There’s a new patch today, so lets take a look at all the changes coming your way. We’ve got a new playable class, new weapons, new enemies, more boss fights, and even new items!

After a loooong wait, I’m finally able to post Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes] on the blog.  It’s been a crazy busy few weeks, what with the recently concluded [Mobile World Congress] and the upcoming [Mobile World Congress 2016] (both in Barcelona). Before I go into details about the patch, I’d like to thank everyone who showed support in my posts and comments for the past few months. You guys are awesome!

With the new patch, we can finally see a glimpse of what the final product will look like. The UI has changed a lot since the original build. Overall, the UI and overall design is a lot cleaner, better on mobile devices, now that the whole screen is usable without scrolling. The layout is not a complete copy of the desktop version, there are a lot of changes and improvements. Of course, there are a lot of bugs in the game, as there always are, and we can only wait until the release date to see if they are fixed.

LeagueofLegends4 - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes]

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This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post.

1427729410816299010 - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes]

Riot The impending changes for patch 11.17 were announced by Jag on Twitter.

11.17 The full preview is now available! There are a lot of spicy modifications.

Version on Imgur:

>>> Systems Nerf <<<

Sunderer of the Divine

Fang of the Serpent

Wit’s End

  • On-Hit Magic Damage: 15-80 (Linear Scaling Levels 1-18) >>> Non-linear Scaling (15 Levels 1-8, 25-80 Levels 9-18)

>>> Systems Buffs <<<

Footwork on the Move


Ghostblade by Youmuu

>>> Nerfs <<<





  • Heal: 12-20% AD >>> 8-16%

Kayn is a young woman who has a (Blue)


  • Bonus Magic Damage: 12-44% >>> 8-30%



  • Bonus Armor/MR: 20-45 >>> 15-40


1427380343766618112 - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes]

From August’s Riot

These are the Viego nerfs that are being tested for the upcoming patch.


    1. Drain his resets’ power, particularly if you’re behind or developing tanky.
    1. By targeting AA range and camo radius, you may limit his AA pattern’s flexibility.
    1. Shift him somewhat in the direction of crit builds.

Stats to start with

  • Auto Attack Range: 225 >>> 200


  • Healing on taking a body: 8% (+.025 BAD) (+.015 AP) (+2.5 AS) >>> 3% (+.03 BAD) (+.02 AP) (+5 AS)


  • Crit multiplier: .75 >>> 1


  • Camo Reveal Radius: 400 >>> 450


  • Slow duration: .5 >>> .25s





  • Cooldown: 120-60 >>> 120-80

>>> Buffs <<<



  • Damage against monsters: 150% >>> 200%



  • Cooldown: 140-80 >>> 120-80


Stats to start with


  • Mana cost: 60-80 >>> 55-75


Stats to start with


  • Mana cost: 70-130 >>> 70-110


Stats to start with


  • Soul Rate drop on minion kill: 4.166% >>> 8.33%



  • Damage on Hit: 11-55 >>> 14-58



  • Cast time: 0.25 >>> 0.25-0.1 Scaling with Attack Speed


  • Damage: 125-375 >>> 200-400

>>> Champion Adjustments <<<


Look at the thread.


Look at the thread.

  • mptdMrW - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes]


Look at the thread.

  • IkmJoGJ - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes] 16 Patch-1117-Preview-Full-Changes.png


Look at the thread.

  • FWSJpDG - Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes] 229 Patch-1117-Preview-Full-Changes.png

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For the game League of Legends, write “Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes].”

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Patch 11.17 Preview [Full Changes]. Read more about patch preview and let us know what you think.

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