There’s an abundance of Pokémon in the world, with more than 600 monster-type creatures to choose from. As part of our series ranking the best of these monsters, we are counting down our top 15 favorites.

Rock-type monsters are some of the most powerful and dangerous Pokémon in the game, with most of the best and most unique types being pure Rock-types. In this list, we will rank the 15 best Rock-types based on their stats, moves and abilities – not in order of overall strength – and the Rock-type Pokémon that make this list include Pokemon from the following generations:

If you are a fan of the Pokemon series, then you will no doubt be familiar with the Blue and Red monsters. Blue, the Pokemon that is known for its speed, is a popular choice for competitive players, due to its ability to boost its other stats and skills when the opponent is low on health. Red, on the other hand, is a more defensive-based monster, and is favoured by players that like to stay alive longer. We have put together a list of our top 15 favourite Pokemon types, based on their ability to deal with both defensive and offensive threats.. Read more about best rock type pokemon go and let us know what you think.

Rock decks aren’t always about destroying your opponent with sheer power, which may surprise you.

Some of the greatest Rock monsters provide protection as well as borderline disruptive effects.

So, if you wish to dominate your opponents, let me reveal some of the finest Rock-type monsters worth investigating.


Gate Blocker (number 15)

Limiting your opponent’s options and safeguarding your vulnerable monsters are often just as essential as going on the attack.

Gate Blocker is an LVL4 with 100 ATK and 2000 DEF who counters your opponent’s Field Spells.

For many decks, this is a huge issue. Gate Blocker is even more of an issue for any counter-based deck, since it prevents your opponent from putting any on the field.

Finally, this card protects your other monsters as well. Because it’s the only card your opponent may target with effects while it’s on the field.


14. Defeat Crusader

Tackle Crusader Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Monsters are often much more useful in the Graveyard than they are on the battlefield.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

LVL4 Tackle Crusader has 1500 ATK/1800 DEF. You may either Target and change an opponent’s monster from face-up to face-down Defense Position, or return a face-up Spell/Trap your opponent controls back to their hand after it falls in the Graveyard.

If you choose the latter, your opponent will be unable to play cards with the same name as the one you returned (until the end of the turn).

These impacts aren’t very strong.

However, being able to interrupt your opponent’s front or back row is a fantastic alternative.


Prank-Kids Rocksies (nineteen)

Prank-Kids Rocksies YGO Card

Because it locks you into a Prank-Kids deck, this card is a bit lower on the list.

However, it’s a great card in a Yu-Gi-Oh! strategy that’s making waves.

Prank-Kids Rocksies has 1500 ATK/1500 DEF and is an LVL4 character. You may Banish a card in your hand to Draw a card, then Special Summon any Prank-Kids monster from your hand or Deck when it’s used as Fusion or Link material for a Prank-Kids monster.

In most decks, Special Summoning depletes your resources. However, with Prank-Kids, you get more monsters on the field — and greater draw power.


Grysta El-Shaddoll, 12

El-Shaddoll Grysta Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card is a bit lower on the list than ‘Prank-Kids Rocksies,’ since it confines you into a particular deck.

However, this is a fantastic monster with Summon denial built in.

El-Shaddoll Grysta is an LVL7 with 2450 ATK/1950 DEF and the following effect that occurs once every turn:

To negate a Special Summon and destroy that monster, send a ‘Shaddoll’ card from your hand to the Graveyard.

It’s also worth mentioning that Shaddoll decks often use their opponents’ monsters as Fusion monster material. As a result, when you summon this monster, your opponent will already be on the defensive.


Drought Barrier Statue No. 11

Barrier Statue of the Drought YGO Card

Barrier Statue cards may be incredibly game-changing if you can keep them secure.

The Drought Barrier Statue is an LVL4 with just 1000 ATK/1000 DEF.

Only EARTH monsters may be Special Summoned while it’s on the field.

This card may halt combinations in their tracks and delay your opponent to a halt.

In combat, this is a weak monster. However, if your opponent has to spend their whole Main Phase fighting this monster, it’s already done its purpose.


Gallant Granite is number ten.

Gallant Granite Yu-Gi-Oh Card

There are a surprising number of good Rock XYZ monsters out there. This one is no exception, and it’s a great find.

Gallant Granite is an LVL4 XYZ with 2300 ATK/1800 DEF and the ability to remove a material from the deck to add a Rock monster to your hand.

If you already have everything you need in your hand, you may Special Summon a Rock monster from your hand in face-down Defense position instead.


Daigusto Emeral (nine)

Daigusto Emeral YGO Card

This is a fantastic monster to add to your Deck if you need some additional draw power.

It’s much better if you utilize any Normal monsters.

Daigusto Emeral is an LVL4 XYZ with 1800 ATK/800 DEF and two effects to select from when detaching a material here.

To draw a card, shuffle three monsters from your Graveyard back into your deck. This is particularly useful if you have search cards on hand.

You may Special Summon a Normal monster from your Graveyard with the second effect. So, if you can put something strong in there ahead of time, you can get some difficult clients for free.


Researcher Adamancipator No. 8

Adamancipator Researcher Yu-Gi-Oh Card

It wouldn’t be a proper Rock list without including Adamancipator.

In the year 2020, this deck was causing quite a stir in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Although it isn’t currently being used in tournaments, it is still a viable strategy — and this is one of their most valued cards.

If you control a Rock monster, you may Special Summon Adamancipator Researcher, an LVL2 monster with 100 ATK/2100 DEF.

You may also remove the top 5 cards from your deck and Special Summon any LVL4 non-Tuner Rock monster you removed, then discard the rest of the cards.

This is a fantastic method to rapidly get creatures on the field, maybe as fodder for Boss monsters (including one much higher on this list).


7. Hex Sealed Fusion – The Light

The Light – Hex Sealed Fusion. YGO Card

There are a few of ‘Hex Sealed Fusion’ cards floating around. You’ll want to choose one that best fits your deck, although they all have similar effects and are great in Fusion decks.

A LVL3 with 1000 ATK/1600 DEF, the Light – Hex Sealed Fusion is an LVL3 with 1000 ATK/1600 DEF.

However, its worth is from its impact, which enables you to use it as a replacement for any Fusion material – provided that the other material is right.

If you’re Special Summoning a LIGHT Fusion monster, you may also skip utilizing ‘Polymerization’ with this card.

This limitation is what distinguishes all of the ‘Hex Sealed Fusion’ cards.


6. Giant Hand (number 106).

Number 106: Giant Hand Yu-Gi-Oh Card

In any deck, effect negation is very useful.

And it turns out that there’s a Rock XYZ monster that excels at it.

Number 106: Giant Hand is an LVL4 XYZ with 2000 ATK/2000 DEF and the ability to Target an opponent’s monster and negate its effects by detaching 2 resources.

That monster can’t alter its fighting position while this card is on the field.

The targeted monster is physically held in place by Giant Hand. As a result, you are free to proceed as you want.


5. Dyna Pachycephalo (fossil)

Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo YGO Card

This monster has a wonderfully powerful influence, but it’s so strong that you’ll have to be cautious!

Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo is an LVL4 with 1200 ATK/1300 DEF with the following deadly abilities:

Every Special Summoned monster is destroyed when it is turned face-up.

Furthermore, neither player may Special Summon it while it is on the field.

Needless to say, you’ll have to work around this impact. However, since many powerful decks depend heavily on their combos and Extra Deck, this may be a game-winner.


4. Sanaphond the Sky Prison (number 68)

Number 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The Graveyard is a valuable resource for many strong decks.

And having monsters in there is much more useful than just having them in the deck.

All of that changes with this card.

Sanaphond the Sky Prison, number 68, is an LVL8 XYZ with 2100 ATK/2700 DEF. And its moniker is apt, since it effectively turns the Graveyard into a jail.

This monster gets 100 ATK/DEF for each monster in both Graveyards, and you may detach a material to protect it from destruction effects.

Additionally, this may halt a lot of tactics in their tracks by locking all Special Summoning from the Graveyards for a turn.


3. The Giants

Gigantes YGO Card

A free monster for material devastation and back-row annihilation?

For an LVL4 monster, this is very impressive.

Gigantes has 1900 ATK/1300 DF and cannot be summoned normally. It can, however, be Special Summoned from your hand by banishing 1 EARTH monster from your Graveyard, making it ideal for Link, XYZ, or Synchro material.

If your opponent has a frightening lineup of Spells/Traps, it’s even more essential to get rid of them.

You may also destroy every Spell/Trap on the field if this card is destroyed in combat.

This is essentially XYZ/Synchro content mixed with ‘Heavy Storm,’ and Heavy Storm is banned!


2. Dragite – Adamancipator Risen

Adamancipator Risen – Dragite Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This monster has excellent stats, disrupts, and negates effects.

Everything a Boss monster could ever desire.

Adamancipator Risen – Dragite is a LVL8 Synchro with 3000 ATK/2200 DEF and has an effect where you can excavate the top 5 cards from your deck, and you can return cards your opponent controls to their hand for every excavated Rock monster.

The excavated cards are then placed at the bottom of your deck.

Because it doesn’t target or destroy, this is some of the greatest threat elimination in the game.

You have a Quick Effect to negate and destroy Spells/Traps if you have a WATER monster in your Graveyard. Nothing occurs to the WATER monster, thus you may repeat the process every round.


The Primal Being, Nibiru

Nibiru, the Primal Being YGO Card

Nibiri is the only card on this list that deserves to be at the top.

Any user of a combination deck should be afraid of this card.

If your opponent summons 5 or more monsters on their turn, you may Tribute as many face-up monsters as possible, then Summon this extremely strong 3000 ATK/600 DEF Meteorite to your side of the field.

However, your opponent receives a consolation prize:

They get a token with the same ATK/DEF as all of the destroyed monsters combined.

However, dealing with a Token that can strike hard is likely to be preferable than dealing with a field with numerous monsters and unpleasant effects.

Think of a rock. To start with, no doubt it’s a rocky place, and we only need to look down to see the rocky mountains. Have you ever thought about the rocks that built the mountains? The rocks might have a different color, shape and size, but they are all rocks. Today, we are going to have a look at the 15 best rock-type monsters, ranked. Let’s begin!. Read more about best rock type pokémon sword and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest rock type?

Alola Golem, Island Magmar, and Island Salamence. Q: Who is the best leader? Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma. Q: Are there any Pokemon that can learn any move? Yes, there are

Which is the powerful rock type Pokemon?

In the standard type chart, Rock is a super effective against itself but weak against four other types. It is strong against Water, Grass, Ground, and Ice. Q: How to get a german ipod touch in the UK? You can get an iPod touch in the

What is the best legendary rock type Pokemon?

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