I’m going to try and make this a list of hardest trophies, not by difficulty, but to get. So that means that I’m thinking of them as trophies to obtain. If you have any suggestions of who you think should be on this list, then let me know (and please, please, please include on this specific trophy).

The best way to get trophies is to win the game. However, it can be hard to get a single trophy to pop without a lot of luck. The following is a list of the ten hardest trophies to get in KH3 and R:MB.

There are a handful of trophies in both the Kingdom Hearts series and The World Ends With You -Re:MIND- which require the player to do things that seem impossible for any gamer to achieve on their first playthrough. So, we decided to try to get them all, and see how long we could go.

Which kind of perfectionist are you?

Is it enough to simply make it to the conclusion of a game? Or do you want to try everything in order to get the most out of the experience?

Achievements and trophies are a major motivator for most completionists.

Collecting all of the trophies in a game demonstrates your commitment and effort.

It demonstrates that you know the game inside and out.

And for this list, we’ll go through some of the most difficult and difficult trophies in Kingdom Hearts 3 and its DLC, Re:Mind.

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare your Keyblades; this is going to be a wild ride.


Classically Educated

The first item on our list is a true talent test.

No, I’m not referring about the ability to cast strong spells or execute combinations. I’m referring to the ability to beat arcade games.

In the Classic Kingdom portions of Kingdom Hearts 3, there are a number of little minigames.

These games, based on old Mickey Mouse cartoons, are in the style of Game & Watch games.

These games may be found all throughout your trip, but they are easily forgotten. This is most likely why only around 25% of players hold this award.

You must not only gather them all, but also beat the high score that has been established. Depending on who you are, this may be a lot of fun and simple, or a lot of dull and time demanding.

Some minigames, such as the hot dog one, can be quite difficult.

However, your efforts are rewarded with a beautiful trophy and a one-of-a-kind keyblade.


Thermosphere (number 9)

Getting Thermosphere Trophy in KH3

The Gummi Ship levels in Kingdom Hearts 3 were entirely redesigned, becoming open world and considerably more difficult.

These parts, like Classic Kingdom, may be very boring or quite enjoyable.

I believe it’s a lot of fun to go through space, shoot materials to gather, and discover riches and constellations.

To get this trophy, you must fight the Schwarzgeist, a secret monster in the Gummi Space.

There are a few steps to complete before you can even locate the boss, and once you do, he won’t be ready to give up without a fight. You’ll need a Gummi Ship with a top speed of 200 or higher to locate him.

Otherwise, your ship will be unable to acquire sufficient speed to enter his whirlpool.

This is where you’ll want to brush up on your Gummi stats if you haven’t done so before.

The Schwargeist, on the other hand, is no pushover. If you aren’t ready, it will knock your socks off.

First, make sure your ship has enough HP and offensive blocks.

This monster is going to strike you like a truck, so defense should be a top focus.

The repair kit is useful since it can heal you while you’re fighting. Just stay out of his way and attack his shields while they’re down.

You’ll get the trophy AND a brand-new golden Gummi Ship if you win this battle!


Centurion (number 8)

Getting Centurion Trophy in KH3

You’ll need to be able to do more than just play classic arcade games.

You must also be a real player, like Rex, and score well in Verum Rex!

I hope you like driving mechs because you’ll be doing so for the next several hours while attempting to grind the ideal path for 12,000,000 points.

This trophy is very easy to get provided you understand the precise strategies of which mech is best, which path to follow, and which opponents to target.

Without a guidance, getting into the proper grove will take a few attempts.

For the bulk of the game, I suggest playing the purple Gigas mech, since it shoots the fastest and has a very rapid and strong explosive weapon.

You should also aim to take down enemy mechs in groups, since this will earn you a lot more points than taking them out one at a time. Use the environment traps to your advantage as well, since they’ll be your sole option for murdering a group.

Combos are also your greatest buddy, since they allow you to rack up points far more quickly than any other method.

Spend as little time as possible between activities and build up your chain. Be fast, precise, and obnoxious.


Chef de Cuisine No. 7

Getting Master Chef Trophy in KH3

Who’d have guessed that the most difficult Kingdom Hearts monster is an egg?

Cooking in Kingdom Hearts 3 may be the most nerve-wracking and stressful experience you can give Sora.

Especially if you want every dish to get an outstanding rating. I mean every recipe, even the ones you don’t know about!

For starters, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary materials and recipes before you can begin.

There are a total of 28 recipes, 20 of which may be discovered throughout your quest and the rest of which are hidden beyond the Flantastic Seven.

Not only will you have to worry about exact time and very cautious button inputs in the culinary minigames, but you’ll also have to defeat a few mini “bosses” before you can even begin!

In the food sector, things are fairly bleak.

Simply take your time cracking, flambéing, cutting, and grinding, and you’ll be as good as your food.


6. Scraper of data

Getting Data Scraper Trophy in KH3

It’s time for some high-intensity parkour!

Sora will be leaping, sliding, and skating his way across San Fransokyo’s streets.

You’ll be challenged to complete Flash Tracer courses throughout the night. You must also achieve an A rating on each course in order to get the trophy.

This, like the other minigame tasks, may be simple or frustratingly tough depending on your accuracy.

Make sure you’re quick and travel through each ring; this will get you extra points.

But it’s very straightforward:

Aim to kill as many opponents as possible while moving quickly towards the objective. Thunder and shotlocks, which are quick response strikes, will come in useful against larger numbers of Heartless.

Superslide and Glide abilities will also come in handy.

And don’t be embarrassed to seek for a guide on YouTube if you need assistance deciding which path to follow. I won’t pass judgment since we’ve all been there.


5. A synthesizer

Getting Synthesist Trophy in KH3

This award is more of a test of patience and dedication than it is a measure of talent.

To get this, you must unlock AND create all 88 synthesis recipes in the Synthesis Section of your Gummiphone.

If you want to have enough resources to create, you’ll have to grind a lot of stuff from opponents and places.

Keep an eye on the Moogle Photo Missions, since they will reward you with recipes.

The collector’s objectives for gathering various resources are also required in order to get the remaining recipes.

Materials may be obtained through defeating certain opponents in the game, looting treasure boxes, or blasting space rocks apart with your Gummiship. In my view, the latter may be the most pleasant.

This is a job for which I strongly advise creating a checklist. There’s also this guide that’s worth bookmarking.

However, keeping track of what supplies you need and what you still need to create will be beneficial, since it may get confused and stressful halfway through.


4. Complete Master of Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Master Trophy

We also have the last trophy you’ll win in the basic game to cap it all off.

This is the culmination of your previous efforts. For every completionist, this is the ultimate reward.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you win this trophy by finishing and earning every other award in the main game. This contains all of the previously stated trophies, as well as completing the narrative, reaching level 99, obtaining the ultima weapon, and much more.

As long as you attempt all the game has to offer, you’ll earn quite a number of the trophies naturally as you go through the game.

Only a handful will be more time consuming and tedious, requiring you to concentrate on it explicitly in order to get the trophy rather than stumbling across it.

In any case, this is a trophy for which you’ll need a checklist, just going through the list of which trophies you may earn right now and which you’ll have to work for.

But shouldn’t the medal for collecting all of the trophies be the most difficult?

So, my buddy, please bear with me. Re:Keep in mind…


3. Behind the Scenes

Beyond the Curtain Battle for KH3 Trophy

We’re going to kick off the Re:Mind awards with a bang, literally.

Just a heads up, there are Re:Mind spoilers coming!

Beyond the Curtain is your prize for defeating one of, if not the, most difficult bosses in the whole Kingdom Hearts series.

Yozora is currently a highly enigmatic character in the Kingdom Hearts world. We don’t have a lot of information on him.

All we know is that he’s lethal, and that he’s willing to kick your butt until you rage out and quit.

He’s lightning quick, nimble, and can shoot from a variety of angles, and he strikes like a truck.

Strike him when he’s most vulnerable, which is typically while he’s on the ground. If you’d prefer simply get the battle over with, there are a couple more chess-like ways to defeat him.

If you want to be a real light guardian and confront him alone, attempt to learn out his routines and avoid a lot.

That may seem like simple advice, but it’s something!


2. Risktaker/All-Rounder

Risktaker Trophy for Org XIII in KH3

This trophy, or rather, “trophies” as they all seem to melt together, may be difficult to comprehend (even I don’t completely get it yet).

EZ Codes and PRO Codes were included in the Re:Mind DLC.

These may be obtained by selecting your adventure type at the start of Dive to Heart.

Regardless of your selections, you’ll have to beat Yozora to have both unlocked on your save.

These codes are similar to cheat codes, with different advantages and disadvantages. Some allow you to one-shot opponents, while others reset your stats to 0 or disable healing.

Merits, unique tasks available in the premium menu, may be used to unlock each code.

You must accomplish all of the EZ Merit tasks to get the All-Rounder award.

To obtain the Risktaker Trophy, you must get the maximum score possible while battling different bosses utilizing Pro Codes.

There are many graphs and statistics available to assist you in better understanding this mechanism… However, at first sight, it may be very daunting.

This is more of a learn-as-you-go situation, so… best of luck!


1. Completed analysis

Analysis Complete Trophy / Xehanort Battle in KH3

Sure, Re:secret Mind’s boss may be the most difficult to defeat.

But how can you get access to the opportunity to battle him?

Of course, you must defeat 13 more very difficult boss battles!

As a result, Analysis Complete is the game’s most difficult award to earn. Not because it’s the most tough battle, but because there are a whopping 13 of them to go through!

During an upgraded boss battle, each member of the Real Organization XIII has their chance to shine.

Don’t expect them to be as good as their main narrative equivalents. These are all new super boss battles in the manner of KH2FM’s Cavern of Remembrance.

Certain bosses may be easier or tougher than others, depending on your playstyle and abilities.

If you get stuck on one, don’t be scared to watch any instructions since there’ll be a lot more to go through later.

You may also beat them in almost any order you choose. So go ahead and challenge those you believe you’re up to the task.

If you defeat all 13 members, you’ll get a trophy, several useful equipment, and access to Re:ending/final Mind’s hidden boss.

As a result, putting in the time, effort, and suffering to get through them is well worth it.

The Kingdom Hearts series is comprised of a series of games with very similar storylines and gameplay mechanics. The main series features characters from Disney-related properties. “Re:Mind” is an upcoming spin-off that features characters from other properties, including “KH3D”, which was released last year for the Nintendo 3DS as the tenth main title in the franchise. The game features a non-linear mission system, in which players can explore areas of the game map in order to progress the storyline. The game also features a multiplayer component, in which players can battle online against other players.. Read more about kh3 armored xehanort pro codes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 an easy platinum?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is not an easy platinum. It is a difficult platinum.

Is there a trophy for critical mode kh3?

Yes, there is a trophy for completing the game on critical mode.

Are there missable trophies in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Yes, there are a few missable trophies.

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