If you like both animal simulation and management games, you should try Planet Zoo.

Frontier Events has created Planet Zoo, the spiritual successor to the popular Zoo Magna Carte franchise.

And this time the focus is on wildlife conservation and providing suitable habitats for common and endangered species.

Keeping the animals happy while attracting visitors and enticing them to spend money in the gift shops proved too much for some players. But I know that those of you who want to be challenged will always be happy.

And one of the best ways to make Planet Zoo even better is by modding it.

If you’re not sure where to start your modeling experience, let me take you on a tour and show you some of the best.

25. Caiman glasses

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Designer Wyzermods brings us a quality addition to our zoo in the form of the adorable Cayman.

The spectacled caiman, named for the small spectacled rim between its eyes, is an animal often seen in the rivers of Latin America, although it has also been observed further north.

Also known as the white or common caiman, this slippery reptile is as dangerous as you might expect – but at Planet Zoo, you don’t have to worry about it too much.

24. Lotus Restaurant

word image 3748

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If you’re looking for a memorable attraction that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives, Lotus may be the answer.

This stunning modern design mimics the natural beauty of the lotus flower.

It is the ideal place for a romantic evening.

And inside, guests will find two restaurants and three bars – open 24 hours a day.

The lotus is particularly beautiful at night, thanks to the mood lighting that radiates from the space between the petals.

23. Greening tolerance for all animals

word image 3749

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Animals love nature, right?

So why are they unhappy when I fill their habitat with so much flora that they can’t move at all?

Stupid questions aside, I was very surprised to see how low the tolerance for vegetation was in some animals. This limits our options for landscaping – unless we get that mod from PureWinter.

Maximum leaf density everywhere, here I come.

22. Camel Dromedary

word image 3750

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The one-humped camel, also known as the Arabian camel, was once found throughout the Sahara Desert, but after 4,000 years of change, only the domesticated varieties remain.

They are the biggest camels, probably because they can put all their energy into growing that one hump on their back.

It is a common misconception that they use these humps to store water. Instead, it’s a fat build-up, just like your uncle’s majestic beer belly.

A zoo is not complete without a camel. So make sure you have the Nicholas LyonRider mod.

All basic species are covered, including a listing in Zoopedia and some fun facts.

21. Lion remaster

word image 3751

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Lions are among the most majestic animals we have encountered in the wild.

They have penetrated deep into our culture. I think we want to be as hardy and independent as they are – which ironically makes them very popular in zoos around the world.

Designer Havok1199 pays tribute to these big cats with incredibly enhanced textures.

Your West African lions will look much less cartoonish now. They have a better facial structure, a great mane and many fine details that were previously missing from the model.

Normally such majestic lions can only be found in Senegal or Nigeria – but with this method you can have them in the zoo of the world.

20. North American river otter

word image 3752

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I challenge you to find an adult animal that is cuter than an otter!

The North American river otter may not be the cutest – sea otters hold hands while they sleep – but it’s still cute.

This is a large group of semi-aquatic mammals, and if you look at it long enough, you’ll make oops.

It’s best to bring them to your zoo, so you don’t have to wander the rivers of North America in search of one of these furry creatures.

And this mod by NicholasLionRider will do it for you.

19. Cougar

word image 3753

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Panther is one of the unsung champions of the cat family.

These large cats, native to the Americas, are found almost everywhere in the region, from Canada’s Yukon to the southernmost limits of the Andes.

It is her incredible adaptability that has brought her this far.

Their adaptability will certainly help the panthers survive in our zoo. Creator GloomyBooty gives us a fantastic look at this predator to impress our guests.

Panthers are also known as panthers, pumas and cougars.

Yes, it’s the same animal!

18. Tropical Reptile House

word image 3754

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Reptiles are majestic creatures that seem to date back to the late Cretaceous.

They have certainly lived much longer than we have and we should treat them with respect.

This tropical reptile house offers elegant reptile viewing facilities where your guests and the animals have everything they need to thrive.

There is even a bridge over the pond that can be filled with crocodiles for maximum effect. Sounds like fun.

I especially like the honeycomb glass ceiling.

It has nothing to do with reptiles, but it is still very modern and attractive.

17. Water centre

word image 3755

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No self-respecting zoo is satisfied with a large monument to marine life, and this aquatic center by designer Zekin is one of Planet Zoo’s finest.

It has a very modern and avant-garde design reminiscent of apolitical art. This unique species is inspired by the zoo of Bremerhaven in Germany.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of habitat for penguins, seals, otters, and any other waterfowl you want to keep in the zoo.

There are also gift shops, food and drink stalls and everything else you need to keep your guests happy and spending time.

16. Tiger Extraordinary

word image 3756

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Tigers are among the most impressive animals in the animal kingdom and zoos love them.

Despite their size and sturdiness, these animals walk silently as if on a mattress.

Once you see them, it’s too late.

Well, this PureWinter mod adds tons of variety to your big cats by adding colors reminiscent of the world’s rarest tigers, including Maltese blue, extinct Java tiger, white without stripes, and more.

You put a spoke in the tiger king’s wheel.

15. Moon and Sun.

word image 3757

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One of my favorite designs from an artistic standpoint is Liv’s The Moon and the Sun, a semi-open space perfect for a viewing platform or to grab a bite to eat.

It is the ideal lakeside location for meetings and events. It is built entirely of limestone and wood and surrounded by lots of colorful foliage.

This building owes its name to the crescent-shaped ceiling supported by wooden beams in the shape of a sun.

14. Alpaca

word image 3758

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I love alpacas, with their crazy looks and incredibly useful hair fibers.

They are much more beautiful than llamas, and they are my favorite South American camel mammals.

NicholasLionRider brings this cute animal to our zoo with this alpaca fashion.

They have beautiful facial expressions and high-quality textures that reflect the aloof personality of these mountain dwellers.

13. Tamarind Golden Lion

word image 3759

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One of the most attractive primates in the world is the golden lion tamarin, a bright orange monkey found mostly in the coastal forests of Brazil.

It is also called golden scarlet and gets its name from its light coat, which is very long around the face and ears of the tamarind.

As you can see, it looks surprisingly similar to the mane of a lion.

I know you want one at home now, but it’s an endangered species.

Instead, leave them alone in their natural habitat and admire them in Planet Zoo with this mod from NicholasLionRider.

12. Ecuadorian white monkey

word image 3760

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If you like squirrels, monkeys and Ecuador, you’ll love this mod from LeafProductions.

As you may have guessed, it adds an Ecuadorian squirrel monkey to the game.

This subspecies of Guiana white-winged monkey is found in southern Colombia, the western Amazon of Brazil – and, of course, in the forests of Ecuador.

He is one of the smallest and cutest monkeys in the world.

11. Bear Cave Entrance

word image 3761

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If you want your guests to remember the moment they arrived at the zoo for a lifetime, this massive entrance in the shape of a bear is perfect.

And I’d say this mod by MissCritHit is pretty obvious.

It is a colossal rock formation in the shape of a bear that will give your guests the impression that they are entering the home of a forest bear deity.

You’d pay to see that at the zoo, right?

10. Tilacin

word image 3762

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The tilacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, was a unique marsupial species found exclusively in the Tasmanian Islands.

I say was, because the Tasmanian tiger was driven to extinction by European colonizers in 1936.

Their population had already declined due to human activity on the islands, but this was the nail in the coffin.

Now we can only admire Tylacin in digital landscapes like Planet Zoo.

9. Quagga

word image 3763

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Even further back in time you will find the quagga, another animal hunted to extinction by our colonial ancestors, this time in 1883.

The quagga is a subspecies of zebra, similar to a cross between a striped animal and an ordinary horse.

This unique appearance caught the attention of European settlers when they arrived in Africa, and you can imagine what happened next.

It’s terrible that our species has caused the disappearance of so many unique life forms, and it’s a loss we’ll never recover from – but I’m grateful for games like Planet Zoo (and mod makers like PureWinter) that have allowed me to admire the echoes of these majestic creatures.

8. Wolf handler

word image 3764

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The maned wolf looks like a fox, but is in fact neither a fox nor a wolf.

This majestic animal is the only member of the Chrysocone family, meaning golden dog.

This large dog, native to South America, lives in grasslands and high to low altitude areas.

Interestingly, the maned wolf is omnivorous and also likes to eat fruit when it can’t hunt small animals. They are essential for the propagation of wolfsbane seeds.

And this mod by NicholasLionRider adds them to your zoo. It is very interesting and contains everything from research to Zoopedia entries and fun facts.

7. Eurasian lynx

word image 3765

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I like medium sized cats that combine the friendliness of a house cat with the size of an old wildebeest.

Few animals can do this as well as the Eurasian lynx.

Found everywhere from China to Central Europe, these medium-sized feral cats are hardy and highly adaptable.

They love the temperate climate and the comfort of the forest that surrounds them.

Their habitat has been greatly reduced over the past two centuries, but as a species they are doing well.

Creator NicholasLionRider brings us a fantastic image of the Eurasian lynx that will please our guests.

It reminds me a bit of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. I’m not going anywhere in this game without first taming the trot.

6. Penguin ice cathedral detailed

word image 3766

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If you’ve ever wanted to visit Elsa’s snowy castle from Frozen, the Penguin Ice Cathedral is the perfect addition to your large zoo.

Creator Kaltrosebd carved a colossal three-story structure out of ice, with enough room for about 400 penguins at their happiest and up to 500 if you cut corners.

The cathedral has many facilities for guests and staff, including food, drinks, ATMs and toilets.

There is also a vet, a workshop, zoo facilities and much more.

5. More albinos and melanists

word image 3767

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Few things are as exciting to a breeder as receiving an animal with an attractive aesthetic mutation.

This was as true when Linda Koehl discovered the Laperma curly cat breed as it was with the albinos or melanistic cats in each of our habitats.

In real life, the chances of this happening are slim, but with ChallengeOfTheDark’s More Albino and Melanistic Animals mod, it could happen very often in Planet Zoo.

Once installed, one in four animals will have one of these remarkable characteristics.

4. Nautilus Educational Centre

word image 3769

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One of Zoo Planet’s most creative buildings is the Nautilus Sirrael Education Center, where animal keepers can learn about evolution and the animals that came before us.

As the name suggests, this structure is built in the shape of a nautilus shell.

Visitors enter where the animal’s head is and follow an inner spiral as the landscape changes around them with each of the nine exhibits, from early snails to relatively young birds.

Behind the education center is a fancy chalkboard where you can find settings to customize your building to the color you want.

3. Circles in Africa

word image 3771

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Circles of Africa by Ratwomancola is a full-size zoo with 21 unique circular habitats, as well as restrooms, food, drinks and everything else your guests need.

The architecture is majestic and includes pyramids, ziggurats, and even what looks like the Colosseum – all surrounded by abundant xerophytic flora.

The warm orange and brown tones give it a steampunk look when seen from the air. But on the ground, one has the impression of walking in an ancient African city lost in the sands of time.

This is a very impressive mod.

2. Revision of animals

word image 3773

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After creating a separate vegetation tolerance mod, the creator of PureWinter decided there was too much to fix.

This Animal Overhaul module contains all the minor fixes and improvements that the author of the productive module has made since the release of the game.

Among other things, it increases the likelihood that albinos will be creative, forces them not to worry about overgrown vegetation, and changes the balance of food costs.

Besides adding feeding stations and even petting zoos, it lets you build super-sized zoos like you couldn’t before.

1. Atlantis Zoo

word image 3775

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If Jeff Bezos were to invest in a zoo, this would be it.

Zoo Atlantis, designed by Sirrael, is essentially a zoo, but with an updated Ancient Greek aesthetic that mimics the mythical city of Atlantis.

In addition to the central city, there are temple districts, a port, an agricultural district, a quarry, a shipyard and a cemetery – a total of 32 habitats and 22 exhibits for a truly enormous zoo.

Everything is nicely lit and well sorted, and patrons will have no shortage of items – including ATMs, restaurants, gift shops, etc.

frequently asked questions

How do you cheat the money in the planetary zoo?

Are there any crooks in the zoo of the world? Unlike many other computer simulators, Planet Zoo does not include cheats in the game. Instead, the only way to get unlimited money, resources and other useful things is to model.

Are there any mods for Planet Zoo?

Planet Zoo is an action video game that supports the mode. Planet Zoo mode is a popular way to improve your game. You can choose to download as many times as you like on the various planetary zoo links, and don’t forget that all mods are FREE!

How can I download Planet Zoo maps?

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