Season 4 of Rocket League has come to a close, and now we’re having a little more fun with the Rocket Pass! Similar to the Seasons of Rocket League, we’re going to run a series of challenges to get you all excited, and finally put a date on the end of Season 4. You’ll notice that the rewards from Season 3 have been removed from the game, and the rewards from Season 4 are going to be the same as Season 5.

The Developer’s Blog here at Psyonix has been a place where we have released information about new items and rewards for Season 4 of Rocket League . And because we were so excited about these rewards, we decided to put it here for you to learn more about them! The following is information regarding the new items and rewards that will be coming in Season 4 for the Rocket Pass:

We got our first look at the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Rewards during the Spring Finals at PAX East. The big news is that all of the new passes are available to all players, not just those who can qualify for the Season 4 RLCS World Championship. Since Season 4’s release on March 31, more than 200,000 players have already earned a Season 4 pass, including 15.7 million unique passes for the new “Anniversary” bundle and 16.8 million passes for the “Tunes” bundle. But what can players expect when they finally get their hands on the new season passes?. Read more about rocket pass season 4 and let us know what you think.

Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Rewards

Season 4 of Psyonix’s high-octane vehicular soccer game Rocket League is now available. The tenth battle pass, or the fourth since the game became free-to-play last year, was released today. This time around, there are 70 levels to go through and two tracks to choose from, including Free and Premium. Let’s take a look at the Rocket League Rocket Pass Rewards for Season 4.

Everyone may use the free Rocket Pass, and you’ll still receive lots of free stuff for leveling up. There are twenty-four of them, to be precise. Players who wish to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium will need to pay 1,000 credits ($8.99) or 2,000 credits ($9.99) for a 12-tier increase.

Players may earn a lot of XP and unique goods by completing weekly and season challenges. Every Wednesday, a new challenge is released, with a total of six each week, three of which need Premium Rocket Pass membership. Weekly tasks expire at the end of the week, encouraging players to finish them before the end of the week.

In terms of prizes, the Outlaw GXT is the top Tier 70 reward for the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Premium track. Along the road, we’ll have lots of wild west-themed things, such as wheels, decals, trails, and more. Below is a complete list of the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass prizes, divided into Premium and Free categories.

Season 4 of Rocket League Premium Benefits with Rocket Pass

  1. Limited Body Outlaw
  2. Banned Cowpoke Limited Player
  3. Trail of the Flame Chain
  4. Boost your party’s XP by 10%
  5. Antenna Dreamcatcher Limited
  6. Outlaw: Hardline Decal (Limited Edition)
  7. Limited Edition Powder Keg Wheels
  8. Boost Bandit is a limited-time player title.
  9. Gasman Limited Decal by Dominus
  10. a 5% increase in XP
  11. Topper, Dead Horse, Limited Edition
  12. Credits: 100
  13. Wheels by Gadabout Limited
  14. Outlaw: Camo Decal (Limited Edition)
  15. Limited Edition Campfire Topper
  16. Engine Audio with Limited Horsepower
  17. Outlaw: Tough Break Decal (Limited Edition)
  18. The Sheriff is a limited player title.
  19. Rocket Boost by Lava is a limited-edition product.
  20. Wheels by Rocko Limited
  21. Paint Finish: Straightlaced (Limited)
  22. Limited Player Banner by Stanger
  23. a 5% increase in XP
  24. Credits: 100
  25. Outlaw: Sally Decal (Limited Edition)
  26. Wheels by Barouche Limited
  27. Hello, Avatar Border (Limited)
  28. Amikoo Limited Decal: Octane
  29. Topper with No Name (Limited Edition)
  30. Outrider Limited PLayer PLayer PLayer PLayer PLayer PLayer
  31. Inverted Limited WHeels (Gadabout)
  32. 5% Boost
  33. Engine Audio for Iron Horse Limited
  34. Notched Limited Decal: Outlaw
  35. Tarnation Trail (Limited Edition)
  36. Credits: 100
  37. Limited Edition Vaticinator Animated Decal
  38. Avatar Border (Limited) Is Needed
  39. a 5% increase in XP
  40. Yellowbelly is a limited-edition player title.
  41. Limited Edition Boomstick Wheels
  42. Engine Audio for Steel Horse Limited
  43. Limited Player Banner for Sundown
  44. Paint Finish: Rockfall Limited
  45. Decal for Outlaw: Coyotl Limited Edition
  46. Limited Edition Tanked Wheels
  47. Ombre Limited Decal: Outlaw
  48. Credits: 100
  49. Sawbones is a limited-edition player title.
  50. a 5% increase in XP
  51. Limited Edition Whisperer Wheels
  52. Limited Edition Decal for Outlaw: Huntress
  53. Dust Cloud Trail is a limited trail.
  54. Ruinator Wheels (Limited Edition)
  55. Limited Edition Hydrophobic Animated Decal
  56. Paint Finish: Distressed Denim (Limited)
  57. Title: Limited Player Title (Wanted)
  58. 5% Increase in Party XP
  59. Infinite Limited Wheels Tanker
  60. Credits: 100
  61. Snakeskin Limited Animated Decal by Outlaw
  62. Rocket Boost with a Time Limit
  63. Limited Edition Animated Decal for Outlaw: Martian Wind
  64. Limited Edition Haunted Hoss Wheels
  65. Animated Decal by Heat Lighting Limited
  66. a 5% increase in XP
  67. Credits: 100
  68. Limited Goal Explosion Yeehaw
  69. Inverted Limited Wheels, Ruinator
  70. GXT Limited Body Outlaw

Season 4 of Rocket League Free Rocket Pass Reward

  • Lunkhead is the second tier.
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 5)
  • Tier 8: Chipboard Paint Finish (Limited)
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 10)
  • Ripper Stibium Limited Decal (Tier 13)
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 15)
  • Prickly Cactus Limited Topper (Tier 18)
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 20)
  • Road Hog Watermelon Limited Decal (Tier 22)
  • Tier 24: Limited Player Title: Car Cowboy
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 25)
  • Tier 28: Clipper Limited Decal: Aftershock
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 30)
  • Esper: Eye Opener Limited Decal (Tier 32)
  • Uncommon Drop (Tier 35)
  • Tier 38: Limited Player Title: Ace in the Hole
  • Tier 43: Twisty-Sweet Trail (Limited)
  • Rare Drop (Tier 45)
  • Buckboard Limited Wheels, Tier 48
  • Tier 50: Uncommon Drop
  • Rare Drop (Tier 55)
  • Tier 60: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 65: Exceptionally Rare Drop
  • Tier 70: Exceptionally Rare Drop

While Season 4 of Rocket League was a huge success for Psyonix, with over a million players participating in the X-Drop in a week and the official Rocket Pass being very well received, the developers are already looking forward to Season 5. They are having a Season 5 Pass and rewards ready for it, with a soft launch planned for September 2017. Here’s what you can expect from Season 5:. Read more about rocket league season 4 rocket pass items and let us know what you think.

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