulets still increases your chances of meeting the old crowd. Defeat these monsters and you’ll get a brand new, gold-plated outfit, more powerful than anything you’ve ever encountered!

Golden transfer

The gold gear is part of the free upgrade as ultra rare items with an additional spell lock built in, making them some of the most powerful items in the game. To obtain these endgame items, you must take on the ancient hunters and venture into the dangerous deserts.

Gold coin and pig trader
Once you get your first gold coin from the old hunters, the pig trader will open a shop in the mysterious cave near the camp. Trade gold for items and maybe even rare gold-plated equipment!

Note: Gold must be earned in-game and cannot be purchased!

The new stimuli

  • The cycle of pain (Close combat)
  • Artifact Synergy (Melee)
  • Cold shooting (at a distance)
  • Shock bar(in the set)
  • Objects are loaded (within range)
  • Distinctive (Armor)
  • Blast the Beast (Armor)
  • Boss of the Beast (Armor)
  • Beastly strength (Armor)
  • Fire Focus (Armor)
  • Lightning Focus (Armor)
  • Focus on poison. (Armor)
  • Concentration of the soul (Armor)

10 million heroes

  • The Minecraft Dungeons community has reached ten million players! To celebrate the amazing players who support the game, we are offering a free cape and pet as part of this update.

Back to the checkpoint

  • Once you’re stuck in the world and can’t move, go to the menu and select Back to Checkpoint!

New developments

  • 10 new achievements/trophies to unlock during your adventures.

Xbox X|Superior Series

  • Minecraft Dungeons is now optimized for the Xbox X|Series consoles!
  • The Xbox Series X supports resolutions up to 4K and 120 frames per second.
  • The Xbox S series supports resolutions up to 1440p and 60 frames per second.
  • These resolutions and frame rates are variable and will be lower in local co-op with four players.

Flames of the Void DLC:

DLC features

  • Journey to the heart of the void in six new missions that let you explore the Minecraft universe in a whole new way. The upcoming adventure will bring new artifacts and equipment for those brave enough to brave the fierce wrath of the dangerous monsters of the Nether.
  • Two new skins for players and a baby pet Ghast.

New weapons

  • broken saw blade
  • Mechanized saw blade (single)
  • Boneclub
  • Bone sticker (one time only)
  • Rotating vine bend
  • Arch of the weeping vine (Unique)
  • Cog’s crossbow
  • The pride of the piglet (Unique)

New armor

  • Glazing bar
  • Armor of the living vines (unique)
  • Piglin Armor
  • Golden pig armor (unique)

new artifacts

  • Explosive mushroom
  • Powershaker
  • Blade
  • Wuthering Quiver

Changes in the balance :

Harbour Arch and Wet Cave

  • Locations to unlock these secret missions now always appear in pumpkin meadows and wetlands.

Apocalypse Plus

  • The previous twenty levels of Apocalypse Plus have been compressed into ten levels.
  • Characters who reached +20 before this update now have +10 unlocked. Their equipment remains unchanged.
  • Added 15 more Apocalypse Plus levels, bringing the total number of levels to 25.
  • Each level of Apocalypse Plus now increases equipment power and mob stats more than before.
  • The difficulty curve has been adjusted behind the scenes, so that Apocalypse Plus has a similar or slightly harder difficulty at the beginning, but is significantly easier towards the end.
  • Every third level of Apocalypse Plus now requires the completion of one or more boss missions. Unfortunately, this means you won’t reach the end if you play Arch Haven multiple times in a row!
  • There is no longer any way for the mafia to take a break while playing the high levels of Apocalypse Plus.
  • On the Apocalypse Plus difficulty levels, the frequency of level 2 and 3 monsters (such as armored zombies and Illagers) is significantly reduced. This makes the gameplay more varied and adds a change of pace and difficulty to the fight against the mafia.

The enchantment mafia

  • Electrification interval of every 5s -> 4s
  • Electrical error from 150 -> 90
  • This means that the electrification damage per second caused by crowds dropped from 30 to 22.5.


  • Every Apocalypse Plus threshold is now also a threshold for upgrades to items in the Forge.

Charming Slot Machines

  • Apocalypse bosses are now more likely to drop triple enchanted items.
  • Lost and Found is now guaranteed to have three charm slots, thanks in part to Apocalypse Plus.

Artifact cooling effects

  • The cold drop of armour has been reduced from 30% to 40%.
  • Improves the cooldown reduction of a magic location from ~30% to ~40%.
  • Reduction of subcooling from multiple sources of different types now has fewer benefits
    • Example: With Summoning robes and maximized 3x spell cooldown, cooldown is reduced from 87% to 77%.
  • Overall, this is a fan of most charge combos and a slight nerf for charge builds that use charge armor with two or more stacked cooldown enchantment slots. Hopefully this will free up a few spell slots that we can use for other things, and fix some of the fridge-stacking issues we had before.


  • 350 damage -> 175 Charge attack

Team leader

The wind chime


  • Health 100 -> 200
  • Damage 85 -> 100


  • Third attack in the range 225 -> 250
  • Third attack damage from 90 -> 140


  • Attack speed increased by ~30


  • Range increased from 330 -> 350


  • Damage increased from 11 -> 13 (and 60 -> 70 for the last attack).

The scythe of the soul

  • Damage 75 -> 80
  • Splash factor 0.75 -> 0.85

Hunting bow

  • Widening the tube by 50
  • Reduction of the damage factor for loaded shots from 2.5 -> 2.0


  • Damage increased by 33
  • Fixed an issue where charged attacks were not too strong, as described above.

Magic bow

  • Damage increased by 20%.
  • Increased the speed of the projectile by 20%.

Wind arches

  • The size of the quiver has increased by 20.


  • Fixed error that occurred when trying to delete a character using Create new character to delete any character (MCD-3468).
  • The threat slider now returns to the recommended threat level when a new mission is started (MCD-4640).
  • The underground explosion effect for Mountaineer and Captain Rampart has been fixed (MCD-5035).
  • The barrage of golems and pests not attacking a summoned mob has been fixed (MCD-5051).
  • Mission screen remained red after threat level was adjusted with Apocalypse Plus (MCD-4818).
  • German subtitles in the outro of Temple in the Desert (MCD-4001) restored.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a chest in Pumpkin Pastures in 4-player local co-op, as well as other swappable items.
  • Fixed collisions on multiple walls and objects in various missions.
  • The texture of the head of the Red Stone Monstrosity in the warehouse has been improved.
  • The download screen now displays the correctly selected threat level for Apocalypse Plus.
  • The mission card selection screen and the configuration screen can now be operated entirely with a PC keyboard.
  • Several improvements and fixes have been made to the text-to-speech function of the menus.
  • Local co-op players can no longer be accidentally added when a friend’s screen is opened after a player dies.
  • The screen with screaming spikes pointing to the base game in the Nintendo eShop has been fixed.
  • Mouse indicator no longer remains on memory screen elements after switching from mouse input to controller on PC
  • Fixed bug where a warning message appeared on the Nintendo Switch when the game was disconnected from standby mode and paired with the Pro Controller, the controller is not connected.
  • Effects and sounds no longer play twice on weapons with Shockwave when played as a client.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox players could not resume a session after the network connection was lost.
  • Improved notification when you sign in to a Microsoft account on Nintendo Switch while signing in to that account on another device. The message now clearly indicates that you have logged into this game on another device. To use this Microsoft account, sign out of the other device first.
  • Arctic Fox goats and pets now make the right sound when rested.
  • Windswept Peaks elevator doors now make noise when they open and close.
  • Improved spacing between text lines in multiple menu bars

Known problems :

  • In rare cases, several old samples may appear at once.
  • Completing multiplayer missions as a client who does not have an unlocked level may not count towards Apocalypse Plus unlocked progress.
  • On rare occasions, rolling off the map in certain areas of the twisted forest may result in a player having to rest at the beginning of the Elder Hunt.
  • The destination marker cannot lead players on a mission in Nether Fortress.
  • Ambient fire in non-land missions will not harm players or monsters.
  • The description of the golden magic of Cycle of Pain does not mention the mechanism of health costs.

1,7,3,0 – 17. December 2020.

The team has been hard at work on everything related to dungeons, and we’re releasing a patch to address some of the issues that have surfaced recently. Please keep playing and report any problems you find at bugs.mojang.com.


  • The Apocalypse Plus tooltip is now shown after each completed mission (MCD-4879).
    • This hint appears once every time you restart the game. A full solution to this problem will appear in a future update.
  • The reduction in cold trap is currently affecting elemental patterns and scatter mines (MCD-4892).
  • Fixed the situation where the mafia can’t respawn in night mode.
  • Invisibility disabled for enchanted males because it was too intense!
    • Invisible monsters can still appear in trials when modifiers activate them.

1,7,2,0 – 9. December 2020.

This update introduces the Screaming Peaks DLC and some new spells for all players. Avoid the mountain goats and climbers as you make your way to the top of the mountain to eventually face the massive Storm Golem. We are curious what you think of it!

While that’s not the case with this update, we know that players have shown a lot of interest in further updates around Apocalypse+. We are currently looking at changes that may offer a more interesting progression for future updates. As always, feedback is welcome on the Minecraft Dungeons feedback page.

Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to report any bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com. If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community, check out the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons.

Screaming points:

  • A strange force takes possession of dangerous mountain peaks, and a brave hero must climb to the top to defeat it.
  • The journey to the top features daring highs and lows, from dazzling new armor, weapons and artifacts to vicious new enemies in three new missions.
  • At the center of the storm is the Storm Golem, which must be stopped to calm the raging winds.
  • New achievements await you during your adventure.
  • Free for all players: Six fascinating new discoveries

Changes in the balance :

Regeneration Totem

  • Totem regeneration heals have doubled from 20 to 40 per second.

Lantern of the soul

  • Increased damage by 50%.
  • Increases attack speed by 40%.
  • Increases the cost of the soul by 20

Soft brewer

  • Extended duration from 20 to 120 seconds


  • Prospector now activates regardless of the source of the damage (this includes killing pets, artifacts, bows, etc).


  • Now charges regardless of the source of the damage (this includes killing pets, artifacts, arcs, etc).

The Avenger

  • Fixed new mockingbird behavior + blocking for vindicators.
  • The loading speed is slightly reduced
  • The number of melee cards has been reduced to 2 (was 3).
  • A secondary behavior that makes them aggressive when they are hurt, when they are in a circle of ridicule.
  • Now they block you if you run >15 blocks.

The Illusionist

  • Increased damage of explosive arrows from 200 -> 275
  • Damage increase with the arrow of illusion 20 -> 30
  • Reduced health 3200 -> 1800
  • Increased the maximum attack range for consecutive exits to 2
    • This forces the illusionist to shoot twice in a row from the same position, so you can dodge the first shot and take advantage of the small chance.
  • Cast iron cooling grid extended to 30 years
  • Increased blind effect up to 10 sec
  • Illusion life time increase 4s -> 7s
  • Reduce attack range on recharge 5s -> 2.2s
  • Reduction of the minimum escape route 350 -> 150
  • The lack effect causes a 25% chance of hitting, not a 50% chance.


  • What has changed is the complexity of the emerald scales. With the I-standard, there’s no difference, but. :
  • At the end of Apocalypse VII, you receive 33% fewer emeralds than before.
  • At the end of Revelation VII, you get 100% more emeralds from emerald loot sources such as monsters, urns, pigs, and chests.

Brief description of role invulnerability (armor)

  • Reduce the duration of invulnerability when casting from 1.1s to 0.3s.
  • VFX invulnerability added.
  • The current invulnerability per throw also always ends at the end of the throw, even if that throw was shorter than 0.3s.
  • Short roll invulnerability had an operational behavior that allowed you to remain invulnerable even after the roll ended.

Haunted cloak

  • Damage reduction from -80% to -50%.


  • A diversion that could occur when starting a frozen fjord has been fixed.
  • Fixed several errors that could occur when connecting to a Microsoft account.
  • Quiver of Fire now deals extra damage to long-range weapons (MCD-3677).
  • The Burning Mob Charm and Bowhunting effects left too many marks when used on whispers and layers.
  • Problems with the quick grip function solved
  • The reflection spell no longer activates Dynamo’s distance weapon spells (MCD-4392).
  • Aborting the recovery process of an equipped and activated object no longer results in its loss.
  • Key Golems are no longer automatic targets for ranged weapons.
  • Random speed spikes from frozen zombies eliminated, since they were assumed to be frozen.
  • Summoning the Soul Lantern pet no longer interrupts the player’s movement.
  • Fixed unexploded shotgun fuse (MCD-4466)
  • Fixed bug where the Xbox Access Help Center button did not open to the correct page.
  • Fixed several text-to-speech problems.
  • Text-to-speech is now available for trading interfaces.
  • Synchronization of subtitles for the Swedish localization has been improved.
  • Miniboss music is no longer played forever and ever (MCD-3963).
  • Fixed missing sound effect when opening the cell in Bamboo Bluffs
  • Missing sound effects for stone puzzle heads in Dingy Jungle fixed.
  • The music in the Creeper Woods rune room has been corrected.
  • The hosts can no longer hear the sounds of other players who are far away.
  • Reduces the sound of the arc of love spells. – 17. November 2020.

PlayStation Update 23. November:

  • We’ve released a patch for PlayStation that fixes the fact that only Player 1 characters are playable when playing in local co-op.

Cross-platform game :

  • Connect with your friends on consoles and PCs! Create a cross-platform alliance and fight together with the new free update for the cross-platform game Minecraft Dungeons, available now. This update enables cross-platform multiplayer for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®, Windows and Xbox.
  • Read this article about multiplayer and cross-platform games for a complete overview!
  • Please make sure your game is updated to version or higher before playing in multiplayer. Read the article How to Upgrade Minecraft Dungeons to make sure you are fully upgraded.


  • The threat level can now be adjusted in the daily tests.
  • The shockwave now bounces off the walls like a normal arrow.
  • The county is now calling for the mob to be attacked
  • Shock wave Damage 35 -> 30
  • Turbulence damage 45 -> 40
  • The additional unintended attack options in the Single Pick and Cut Glass variants have been removed (MCD-4459).
  • Attack time brick 0.45 -> 0.7
  • Brick damage 75 -> 130


  • The tooltip in the chat wheel now shows correct entries on all platforms.
  • The number of game sessions in the game’s friend list is now updated when a player leaves the session.
  • The reconnaissance and looting spells were either activated once per mission or not at all (MCD-4630).
  • The sound of the vanishing soul wizard is currently affected by the master volume (MCD-4688).
  • Correction of missing sounds of the death of the phantoms (MCD-4441)
  • Reduce the volume of the shooting sounds of the hairy skeleton (MCD-4330)
  • Fixed: Mafia respawns have the same sound effect as player respawns.
  • Reduce the volume of sounds when navigating the memory screens. – 11 November 2020


  • This update is only available for Xbox X|Series consoles and fixes several bugs and issues that occurred while playing on these devices. – 26. October 2020.

The new Minecraft Dungeons update this time brings an eerie fall event, new threat levels with Apocalypse Plus, and a host of changes and fixes. As always, report bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com. If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community, check out the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons.

Spooky Autumn Event:

  • From 26. October to the 3rd. In November, we’re diving into all the creepy, creepy things you don’t want to miss. Seasonal and timed events bring new challenges and with new challenges come new rewards!
  • The reward for surviving these supernatural challenges are ultra-exclusive equipment and weapons that are a must-have during this spooky season.
  • Don’t miss out on the spooky festivities before time runs out!

Apocalypse Plus:

  • Can you brave the meanest crowd without breaking a sweat? Then the new Apocalypse Plus feature is for you!
  • Apocalypse Plus features a more challenging mode than ever before, but that’s not all: it also includes twenty increasingly difficult levels.
  • This new feature doesn’t change the game you know and love, but it does add a whole new dimension of difficulty for those looking for an extra challenge. Try Apocalypse Plus for yourself, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Changes in the balance :

  • The difficulty of some daily events has been lowered and all events now have better rewards.
  • The damage to the baseplate has been reduced from 75 to 62.
  • The deviation was changed from 20/40/60% to 25/35/45%.
  • Mafia spells are much scarier now.

Forging change:

  • Just before you pick up the item after the upgrade, you will now see the possible power range.
  • When an item reaches a certain success level, you will have to play missions of a higher difficulty to improve that item.
  • If a blacksmith can improve an item, it always gains at least +1 power level after the improvement.

This is a known problem:

  • It is problematic to run out of stock without replacing the item with another. This will be fixed in a future update


  • The daily test version of Creepy Crypt has not been released although it meets the requirements (MCD-4391).
  • The daily counter for completed tests was not reset to zero at midnight (MCD-4497).
  • Fixed the inaccessibility of daily trials in sub-rooms for players who were unlocked but did not complete the task before the daily trials started. (Windows only) – 29. September 2020

New features :

  • Introduction of localization support for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (Xbox One only) – 14. September 2020

New features :

  • Mobile touch controls and support for cloud-based games through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which launches the 15th, have been introduced. September 2020 will take effect. Check out the announcement on the blog and the FAQ article for more details!


  • Fixed bug where the Start Mission button appeared too low during daily testing (MCD-4377).
    • This issue will be fixed in a future update on all platforms. – 8. September 2020

Winter is coming and spreading across all Minecraft Dungeons platforms! With the new free update featuring daily trials and new merchants, there’s plenty to do to defeat the Terrible Wraith. As always, the team has worked hard to balance the gameplay and fix many bugs.

This update has different version numbers depending on the platform you play on. But don’t worry! These are the same versions with the same features, changes and fixes as described below, as long as you are using version 1.4.X.X.

Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to report any bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com. If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community, check out the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons. Have fun in the dungeons!

Creeping Winter DLC:

  • The creeping winter slowly invades everything it touches, and the source of its icy power is a powerful creature known as the Creepy Wraith.
  • Complete three new missions and fight new enemies like the Illusionist and the Iceman.
  • As you search for the source of the corruption, you will discover new armor, weapons and artifacts under the snow and sleet.
  • Two new player skins and an Arctic Fox pet.

New features – Free for all players:

  • Daily Challenges – Every day, new challenges bring radical changes to the game mechanics, allowing you to overcome exciting, experimental or fun challenges with powerful rewards. Four new devices to win, exclusive to the daily trials! For more information, see the FAQ on daily testing.
  • New scholars to save during missions, such as B. A blacksmith to upgrade equipment, and gift boxes to give items to other players.
  • New weapons and armor exclusively for the daily trials, as well as two new artifacts and six new spells in the game. Go into battle with new tools like Beenest, Beenest Armor, and Tumblebee Enchantment!


  • Added a map legend with new rewards, secret locations and trapped merchants.
  • New achievements and trophies to unlock for Jungle Awakening and Creeping Winter.
  • After losing a life, players now get a bundle of arrows if they didn’t already have a full bundle.
  • The online gamemaster can now activate the personal game mode, so that friends cannot join if they are not invited.
  • Change of balance
    • Shortbow / Longbow : 50% more ammunition.
    • Cutlass: The attack combination has been reduced from 4 to 2 attacks
    • Pickax: Changing the attack combination of 1 attack
    • Daggers: Increases the attack range of the dagger by 25%.
  • The battle alarm is now sounding in the lower temple.
  • Light spring now activates all roll spells.

All platform corrections :

  • Disasters / Performance
    • Fixed several issues that occurred while playing on all platforms.
    • Jammed game after simultaneous activation of the flaming quiver, fireworks quiver and tormenting quiver on Nintendo Switch.
  • General Information
    • Dozens of improvements and fixes have been made to the text-to-speech feature in the game.
    • Players disconnecting from a session if the host had a low FPS when loading the screen.
  • Gameplay
    • A tainted cauldron can no longer be killed …..
    • Arrows and health potions no longer work for players who disconnected from the game while the screen was loading, and then reconnected.
    • Using soul-related items while wearing soul-related clothing no longer causes the player to rise in the air (MCD-1810).
    • Storage problems solved
    • Fall damage has been changed to a percentage of health, regardless of the armor worn.
  • Graph
    • Fixed a flickering door when descending from an overgrown temple.
    • Fixed a situation where the game became unstable at the end of the video sequence in online multiplayer mode.
  • Audio
    • The sound when closing the hall safe has been adjusted to better match the closing action.
    • Fixed a sound error when pressing the last puzzle key in Dingy Jungle.
    • Fixed accidental pausing of background music in lower temple.
    • Redstone Golem no longer produces sound when the master volume is at 0%.
    • Fixed the fact that the language of the cinematic voice-over does not change after the system’s preferred language is changed.
    • Sound effects in the menu were not played when Threat Level VII was selected.
  • User interface
    • Fixed an issue where the controller disconnection message does not disappear after the controller is reconnected (MCD-1584).
    • A door at the end of Dingy Jungle is labeled Journey instead of Exit.
    • Fixed a rare issue where an incorrect P0 indicator was displayed on the mission selection screen in local multiplayer, causing problems when entering data.
    • The brief appearance of a white background on the reward screen after opening a chest has been fixed.
    • Panda Board now shows the correct loading screen for hidden missions.
    • A rotating icon animation for signing in to your Microsoft account has been added to the screen.
    • The teleportation menu is closed when a key is pressed that is not linked to a specific player destination.

Xbox One repairs:

  • Improved stability of the title after disconnecting from Xbox Live
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the active profile disconnected during the mission victory countdown.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when exiting the active profile when the camp mission selection screen was displayed.
  • After resuming from a pause mode on the home screen, the header no longer incorrectly displays the message User logged out.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not accept invitations from friends after resuming the game after being suspended in offline mode while the game was in progress.
  • Fixed game crash when exiting the game with a secondary profile after initially disconnecting and reconnecting to the controller.

Nintendo Switch repairs:

  • Fixed bug that occurred when pressing the button Now available for Jungle Awakens with a guest controller.
  • Fixed missing messages when signing in to your Microsoft account.

PlayStation 4 Fix:

  • Players invited to an online session by someone other than the host did not receive an invitation. – 1. July 2020

Today we are releasing the Jungle Awakens DLC and update for all Minecraft Dungeons platforms. In addition to a host of new features, the team has been working hard on some gameplay changes and some major bug fixes.

Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to report any bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com. If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community, check out the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons. Have fun in the dungeons!

New features :

  • The awakening of the jungle
    • The first DLC pack, Jungle Awakens, is available for purchase digitally on Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation™ 4.
    • A spring of incredible power erupted among the winding vines of the distant and dangerous jungle. This mysterious force has spread its influence through the infamous vines, and now new horrors – like the Reaper and the Whisperer – are flourishing.
    • Navigate your way through three new missions that take you deep into the jungle where you’ll find new weapons, armor, and artifacts. This journey is reserved for the bravest of heroes, for all twists and turns lead to the source of misfortune: The horror of the jungle. This monster must be eliminated to balance the jungle, so strike, and quickly.
    • This pack is also available to players who have already purchased Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition or Hero Upgrade. For more information on Jungle Awakens, visit aka.ms/JungleAwakensFAQ.
  • Lower Temple
    • All players can unlock this new secret mission and discover new loot!
  • News
    • The latest news about Minecraft Dungeons is now displayed in the main menu.


  • Obsidian Wall
    • The minimum threat level has been lowered from V to IV to make it easier to hit the final boss (allowing more players to unlock the adventure mode).
  • Shower drain
    • Let each collected soul respect his soul, collect bonuses.
    • Shrink To Pop Music is a bit of a…
    • Risk reduced by a little
  • Explosive
    • Increase the blast radius by 50%.
  • Fire aspect
  • Toxic cloud
  • Thunderclap
  • Pets
    • Half-HP.
    • 50% reduction in damage
    • Increase attack damage by 10
  • Lama
    • Increased attack speed by 15%.
  • The Iron Golem
  • Wolf
    • Increased movement speed by 15%.
  • An aura that steals life
    • Flight life increase 3% -> 6%.
    • Coverage for damages for which a life sentence is based on the actual health condition of the target.
  • Radiation
    • Reduced the melee range of the beam to 750 (as in range).
    • Fixed problem where healing radiation was twice as much as it should be (effective reduction on Apocalypse -50%).
    • Increase the probability of triggering to 20% -> 50%.
  • Leeches
    • Increase of care 4/6/8% -> 5/7/9%.
  • Shockwaves
    • Damage increase 20 -> 35
    • 13% increase in the speed of basic projectiles
    • Correction of a missing notification
  • Snow
    • Reduced snowball stun duration: 3s -> 2s.
  • Health/speed synergy
    • Synergy is now activated on a lightning rod and a damaged beacon when activated.
  • The speed of the soul
    • Max. Battery reduced from 100 to 5
    • Increased speed bonus from 1% to 5%.
    • Increase the duration from 2,3,4 to 3,5,7 seconds.
    • removal of the soul multiplier for the speed bonus on collected souls (each visible soul == one stack)
  • The Animus Channel
    • Multiplier of the number of souls removed per soul collection.
    • Increase the effect from 1/2/3% to 2/4/6% for each visual soul collected.
    • Now it works with any kill source
  • Waiting showers
    • Reduction of soul collecting in all speeds 2->1
    • Soul Retrieval can now be collected on all equipment, regardless of kill type.
    • All thematic soul spells now give +1 soul collection (added in the UI).
    • All stifling thematic continuous stimuli now increase the subject’s natural mental apprehension.
    • Increases the maximum of the soul beam. Shower 50 -> 300
    • Added error message in the soul bar if you have too few showers.
  • A knife for the soul
  • The scythe of the soul
    • Increased range by approximately 20%.
    • 35% more damage
    • Burst multiplier increase 0.4 -> 0.75
  • The arc of the soul
    • Ammunition stack increase from 40 -> 50
  • Harvester
    • Cost increase 25 -> 40
    • Reinforced cooling 1s -> 4s
    • The maximum damage is also increased by 60% by the damage per soul.
    • Remote variable costs for a soul
  • A tainted lighthouse
    • Increase of value 1 -> 2
    • Cooling added 2.5s
    • Increasing the radius from 150 -> 200 unrealistic units
    • 100% more damage
    • Fixed a bug that caused a double damage bonus for armor (e.g. reduced damage bonus for soul garment compared to previous one).
    • Fixed a bug in soul cost that wasn’t working properly.
  • Lightning rod
    • Cost increase 10 -> 15
    • Additional cooling 2s
    • Increased radius from 300 -> 350
    • Increased damage 30 damage per head -> 60 damage per head
    • The maximum damage is also increased by 50% by the damage per soul.
    • Remote variable costs for a soul
  • Soul Healer
    • Value increase 20 -> 50
    • Increased cooling 1s -> 5s
    • Increased the Allied Healing Spark’s startup speed by 100% and its acceleration by 150%.
    • The healing of the soul 10 -> 4
    • Remote variable costs for a soul
  • A tube of flour
    • Increased cooling 1s -> 6s
    • Increased soul cost from 10 -> 30
  • Changes in collecting souls
    • Their unspiritual killings still give souls
    • All your domestic murders give souls
    • All allied players killed by a player in the 1200 range also gain souls.
    • A number that now appears in the HUD next to the shower ladder to change showers.
    • The soul armor bonus of the collection has been reduced from 100% -> 50%.


  • Disasters / Performance
    • Fixed some issues that could occur during play and improved stability on all platforms.
    • Fixed error that could occur when connecting to an online game.
    • The controller stops responding when you interact with a trader or stock box and are kicked out of the online session or logged.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when the host was fighting Heart of Ender and other players were waiting under the arena near the springboards.
    • Can correct a crash that occurs when no audio device is connected.
    • A crash that occurred when plugging and unplugging while loading the Nintendo Switch screen has been fixed.
    • Corrected an error that could occur on a computer when pressing the Enter key in the Add Friend screen.
    • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur after joining another player’s session after reconnecting to Xbox Live in sleep mode while playing with a player.
    • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when trying to skip the title screen after a forced disconnect during the loading screen.
  • General Information
    • Fixed some issues where Windows Store players got the error message Game owner could not be verified (MCD-1230)
    • Added a notification when a player leaves the game during an online multiplayer game.
    • Fixed bug where the game would crash offline when the second player was removed from the main menu.
    • If the game is started offline after the online game host is forcibly disconnected, the hybrid camp mission (MCD-165) will not start.
    • Players who are kicked out cannot participate in an unsolicited session if they are kicked out during the bonus screen.
    • Players will no longer be able to send invitations or join via the Xbox app.
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed camera issues that could occur when players jumped off a cliff at the same time.
    • Fix: Ewokers generate too much Vex.
    • Kill registered on some ledges of Obsidian Pinnacle, without a trap.
    • Resolved some camp sections that caused players to leave field boundaries (MCD-457).
    • Players get stuck in the squid pit.
    • Players can no longer fall off the ledge at the beginning of Runa’s secret room.
    • Players can no longer ride the platforms in Cacti Canyon until they reach the top.
    • Arrows are no longer an automatic target for dead mobs until their bodies disintegrate.
    • Red stone golems will no longer attack players when attacked from a distance.
    • Fixed a bug with duplicate items
    • The cores were not animated while fighting the Redstone monstrosities in online multiplayer.
    • When you shoot at the keyhole with the effect bow or heavy crossbow, the arrows no longer circle around it.
  • Audio
    • The sound of the witch’s potion bottle breaking….
    • The sound effects of the Redstone and Arch Illager samples that are not affected by the master volume setting are restored.
    • Fixed sound effects for some artifacts not playing when you meet large groups of people.
  • User interface
    • The Start Game button in the main menu will now default to the last selected mode.
    • Fixed missing characters in Korean localization on spell and brightness screens (MCD-1394).
    • The chest in the hall is now called the Chest.
    • The Fire spell now has a correct description, indicating that it does damage to nearby enemies.
    • Artifacts can no longer overflow to weapon and armor slots in the inventory screen.
    • The twitch, tremor and flaming fire no longer overlap with the arrows in the HUD.
    • Fixed overlap of main menu buttons in non-widescreen resolutions.
    • Fixed the problem with the animation of the fireworks arrow.
    • Energy and consumables levels are no longer displayed on the HUD in online multiplayer.
    • Mafia’s fixed health bars grow as you progress through the game.
    • The friend list is now correctly updated after a player kicks another player.
    • Automatic scrolling in the friends list when pressing buttons or hovering the join pointer has been fixed.
    • The host of an online multiplayer game is now always displayed at the top of the player list.

1,2,0,0 – 22. June 2020.

Today we are releasing the update for the Xbox One and Windows platforms. This update also includes fixes for all platforms released on the 17th with version June was presented.

Windows repairs :

  • Fixed corrupted save data after a crash that could occur when exiting the game.
  • The saved data is now stored in the %HOMEPATH%Saved GamesMojang StudiosDungeons folder. The saved files will be moved to this folder after downloading Dungeons of Minecraft with the latest update.
  • Corrected an error that could occur when using the text-to-speech function.
  • The UI button prompts always come back to the keyboard when playing with a gamepad.
  • The mouse pointer no longer hovers if no button is detected on the first click on the main menu.

Xbox One repairs:

  • Fixed crash that occurred when logging out of the active profile on Xbox One during the victory countdown.
  • Fixed bug that could occur in local co-op when player 2 tried to join using a guest account.
  • Fixed many bugs that could occur when resuming from standby.
  • Fixed performance issues when using the text-to-speech feature.
  • Gaming sessions terminated via the Xbox Control Panel will now disappear from the in-game session list after a period of time.
  • The game no longer freezes if you accept the invitation while the game is paused. – 17. June 2020

It’s time for a new patch for Minecraft Dungeons! In this version you will find many solutions to some of the main problems players encountered. Currently, the update is only available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, but don’t worry, Windows and Xbox One players will soon receive an update with even more fixes specific to those platforms.

Thanks for playing, and don’t forget to report any bugs you find at bugs.mojang.com. If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community, check out the Minecraft Dungeons Discord server at discord.gg/MinecraftDungeons. Have fun in the dungeons!

Repairs for all platforms:

  • Fixed some problems that could occur during the game.
  • Fixed error that could occur when starting a game session.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using fishing rods.
  • Fixed several crashes related to food intake
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when running away from enchanted monsters.
  • A crash that could occur when connecting to the game has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when the host switched to camp when players were almost done loading.
  • Fixed an issue with an infinite loading screen when switching between levels during online co-op loading.
  • The appearance of the hero’s cape (MCD-1813) has been modified.
  • Adding the version number to the settings screen
  • Spawn and sometimes die in the underground at the end of a mission solved (MCD-70).
  • Fixed slope in pumpkin meadows that could kill players when entering it (MCD-62)
  • It is no longer possible to leave the scary crypt without picking up a chest of drawers (MCD-1356).
  • The settings menu could no longer be accessed from the main menu.
  • Charm a surprise gift without dropping a single item.
  • Players got stuck in the railing of high halls when exiting the fountain in local co-op mode.
  • Enchanted monsters now have a chance to leave rewards behind when defeated.
  • If the left joystick of the gamepad is tilted, you can now use the A button to attack the crowd instead of picking up an object.
  • Fixed issues that occurred when player 3 joined a local co-op game session.
  • Fixed traders are not correctly displayed in the online cooperation
  • The food generated by the amulets and tables in the halls of Highblock now counts towards the Om Nom achievement.
  • Resolved a hint to kill a zombie that lingered too long.
  • Several text strings that don’t fit in the buttons have been fixed in different languages
  • The music on the stats and rewards screen did not play after completing the mission.
  • The missing sound effects for the arrows have been implemented.
  • Items from food stores and surprise gifts not appearing for all players in online co-op have been fixed.
  • The possibility of getting stuck in the air when the ghost cloak leaks has been eliminated.
  • Fixed Players are sometimes sent back to the main menu when starting or completing a mission.
  • Cage spawn audio does not play after destruction
  • Fixed sound effect when opening constantly rotating crates
  • Fixed a bug with low FPS of the host from the player stop to the camp/finish transition.
  • Fixed missing textures on the rewards screen in several cases.
  • The effects of beam magic are now visible to all players in online co-op.
  • Fixed incorrect activation of runes for clients in multiplayer sessions

Nintendo Switch repairs:

  • Fixed the fact that the game became unresponsive when flight mode was enabled while waiting for the code to communicate with a Microsoft account.
  • A bug with the Quick ID button on the single Joy-Con has been fixed, as well as a bug with the category change buttons after switching between single and dual Joy-Cons in inventory.
  • Fixed incorrect button notifications on the UI when using a Joy-Con in local co-op mode.
  • The game no longer freezes when the back button is pressed on the code screen when a Microsoft account is linked.

PlayStation 4 Fix:

  • Fixed green line at bottom of Mojang Studio home screen in 1080p.
  • Trophies are now disabled for local users without a PSN account in local co-op on PS4, except for Player 1. – 9. June 2020

The team has worked hard to improve the stability of the game. We have many more bug fixes in the works for all platforms, so keep reporting bugs at bugs.mojang.com!

Xbox One:

  • Increased stability
  • Fixed an issue where the Corrupted Cauldron wouldn’t appear in the Wet Swamp mission in online multiplayer.
  • Fixed unlimited loading screen if game prompt was accepted while online game was paused.
  • A crash that could occur when connecting to a local multiplayer game has been fixed.

Nintendo Switch:

  • Improved data collection for spelling error detection
  • The game now has the correct titles in all languages.

SOURCE: minecraft.net

frequently asked questions

What is the next update for Minecraft Dungeons?

The Minecraft Dungeons of the Void Flame DLC will be released on the 24th. February 2021 published. This new expansion pack will contain six new missions. The DLC also includes new artifacts, weapons and equipment.

Do Minecraft dungeons get free upgrades?

Dungeons of Minecraft is getting new content this month in the form of a free update and a new paid DLC called Flames of the Void. Both will be on the 24th. February will be available on all platforms, and the new DLC will be included in the game for free with the new Season Pass.

Minecraft dungeons have been hacked?

Is there a bug in Minecraft dungeons? Minecraft Dungeons was successfully hacked by Tempw00f 41 days after its release.