We’ve ranked the top 10 greatshields in Dark Souls 2, all of which are essential to the player’s success in the game. The greatshields are not only hard to find, but also require a great deal of strength to wield, which is why no shields are ranked higher than greatshields.

A lot of people love using shields in Dark Souls 2, even if they’re not considered the best choice for a particular build or playstyle. We all know that shields generally aren’t in the same league as greatswords or ultra greatswords, but some of them may surprise you. This list of the best greatshields in Dark Souls 2 takes into account how much they can protect you, as well as how they function in conjunction with your other equipment. (P.S: This list will only include the best of the best, so don’t expect to see the two-handed stone greatshield on here.)

The Tower Shield and Large Leather Shield in Dark Souls 2 have the highest stability and durability, respectively, of any greatshields in the game. However, they also have some downsides. For example, the Tower Shield makes it difficult to roll, while the Large Leather Shield has low stability. So, which one is better?

Are you tired of rolling on the ground and dodging every attack that comes your way? Are you no longer satisfied with your standard sign? Here’s the solution: For the (not so) small price of about 20 points invested in the Force, you too can become an unstoppable force, protected by your own great shield. But which large panel should I use, you ask? To answer your question, we have ranked all Dark Souls II games.

16. Old Knight Big Shield

The existence of this large sign really baffles me. If you were to open the dictionary of characters and go to the word bad, you would find a picture like this next to it. It has low resistance to everything, its durability is low, its stability is average, and you can’t even find it this early in the game to justify its awesomeness. Also, the Old Knight’s standard shield is superior to this shield in almost every way, so I don’t think there was any confusion in production. The only advantage of this shield is the protection against auxiliary/status effects. How to get it: Harvest Valley behind the boardwalk. Locate the nearest enemy to attack.

15. Sign of the sponsor

word-image-6144 The second message is here in the Tartar of Rijen. The main drawback of this shield is that it is classified as a large shield, as it fits perfectly into the standard category. His physical defense is less than 100, and all other resistances hover around 60, making him very weak compared to many other options. Honestly, it’s one of the lightest large shields out there, and it has low requirements – only 25 power. But there is also better shielding in this area. How to get it: Leave Pate alive after fighting the last giant boss and talk to him at the Earth Summit, or kill Pate and buy a shield from the witch Melentia.

14. Great Orm Shield

word-image-6145 Here is another very average large panel. But it has a good 100% physical reduction and a decent 65% darkness effect, making it a good candidate for a darkness infusion when fighting enemies like this. Other than that, it’s just a great sign. Let’s move on to the next dish on our list. How to get it: Thrown by the Knights of Imperius and rarely by various dark spirits.

13. Great Reeves Shield

word-image-6146 Okay, I lied! There was something interesting about the Great Orm Shield. Combined with Reeve’s Great Shield, these are the only great shields in the entire game that can be upgraded and only cost 50 energy. So if you’ve ever wanted to play the role of the door and end the life of your enemy, you can do so now. Make sure you hold him in your right hand and Orma in your left. Other than that, these two large shields are exactly the same. Reeves is only ranked higher because I’m right-handed. How to get it: Abandoned by the knights of Imperius.

12. Large Tracker Shield

word-image-6147 We are beginning to move deeper into the realm of good shielding. And Pursuer’s Greatshield is one of the shields with complete physical reduction, while having an excellent secondary fire resistance of 80 and a toughness of 78. Everything else is pretty mediocre. It’s a shame that this panel is so mediocre, because I think it looks good. You can get it pretty early, so try it when you have 38 strength. How to get it: Swap the soul of the stalker for the cross of Olafis.

11. Eye of evil large shield

word-image-6148 A very intriguing addition to our list, the Great Shield of the Evil Eye has the unique effect (for a shield) of restoring a small amount of health with each hit. Combined with other agents of similar effect, such as. B. the butcher knife or salvage ring, this could be an interesting build for life support. Not to mention that it also has excellent overall strength. The lack of full physical protection and low stability are the only drawbacks. How to get it: For the second fire in the trough, found in a chest in the cave.

10. Double dragon large shield

word-image-6149 I know you’re going to ask: Why is he ranked tenth when some of the previous great shields have better consistency? With a minimum strength requirement of 20, this shield has a stability of 73, a weight of 7 (almost half that of other large shields), and decent strength in almost everything. Not to mention that this may be the first major shield you have access to – you can get it early in the game. So, the big twin dragon shield is the best value for money and can definitely get you through most of the early game. How to get it: Sold by Armsmaster Maflin for 2,000 souls.

9. Tower shield

word-image-6150 I had originally ranked it higher, but had to move it down a notch because it was outclassed by most of the other major shields. Either way, Tower Shield is another powerful and easily accessible addition to your protection arsenal. With 100% physical strength, 80% fire, and over 50% everything else, as well as impressive stability, this awesome shield is ideal for any tank new to the world of Drangleic. If twin dragons seem too fragile to you, the tower shield is a very reliable alternative early in the game. How to get it: In a chest found after defeating the old dragon slayer.

8. Great Shield of Glory

word-image-6151 The next rectangle is very similar to the previous one we just mentioned. In fact, it surpasses the Tower Shield in every way except stability (although it does weigh a bit more). But here’s a hint: Filling the Great Shield with Fire Glory gives you a shield with 99% recovery of physical and 97% recovery of fire, while leaving the other resistances largely intact. It’s certainly an excellent choice. How to get it: Left by the dragons with Warpic in the Dragon Temple.

7. Grandson of Mastodont

word-image-6152 From that moment on the competition became fierce. So the shield has to be the best in one area or just strong in general. In the case of the Great Behemoth Shield, it is the first choice against enemies with lightning attacks (such as the Mirror Knight). The lightning effect makes this shield 100% resistant to such attacks, as opposed to the normal 92%. Yeah, and the rest of the defense isn’t bad either. How to get it: Tomb of the Primal Knights (large elephant-like opponents).

6. Dragon Shield

word-image-6153 Here’s another board in the Better than Tower category. With full physical protection and excellent 78% protection against fire and lightning, and 78 stability, the Great Shield of the Dragon Rider sets the gold standard of what we expect from a great shield. If you have to fight fire or lightning opponents, an infusion of the right element never hurts. How to get it: Trade the soul of the dragon for wandering Olafis.

5. Gyrm Greatshield

word-image-6154 The Greatshield Gyrm, or as I like to call it Dragonbuster, is your best choice to defend against all types of fire enemies. Fire is probably the second most common enemy damage type (after physical damage), used by all sorts of NPCs like desert witches, flaming salamanders, and of course dragons. This large shield provides full protection against the above types of damage without infusion, while being superior to all other shields in terms of stability (surpassed only by #1). Don’t melt, vote for Gyrm today! How to get it: Abandoned by Girma’s warriors.

4. Royal mirror

word-image-6155 Do you have a problem with mages and other conjurers casting spells remotely? Imagine the look on their faces when you pull out the royal mirror. Not only is this shield exceptional for all types of defense (it barely makes it to 100% for physical defense), but it also excels at protection against spellcasters, with the highest spell parry rate (yes, you can parry spells, who knew!). Ideal for an Amana shrine that houses many casters. How to get it: Trade the soul of the Mirror Knight for the Ornifex weaponsmith.

3. Great Drake Shield

word-image-6156 Then the Great Drakkipper’s shield will make it difficult for the Tower’s shield. And his stats are near the top. Full protection from physical attacks and 75 on everything else (including condition effects) except darkness. He quickly wipes the floor with his competitors. Keep in mind that this is a great shield with the second highest weight and strength requirement, making it the best shield you can get unless you’re willing to spend all your energy on the best shield on our list. How to get it: Found in a chest in the dragon temple, jump off the platform with the black priestess.

2. Large Rebel Shield

word-image-6157 Numerically, this is the best board in the game. Its overall strength is greater than any other shield, and its resistance to the elements and status is greater than 88%. You can literally pour anything into it and it will reduce damage by 100%, making it the best choice if you can’t find anything else to protect you from a particular element. Of course, the normal +10 version is also very strong. Then why is he only in second place? With a maximum value of 77.5%, the Rebel Grand Shield has the lowest physical value of all Grand Shields, making it unattractive to many players. In my opinion it’s a great shield, not only for PvE, but also for PvP where you have to fight enemies that can do many different types of damage. How to get it: Behind the iron door with keys for the last giant. You can also jump into the salamander pit from the Cardinal Tower fire.

1. Great Havel Shield

word-image-6158 Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the legendary light mode in Dark Souls 2. Undisputed the king of blocking, Havel’s great shield is a tanker’s dream. And for good reason. If you have the 45 power needed to use this monster, you will be rewarded with full physical mitigation, +80% for almost all resistances, and an incredible 80 stability. All of this combined is a stony nightmare for any opponent. His only weakness could be a blood or poison weapon, as the shield only has 73% against these resistances. In PvP scenarios, if you want to make wizards cry, adding this magic will really make you invulnerable. Overall, Havel’s is a good choice for any meeting. How to get it: It’s in the trough, behind the door with the forgotten key. References: Game XDShields are arguably just as important as weapons in the world of Dark Souls 2. Whether you’re planning on using your shield to bash enemies or block attacks, you’ll find several shield types to choose from. Which is why it might be difficult to pick out the best shields in the game. While some shields can be enchanted, they can also be broken, which means you’ll want to save those special shields for later, which can make it difficult to rely on the best sturdy shield available.. Read more about ds2 havel’s shield and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shield in Dark Souls 2?

With Dark Souls 2 only a week old, the game has not yet settled down enough to see its best builds and character paths. One thing is certain, however, and that is the importance of the best shields for Dark Souls 2. Unlike the first Dark Souls, shields are no longer just an added incentive to choose a specific weapon style, but they are now an essential part of all builds. Pay no attention to those carrying around a buckler or an ultra great sword – the best Dark Souls 2 shields are waiting for you. So, here are the five best Dark Souls 2 shields so far – and we The Greatshield of Artorias is one of the more famous shields in the Souls series, owing to its legacy in the first game. However, the Dark Souls 2 Greatshield of Artorias isn’t the only one you can use. In fact, there are quite a few solid options that you can use if you’re not a fan of the original. A few of these are actually easier to obtain than the original, too!

What is the best armor in Dark Souls 2?

There are several types of armor available for your character to wear in Dark Souls 2. The purpose of armor is to reduce the amount of damage that you take from enemies. The higher the armor rating, the less damage that you will take. If an enemy hits you, you will be able to see the damage as a reduction in your health bar. Dark Souls 2 is a fantasy RPG that gives players the ability to customize their character and build their own unique gameplay experience. They can do this by choosing which weapons and armor they use. Weapons are numerous and can be upgraded, but there are very few armor sets available. Even among different armor sets, players can choose which armor pieces they want to wear. The armor sets in Dark Souls 2 can be separated into two general categories, Heavy and Light armor, and can be further subdivided by class, with each class having a specific armor set with specific strengths and weaknesses. This makes it possible to create a completely unique character build, and the best armor in Dark Souls 2 is completely dependent on how the player chooses to develop their character.

Is Drangleic shield good?

When it comes to the best shields in Dark Souls 2, it’s really a matter of individual opinion. Everyone has their favorite, and it usually comes down to a matter of taste. Some players prefer a shield that does well in both blocking and bashing, while others prefer a shield with a high elemental resist. The Drangleic shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls 2.  It has 100% physical damage absorption and -50% fire and lightning resistances.  It recharges stamina while blocking.  This shield is great for PvP, since it will not break as easily, and you can recover stamina whilst blocking.  The Drangleic shield is also very effective in PvE for the same reasons, since it has a lot of stamina recovery.  The only problem with this shield is that it is very heavy, and the other shields have much better resistances.  However, if you want to have stamina recovery, then this is a good shield to use.

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