This week we’re taking a look at a couple of the best cards in Seto Kaiba’s Deck – and they don’t even come from the YugiOh Forbidden List! I’m going to show you how and why those cards are so effective right now, but first let’s look at how Seto Kaiba got that nickname.

In the game Yu-gi-oh, Seto Kaiba holds in his hand a very special deck of cards. It has some of the most powerful cards in the game, and I’ll show you just how special it is. This deck is called the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Deck.

Kaiba is a card game that was created by Kazuki Takahashi, that was published by Konami. It was first published on the Japanese manga magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, in the February of 2001. It was later published in English by Viz Media, in English-language editions of Weekly Shōnen Jump. Seto Kaiba is the main character of the game, and he is accompanied by his two adopted siblings.

Seto Kaiba is without a doubt one of Yu-Gi-greatest Oh’s duelists.

He’s probably the only duelist who can compete with Yugi Muto, and his deck contains some of the best cards, including the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon, a monster as well-known as Yu-Gi-Oh itself, and cards like Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End, which were so powerful that they changed the game’s entire format!

So let’s take a look at the greatest cards Seto Kaiba has ever used in the anime!


15. Dark Soul Possession

I figured I’d start this list with one of Kaiba’s more odd cards, Possessed Dark Soul.

By tributing Possessed Dark Soul, you may take control of all level 3 or below face-up monsters that your opponent controls.

If monsters aren’t tribute summoned in Yu-Gi-Oh, they’re usually level 4. As a result, the worth of this card fluctuates greatly depending on who you’re playing it against.

If you’re up against a water deck, for example, which tends to flood the field with low-level monsters, Possessed Dark Soul may be just what you need to change the tides of battle!

This character is a bit restricted in other decks.


Luster Dragon No. 2

Luster Dragon #2 Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Dragons were the focus of Kaiba’s deck.

He experimented with a few other monster kinds, throwing in the odd machine or fiend here and there, but we all know Kaiba’s true love was for his dragons.

With a stunning 2400 attack, Luster Dragon #2 is one of the finest one-tribute monsters out there!

This is more than adequate to compete with non-tribute monsters, and having this man on the field will compel your opponent to unleash their most powerful monsters.

This card’s artwork is also very beautiful.

A dragon formed entirely of emerald gems, towering above it like a big full moon? Someone in Konami’s art department is working extra hours!


13. A Giant Dragon’s Wingbeat

A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon YGO Card

This card is fantastic for dragon-based tactics, particularly Blue-Eyes decks (how ironic!).

You may destroy all spells and traps your opponent controls by returning one level 5 or higher dragon from the field to your hand.

You will gain an unfathomable advantage if you can destroy all of your opponent’s spells/traps at the same time. In Yu-Gi-Oh, there are some really strong ones that can screw you up (see at you, Magic Cylinder…)

As a result, being able to eliminate them all at once will guarantee your dragons’ triumph.


12. D’s Lord

Lord of D. Yu-Gi-Oh Card

While Lord of D isn’t a dragon, a dragon deck would be remiss if it didn’t contain this card.

All of your dragons are shielded from card effects while Lord of D. is on the field. This shields you against a variety of dangers, including creatures that kill other monsters and spells that may take your dragons outright. Lord of D. is an excellent method to give yourself with some general security.

Last but not least, this guy’s given name is very amusing.


Vorse Raider (#11)

Vorse Raider YGO Card

Vorse Raider was a game changer in terms of how strong vanilla monsters might be.

While a 1900 attack regular monster may not seem spectacular by today’s standards, this man revolutionized the way decks were constructed back then!

You’d lose if you didn’t have Vorse Raider in your deck. As simple as that!

It was one of the most powerful monsters you could normally summon, requiring your opponent to tribute summon in order to defeat him.

There are definitely better cards to select from in contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh. If you’re constructing a more vintage deck, though, this guy is certainly worth a place.


Spear Dragon, number ten

Spear Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This monster was one of the earliest Yu-Gi-Oh monsters to have piercing combat damage.

If you attack a monster in defensive position with this card, you may deal damage to your opponent’s LP equal to the difference between attack and defense.

This is fantastic for inflicting damage on your opponent, particularly if they’re surrounded by a swarm of defense-position monsters!

The disadvantage of Spear Dragon is that when it attacks, it is switched to defensive mode, where it has a defense of 0 points. However, the penetrating damage is still worth it!


Y-Dragon Head (#9)

Y-Dragon Head YGO Card

Even when Kaiba ventures into the realm of machine monsters, he does it as a dragon.

Are we shocked, coming from a man who flies about in a Blue Eyes White Dragon-shaped jet?!

Y-Dragon Head is one of the three X, Y, Z monsters (not to be confused with real XYZ monsters… Who said Yu-Gi-Oh was difficult to grasp?).

Depending on whatever combinations you fuse together, these three unique cards may be fused together to create various machine monsters.

In fact, the deck became meta with the inclusion of A, B, and C monsters to go along with these guys!

There wasn’t a single player around in 2016 who wasn’t playing ABCXYZ turbo – and the deck continues to see occasional fringe play to this day!


8. Critias’ Fang

Fang of Critias Yu-Gi-Oh Card

In the anime, this is one of those spell cards that has a completely different effect.

Unfortunately, the real-life version falls short.

You may fusion summon monsters with Fang of Critias by utilizing trap cards! Depending on whatever trap card you pick, you have four choices to choose from.

Doom Virus Dragon, the personification of Crush Card Virus, is my personal favorite.

It has the same effect as the original powerful trap card, plus an attack stat to hit your opponent with — it’s a win-win situation!


7. Summoning Dragon’s Flute

Flute of Summoning Dragon YGO Card

The greatest method to spam your field with dragon monsters used to be to employ Flute of Summoning Dragon.

Now that Yu-Gi-Oh has grown quicker, we’ve seen a few better alternatives, but this card is still a force to be reckoned with!

You may special summon two dragon monsters from your hand while controlling Lord of D. Waiting for both Lord of D and Flute of Summoning Dragon to appear in your hand used to make this a very situational combination, but we just received a card that solves that issue.

While face-up on the field, King of D. functions as Lord of D, with the additional benefit of being able to search Flute of Summoning Dragon from the deck with its ability.

You’ll be able to cast this spell card right away, and your field will be swarming with dragons before you realize it.


Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (No. 6)

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This is a card that veterans of the game will recognize.

Yes, it’s the fusion monster we all wanted to summon, but only a few of us succeeded:

One of the most well-known fusion monsters is Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

This fearsome dragon, which combines the power of three Blue-Eyes into one large dragon, was utilized by Seto Kaiba in the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!

It was only defeated by the indomitable Exodia – and if that doesn’t prove its strength, I’m not sure what does.


5. Card Crush Virus

Crush Card Virus YGO Card

This is another Yu-Gi-Oh card that hasn’t transferred well into real life, like Fang of Critias.

Konami attempted to issue this card at full strength at first, but it was just too strong to survive.

It was soon outlawed, and the wording was subsequently modified to make it more balanced.

Crush Card Virus’s previous form allowed you to search your opponent’s entire hand, field, and the next three cards they draw, killing any monster with a 1500 attack or higher.

It’s fantastic!

If you have an imposing monster on your side of the field, your opponent will be unable to make any kind of comeback, and the game will be as good as yours!


4. Destruction Ring

Ring of Destruction Yu-Gi-Oh Card

When a game was on the verge of ending, this trap card was the greatest method to force a draw.

Its previous wording enabled you to kill a monster on the field and then deal damage to both players equal to the monster’s attack.

By eliminating a high-attack monster when both players have low life points, you guarantee that you do not lose the game, forcing it to finish in a tie!

It was too good for competitive play because of its potential to totally shift the flow of battle, and the wording had to be changed to make it fair.


3. White Dragon with Blue Eyes

Blue-Eyes White Dragon YGO Card

This powerful engine of devastation has to be included in any list of Kaiba’s greatest cards.

Blue-Eyes is as well-known as Yu-Gi-Oh.

This card was the inspiration for the very first Yu-Gi-Oh set.

Many of us received our first taste of Yu-Gi-Oh here, opening packs in the hopes of finding that coveted Blue-Eyes White Dragon (or a Raigeki or Dark Hole, or maybe an Exodia limb…)

Since then, a lot of support for this card has been published.

From strong new variants of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to completely new Blue-Eyes monsters that utilize the synchro summon techniques, a slew of new monsters have enhanced the Blue-Eyes White Dragon strategy!

This card is well-known among Yu-Gi-Oh fans and children who grew up in the late 1990s, which is why it ranks third on our list.


2. The Tormentor Obelisk

Obelisk the Tormentor Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Let’s speak about the Egyptian God cards, which are well recognized Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Kaiba used Obelisk the Tormentor throughout the Battle City tournament, until it was won by Yugi Muto (of course), who ended up with all three cards.

In terms of TCG adaptations, this God card is my personal favorite out of the three.

Obelisk has a very powerful attack of 4000, crushing anything that is in its path!

You may also kill all creatures controlled by your opponent by tributing two additional monsters you control!

While Obelisk cannot strike during the round you use this ability, it will almost definitely finish out your opponent the next turn – few duelists can absorb 4000 damage to the face and live!


Envoy of the End – Chaos Emperor Dragon

Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End YGO Card

In real-life Yu-Gi-Oh, this card is almost legendary, yet it’s hardly addressed in the anime…

Seriously, this card was referenced in two episodes of the original series, with one of them showing it in a briefcase!

Certainly not the kind of treatment that a card that totally altered the way we played Yu-Gi-Oh! deserves.

Because Chaos Emperor Dragon was so powerful, it was the first card ever to be outlawed!

Its impact was subsequently modified to make it more balanced, and I’m happy to report that you may now play three copies of this man again.

The primary reason this card is so strong is because it’s so simple to summon – unlike other powerful monsters, you don’t have to tribute summon it.

You just need to exorcise a light and a dark demon from your cemetery.

When this character enters the battlefield, you may spend 1000 life points to send every card from both players’ fields and hands to the graveyard, dealing 300 damage to your opponent for each card destroyed.

This is a significant amount of damage, and it should easily be enough to kill out your opponent.

So here is a card that Kaiba would be proud of: a dragon so strong that it completely changed the game.

Congratulations, Chaos Emperor Dragon!

The game of Magic: The Gathering has a ton of unique cards in it. Many of them are sort of strange and funny, like the “Fireball” or the “Tarmogoyf”, or just plain weird. One of those cards, one of my absolute favorites, is called “The Best Cards in Seto Kaiba’s Deck –”.. Read more about seto kaiba deck list battle city and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seto Kaibas favorite card?

Seto Kaibas favorite card is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Q: Why is Seto Kaibas favorite card the Blue-Eyes White Dragon? The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is Seto Kaibas favorite card because he played a Blue-

What is Seto Kaiba strongest card?

Seto Kaibas strongest card is his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Q: What is the best game for ps4? The best game for PS4 is currently God of War. Q: Is there a game similar to Minecraft? There are

What cards did Kaiba use in his deck?

In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Kaibas deck is made up of a few cards. Some of its notable ones are: Q: How do you get good at DnD? This is a question that is more difficult to answer than people

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