Diablo 3 has been out for a while now, and the PS4 controller can be a bit tricky to use in some games. Usually when people play Diablo 3, they’re using a keyboard and mouse to control the game, and it’s a very popular setup for the game. In Diablo 3 you can swap between a keyboard and mouse and a gamepad, and that can be pretty confusing for some people. So we’ve put together some suggestions on how to make sure you’re using the most optimal setup for Diablo 3.

The PS4 Controller is a bit of a work in progress, so I’d like to start by saying that I really like my PS4 Controller. I think it’s a great device, and I use it all the time when playing games and watching movies. I really like the buttons and the touch pad, and there’s a lot to like about the touchpad in particular. The touch pad is great for switching weapons, and if you’re playing a game that requires you to use the right analog stick, the touch pad is also great for that.

“I’m going to be playing Diablo 3 with my PS4 controller. I’ve got a few questions, and I need some feedback, so I’m hoping you guys can help.”

D2R PS4 Closed Beta Controller Feedback

Things seem to be running well in general. However, I believe that a few things should be added or modified.

  1. Full Customization of Button Mappings – I believe having complete control over all button mappings would be fantastic. For everyone, more personalization means a better playing experience.

  2. As far as I can determine, there is no lock in place command, which is similar to the PC shift button. It would be great to be able to kite opponents and switch targets without causing undesired movement.

  3. Trageting with a Lock-On – It would be great if there was a method for us to lock on to opponents we wanted to take out.

  4. Free-Fire Casting – I’d want to be able to cast without having the game choose a target for me to fire at.

  5. Belt Customization — Currently, they allow the player to utilize consumables straight from their inventory. This feature currently restricts the slots to certain inventory usage roles: slot 1 is for health, slot 2 is for mana, slot 3 is for rejuvs, and slot 4 is for TP Scrolls. It would be nice to be able to tailor the consumables that are utilized from inventory for an empty belt slot.

  6. When an inventory is full, the cube cannot act as additional inventory on consoles, as far as I can tell, since there is no method to hold an object in suspension straight from the ground.

  7. Loot Cycling – They presently have some kind of position-based item selection. I’d want to be able to make more specific choices. This has already been done successfully in PoE, so there’s no reason why it can’t be done here. If they want their basic positioning method to be the default, that’s great, but I’d want the option of more accurate looting.

Finally, in a PlayStation Blog interview, they said that they had decided on a particular corpse targeting mechanism for the Necro.

“At first, we tried displaying a player all of the various targeting choices, but it quickly got overwhelming. We decided to display the gamer just their main goal. So, even though we don’t display a corpse being highlighted, if the player activates an ability that needs a corpse, we’ll choose the nearest one.”

That’s great as an OPTION, but they could offer more casting choices for people that worry about not getting “information overload” but rather “information paucity” with their simple targeting. One way to do this is to allow different options for casting a skill when binding it (if they’re worried about more “information overload,” make “Show advanced casting options” a check markable box that’s default unchecked for players so those who care can customize it while keeping things simple for others).

I’m not suggesting that their existing arrangement be changed; rather, I’m suggesting that the option to enhance it be made accessible to those who desire it.

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For the game Diablo 3, post “PS4 Console Controller Feedback.”

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In this article, I will show you what I am using for a Controller for playing Diablo III. PS4 Controller is the “the one” most people are using for Diablo III. In this article I will show you how to install the PS4 controller on the PC.. Read more about diablo 3 manual pdf and let us know what you think.

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