Possible games that were recently announced that will be released in the future were leaked by the (gaming) website “VideoGamer”. One of which is a new game from FromSoftware, which is a studio that is best known for making the Dark Souls series. This new title will be a completely new type of game that will be exclusive to Sony’s new console (PS5). This new title is said to be a “Souls-Like” game, with the game play being described as a combination of Dark Souls and WipEout.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any news about the possible next Souls game that FromSoftware is working on for our beloved PlayStation 4, but recent reports seem to suggest that the developer is indeed working on multiple new projects for Sony’s system. The first of these rumored games is “Souls-like” title, which is reportedly being developed by the studio. The second is the long-awaited new entry in the WipEout series, and the latest rumors suggest that both projects may be in the very early stages of development.

From Software is one of the most respected game development studios in the industry, best known for their Souls series of games, such as Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne, among many others. The studio is set to release its latest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, on March 22, but if reports are to be believed, they aren’t done yet.. Read more about souls like games and let us know what you think.

XDev, Clever Beans, and Creative Vault Studios contributed to this image.

Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker of Xbox Era has revealed a few fresh speculations that should please FromSoftware fans and veteran PlayStation players alike.

According to Baker, From Software is working on a new Souls-like game based on Dark Souls and the rest of the Souls series. This game will be unique to the PlayStation 5, indicating that it will be a genuine next-gen release that will put Sony’s newest console’s capabilities to the test.

However, the reported Souls game from FromSoftware is not a successor to Bloodborne, so Bloodborne fans will have to wait.

Baker also says that a new edition of WipEout, Studio Liverpool’s iconic futuristic anti-gravity racing series, is in the works. The next Wipeout game will allegedly be a PlayStation 5 game with VR compatibility, indicating that it may be one of the first games to showcase Sony’s forthcoming PS VR 2 gear.

The WipEout series is remembered for its revolutionary ship designs and visuals, as well as its soundtracks, which included blockbusters such as The Chemical Brothers’ Loops of Fury (Wipeout XL).

WipEout Omega Collection, a remaster of WipEout HD and WipEout 2048 by Clever Beans, EPOS Game Studios, and XDev, is the most current entry in the WipEout series.

Fuck, mother. My rumor mill has been skewed once again. https://t.co/BWOWd6MMA5

11 August 2021 — Nick (@Shpeshal Nick)

This is about the PS5 exclusive From. That was the rumor mill for the next week.

11 August 2021 — Nick (@Shpeshal Nick)

What’s more, guess what? I’m done with it. I’ll take the chance of enraging someone. I don’t want to get scooped once again. Wipeout is said to be returning. It was intended to be a VR2/PS5 game. Probably an XDEV project. The project is still in its early stages.

11 August 2021 — Nick (@Shpeshal Nick)

-Also, instead of Bloodborne 2, FromSoftware is developing Souls exclusively for the PlayStation… This information comes from the same source who disclosed the Ghost of Tsushima iki island DLC through Dealer Gaming #Playstation.

Shpeshal Nick, Shpeshal Nick, Shpeshal Nick, Sh

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