Synergies are a mechanic in the Bloodborne game, and they are a powerful tool for hunters. But what is a synergy, and how do you use it? The Bloodborne wiki has a list of them, but we felt it would be useful to showcase all the top synergies, and rank them in terms of their usefulness in the game.

If you are an avid playe…

We’re starting this series off with a list that’s not going to be universally beloved.  This is a list of synergies, and synergies have been a hot topic on the For Honor subreddit lately.  That’s because there are those (like me) who believe in the concept while others (like many others) think it’s a terrible idea.  Personally, I think the synergies in the game are terrific.  The synergies are a great way to help you mix up your gameplay, and they’re also great ways to boost various multiplayer aspects of the game.  Do I think that the synergies should be changed?  Do I think the

The Gungeon is a cruel area filled with deadly traps and ferocious (but cute) creatures.

The greatest Gungeoneers are those who have mastered the depths’ powers. You’ll get ahead if you know how to make the most of your drops.

That means understanding what synergies to look for and what they do since the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns upgrade.

The following are some of the most effective synergies for completing the game.


Diazepam (15.)

I’ve always admired guns like the Winchester and Sniper Rifles for their accuracy and dependability.

So anything that makes them more feasible gets my approval.

The Muscle Relaxant item is intended to make your guns 66% more accurate, however it instead provides a 50% damage boost to compensate for the redundancy on already accurate weapons.

The Hexagun and Hegemony Rifle gain the most from this synergy, since they benefit from both accuracy and damage.

Muscle relaxant + A.W.P., bow, hexagun, and most rifles are required.


14. All Chests Have Been Unlocked


This is more of a combination than a synergy, but it’s too wonderful to leave out.

For experienced players, the Mimic Tooth Necklace has always been a great weapon.

It converts all chests into replicas and allows you to fight for treasure rather than using keys.

When you add in a Ring of Mimic Friendship, all that’s left are a lot of open chests full with gold.

You’ll have a great run if you manage to pull this off.

Mimic Tooth Necklace + Ring of Mimic Friendship are required.


Meltdown is number thirteen.


Meltdown is a synergy that puts together two extremely radioactive weapons, as its name suggests.

The green beam is divided into five branches when the Gamma Ray’s ionizing radiation is combined with the Big Boy’s nuclear payload. If you aim properly and maintain your distance, you’ll soon fry bosses.

Furthermore, summoning the Big Boy while wielding the Gamma Ray will partly refill your ammunition, allowing you to continue annihilating your foes down to their DNA.

Gamma Ray and Big Boy are required items.


12. Bomber King


Money is a powerful tool.

That is true on both Planet Earth and Gunymede.

If you have the funds, there are lots of merchants in the Gungeon offering anything from strong weapons to health, armors, and blanks.

One of the greatest ways to acquire it is via the King Bomber synergy.

When you combine the Lil’ Bomber with some bling, each bomb it fires will drop up to nine casings on impact.

It also resembles King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64.

Lil’Bomber + Coin Crown, Crown of Guns, or Gilded Bullets are required items.


11. It’s Hidden Technology Time


Everyone speaks about how Gunknight Greaves + Ballistic Boots slow down time when you take damage.

It’s useful, but you have to be struck on a frequent basis for it to be effective.

Technology that’s been kept hidden Time, on the other hand, needs just a table to function. If you flip it, your opponents will be frozen in time for a short period of time. During this period, the TTS item triples your shots, ensuring tremendous damage.

Any room with a table becomes simple because to this synergy.

Table Tech Sight + Bloody Eye are required items.


Great Queen Ant, No. 10


The Gungeon Ant is a difficult to learn weapon that alternates between spitting flammable oil and spitting fire at opponents.

It’s helpful, but it’s also risky to employ, and it’s inconvenient to watch your opponents burn to death.

The Tremendous Queen Ant is a grotesque-looking rocket launcher with great stopping power, created by combining it with a royal item. Furthermore, the explosion destroys opponent bullets in the area.

Gungeon Ant + Crown of Guns, Heck Blaster, Gilded Bullets, Coin Crown, or Ring of Fire Resistance are all required items.


9. The Monster of Rubenstein


Individually, the RUBE-ADYNE weapons are effective, but when used together, they are deadly.

The Rubenstein’s Monster is created by combining them, and it shoots a fast stream of strong pink lasers that bounce on contact.

The gun’s tremendous DPS and long-range capabilities combine to make it indisputably deadly.

In the animated video for the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns upgrade, you can see the Rubenstein’s Monster in action.

RUBE-ADYNE Prototype + RUBE-ADYNE MK.II are required.


8. To Provide Android Services


Despite being great company during the journey down the Gungeon’s depths, the Badge’s summoned police officer isn’t very tough – and his damage might need a boost.

To Serve Android significantly enhances the police officer by transforming him into Robocop – or as close to it as possible without infringing on copyright.

Your law-enforcement partner becomes completely indestructible and does slightly greater damage in this form.

It’s one of the most useful friends in the Gungeon.

Badge + Bionic Leg, FMJ, Mass Shotgun, The Judge, Deck4rd, or Grasschopper are all required items.


7. Water With Ice


The Mega Douser is a lot of fun in the summer.

Apart from fending off attackers, it’s a bit of a waste of time.

When you combine it with the Snowballer’s blast freezing technology, you get a powerful spray of cold water that freezes opponents and coats the floor in ice.

It’s Mr. Freeze’s Ice Gun in a nutshell.

It’s simple to hold everyone frozen as you deal with them one by one with it.

The Ice Water synergy additionally increases both weapons’ damage by 30%, transforming these two average guns into serious powerhouses.

Mega Douser and Snowballer are required items.


Cosmic Horror, No. 6


If I were a Gungeoneer, I’d be terrified to acquire this synergy.

Three autonomous tentacles burst out from the BHG’s already frightening black holes in Cosmic Horror, grabbing opponents in the area and pulling them in.

Furthermore, the consequences of this synergy are terrifying.

Is there another dimension beyond the event horizon of a black hole? Is it crawling with creatures with tentacles?

I’m not interested in finding out.

Abyssal Tentacle and Black Hole Gun are required items.


Particle Accelerator (number 5)


The Particulator is already very excellent on its own.

It fires a massive bullet that breaks into ten smaller ones that target surrounding foes.

It may be a piece of cake to clean a space with the proper cover.

The Laser Sight, on the other hand, is a rather unnecessary equipment – but combine them and you’ll have one of the most lethal combos in the game.

When a tracking bullet from the Particulator hits a target, a strong laser is launched in its direction to complete the task.

This will empty a room in a matter of seconds and make quick work of a number of bosses.

Particulator and Laser Sight are required.


(4) The Jolly Roger


Making a deal with the dark side is usually a good method to acquire more firepower.

When you combine the Skull Splitter with the VertebraeK-47, the spirit of Nuign the Cursed will flow through you, resulting in the Jolly Roger synergy.

Both weapons are already among the finest in the game on their own, but when combined, they’re just too powerful.

The Skull Splitter’s damage and range have been enhanced, while the VertebraeK-47 may instantly freeze opponents.

You’ll breeze through chambers and bosses like it’s nothing.

Skull Splitter and VertebraeK-47 are required items.


3. The Lies of the Betrayer


It’s not difficult to answer Brother Albern’s inquiries.

However, there are instances when you just wish to do harm to private property.

If you destroy his chest, you’ll discover it’s full of lies.

The Lies are harmless on their own, but when combined with the Betrayer’s Shield, you have one of the strongest defensive weapons in the Gungeon.

If you play reasonably well, it grants the gun unlimited ammunition and a bigger magazine capacity, making you practically invincible.

This is for you if you’re accustomed to being labeled a liar and a thief.

Betrayer’s Shield and Lies are required items.


2. Breaky Akey


Because of its high damage and, most significantly, its ability to unlock chests without using keys, the AKEY-47 is one of the finest weapons in the game.

Because the Shelleton Key essentially accomplishes the same thing.

If we ever held the two, the developers chose to reward us with something special.

The AKEY-47 transforms into a Shelleton and starts shooting skulls instead of keys.

As a consequence, it not only deals a lot more damage, but it also has an endless supply of ammunition.

The following items are required: AKEY-47 and Shelleton Key.


1. The Aimless Knight, Cormorant


In Enter the Gungeon, the Cormorant is the most legendary item combination.

You’ll almost certainly come across a few of Gunknight items as you go further into the Gungeon.

I figured there had to be more if you acquired all of the pieces, and I wasn’t disappointed.

You’ll transform into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight, after you have all four pieces of armor, which lowers all reload times to 0.0s.

It also raises your Curse by three – but by that time, you’ll be dressed out in Armor, so it won’t matter.

GK Helmet + GK Gauntlet + GK Armor + GK Greaves are required.

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