Everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, whether they’re an anime fan or not. This list is sure to have something for everyone, including those who want a relaxing night in before bedtime as well as those that just need their dose of escapism because it’s been too long since they watched anything new.

“20 calm anime characters that always keep their chill” is a blog post about the “calm anime characters boy.” The article talks about how these characters are able to stay cool under any situation.

The majority of anime titles have engrossing plots with strong action sequences, suspenseful confrontations, and astronomically high stakes.

This is the type of thing that would make any fan’s adrenaline race along with the show’s characters.

At least, most of the characters.

After all, some of them can’t be bothered to respond at all, even in the most terrible of circumstances.

They’re cool as ice, calm, and collected.

Here’s our list of the most relaxed anime characters you’ll ever come across.


20. Kuzan

One Piece is a popular anime series.

When it comes to characters that are as frigid as ice, we just can’t leave out Kuzan, who is actually composed of ice.

Kuzan is one of the mellowest characters in the series, despite being a former admiral who is meant to be hell-bent on upholding peace and order.

He’d rather take a sleep and lounge about than do his tedious (at least to him) admiral responsibilities, which makes us doubt his work ethic.

However, we’ve already seen what he’s capable of at Marineford and during his fight with Akainu.

And, I must say, not bad for a slacker!

While Kuzan may have lost the fight and his left leg in the process, he doesn’t seem to be worried in the least.


19. Aizawa Shota

Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is an anime series based on the manga My Hero Academia.

Shota may be the most severe instructor at UA, yet no one can dispute that he is more concerned with his pupils’ well-being than with his own.

He looks and talks in a disinterested manner most of the time.

And, like Kuzan, he enjoys resting and just chilling in his little leisure time.

That’s why he loves his sleeping bag and takes it with him everywhere he goes.

When his kids are put in danger, though, Eraserhead won’t hesitate to take on a horde of foes with the calmness and concentration of a champion.


18. The Watchdog

Watchdog Man in One Punch Man anime

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime series.

Watchdog Man may not seem to fit in with the other S-class heroes.

He is, however, by far the only S-class hero to have annihilated Genos in a one-sided battle.

Saitama, on the other hand, does not seem to be very impressive. And he’s more powerful than all of the S-class heroes put together!

They even have a similar appearance, don’t they?

Perhaps we’re on to something…

Despite his resemblance to Caped Baldy, Watchdog Man is a fantastic character who has yet to display any emotion.

Not even while he was confronting the legendary “Hero Hunter” Garou, or when he noticed someone farted in that S-class hero conference.


Mikasa Ackerman (#17)

One Punch Man from Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime series.

Mikasa is a quiet and reclusive lady who seldom expresses her feelings overtly, always with a blank expression on her face.

That is, unless someone interferes with Eren.

Everyone who has ever made that mistake has been subjected to Mikasa’s fury, which is both terrifying and admirable depending on your point of view.

Even so, she erupts in a terrifying fashion, despite the fact that she has never lost control of her emotions when protecting Eren on several occasions.

In the end, I suppose it’s reasonable to say she had the will to sacrifice her relationship to Eren for the greater good.


Tanaka, no. 16

Tanaka in Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Tanaka-kun Is Always Boring in Anime

Tanaka is one of the laziest anime characters of all time, in addition to being a famous introvert.

It’s right there in the title, after all!

Tanaka is quiet, uninterested, and awkward, and he despises hard labor.

He’s never been fazed or fascinated by the most thrilling events in his life, and would rather avoid them than participate.

Nonetheless, he cares deeply about his friends and family, even if he doesn’t show it.

But don’t expect him to be very concerned.

In that way, he’s a little “tsundere.”


Byakuya Kuchiki, No. 15

Byakuya Kuchiki Bleach anime screenshot

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

Byakuya is one of those characters that doesn’t smile very much.

I mean, his facial emotions are essentially confined to a frown, a scowl, and a blank stare.

That is all there is to it.

He was born into an aristocratic family and has been taught in etiquette and battle since he was a toddler.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to figure out how he ended up the way he did.

He does, however, break character once in a blue moon, as I previously said. And, for some reason, when Yoruichi is around.


Kanade Tachibana (14), Kanade Tachibana (14), Kanade

Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats anime

Angel Beats is a Japanese anime series.

Angel Beats has long been considered one of the most heartbreaking anime programs ever produced. And, in my opinion, this distinction is well merited.

Kanade is a character from the titular anime who was formerly thought to be an actual angel (thus her moniker) who serves God.

I don’t blame the other characters for mistaking her for one, given how lovely she appears and behaves.

Kanade is a reclusive and emotionless girl who, until the series’ conclusion, has only revealed one facial expression other than her customary blank stare.

(In case any of you are wondering, it’s a cute little pout.)

Despite the fact that she finally opened up around other people (particularly with Otonashi), she remains aloof and frigid for the bulk of the program due to her lonely background.


13. Hei

Hei in Darker than Black anime

Darker than Black (Anime)

When it comes to maintaining their cool under duress, assassins are the masters.

Hei is one of the finest assassins to ever do it, having been the famed “Black Reaper” who terrorized other Contractors.

Hei is a guy of determination, devotion, and pure willpower who will go to any length to accomplish his objectives. Something that the majority of us are unfamiliar with.

However, Hei, like John Wick, has his boundaries and is completely capable of feeling love for others.

Although, in Hei’s case, anger isn’t directed at his late wife, dog, or automobile, but rather at his missing sister and the friends he gained while seeking for her.


Yuki Nagato, No. 12

Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy (Anime)

This once-bespectacled bibliophile is now one of anime’s sharpest and most powerful characters.

Given how tough her competition is, this is quite an accomplishment… However, she outperforms the majority of them when it comes to maintaining a straight face.

After all, Yuki is a humanoid interface. She was created with the intention of steadily increasing her intellect as she watches other individuals and their actions.

And that’s what she does the majority of the time.

She couldn’t communicate with other people at first, but as the series progressed, she learnt to talk in many sentences.


Sesshomaru (No. 11)

Sesshomaru in InuYasha anime

InuYasha is a Japanese anime series.

Sesshomaru enjoys just one thing more than trying to murder his brother every now and then…

And that’s what it takes to be a cool quiet badass.

He’s frequently distant and seldom speaks, but when he does, he makes every word matter.

Inuyasha knows since he’s been burned by his elder brother on many occasions during their many sibling quarrels.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand, mellowed down and grew less reserved as the anime proceeded, thanks to Rin’s aid.


Tetsuya Kuroko is number ten.

Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko's Basketball anime

Kuroko’s Basketball is an anime series about a basketball player named Kuroko.

When it comes down to it, Tetsuya is a very well-known anime protagonist – even if he prefers and excels at keeping his presence hidden.

On and off the court, he’s always cool as a cucumber and keeps his ideas to himself, but he does make exceptions when it’s time to play some hoops.

Tetsuya was previously dubbed the “Phantom Sixth Player” of the top junior high basketball team in the nation despite his lack of scoring skills.

But it didn’t make him any less silent or reserved because of his distinguished rank.

Kuroko is a cheerful person who clearly enjoys the game of basketball behind all the mystery and introversion.


Rei Ayanami (nine)

Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese anime series.

It’s no secret that most NGE fans debate whether Asuka or Rei is Shinji’s “best gal.”

However, other fans (like myself) believe that it is more important to focus on what makes each of them outstanding individually.

On the one hand, Rei stands out among the other candidates due to her calm temperament, which contrasts with Asuka’s typically severe extroversion.

Prior to meeting Shinji, she is usually quiet and goes about her business… However, she has matured since then and has attempted to interact with others.

I suppose it’s better late than never.


Johan Liebert is number eight on the list.

Johan Liebert Monster anime screenshot

Monster Anime

Johan is not just anime’s coldest, most cruel, and most wicked demon.

He’s also a living embodiment of that term.

He is a distant and unfeeling psychopath who would inspire mass murders and force others to commit suicide simply for the sake of it.

Furthermore, he does it without showing any shame or guilt, typically with a blank expression on his face.

Johan is one of the most strangely composed anime characters you’ll ever see, despite his peacefulness stemming mostly from his complete lack of empathy and feeling.


7. Agata Katsuhira

Katsuhira Agata from Kiznaiver anime

Kiznaiver is a Japanese anime series.

Katsuhira Agata used to be bashful and happy when he was small.

He finally exhibited apathy and indifference to everything around him after enduring the Kizuna Experiment.

This includes his friends and even the bullies who previously thrashed him to death.

He’s essentially the ultimate pacifist.

In retrospect, his inability to feel pain has led him into more difficulty than not. Despite all that has happened to him, he has shown that he still cares about his buddies.


6. Sai

Sai from Naruto anime

Naruto is a Japanese anime series.

Since he was transferred to Team 7 as Uchiha Sasuke’s successor, Sai had a lot of big shoes to fill.

And I have to admit, he did a fantastic job of blending in with the team’s general personality.

He used to be a founding member of the ANBU, which explains his disconnected and spooky demeanor.

After all, root members needed to get rid of their emotions in order to complete their assignments more quickly.

Needless to say, Sai had some difficulties mingling with other people. Eventually, with the help of his friends and his wife, Ino Yamanaka, he was able to conquer it.


Piccolo (#5)

Piccolo in Dragon Ball anime

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese animated television series.

Piccolo’s inclusion on this list, as well as his cool demeanor in the face of battles and life in general, should come as no surprise.

After all, as part of his training, he meditates for endless hours each day.

If I’ve ever seen commitment, this is it!

Regrettably, this could not prevent Vegeta from supplanting him as Goku’s principal foe.

But, at the very least, he got a lot of screen time in the most recent episodes of the show.

He’s also one of the few fighters on the program that doesn’t depend on his wrath for quick strength (*cough* Saiyans *cough*).

On the other hand, absorbing a fellow Namekian…


4. Houtarou Oreki (Houtarou Oreki)

Dragon Ball Hyouka anime screenshot

Hyouka is a Japanese anime series.

True introverts, like yourself, are championed by Houtarou Oreki.

In fact, I believe he is the quintessential embodiment of the term.

He’s certainly not a moderate case, but he’s also not an exaggeration.

As I already said, he is the ideal introvert.

He’s composed, silent, and unfazed by the activities of others around him. He fits in flawlessly and doesn’t stick out, which is exactly how he wants it.

However, he is also extremely intelligent and observant, which paradoxically makes him Eru Chitanda’s favorite person to annoy.


Saiki Kusuo is number three on the list.

Saiki Kusuo in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anime: The Misadventures of Saiki K.

If you’re as powerful as this man, you’re likely to be unmoved by anything.

That’s precisely how Saiki is.

He’s at ease since he can see and hear everything in a 200-meter radius, including other people’s thoughts.

That’s with his limiters turned on.

Given this, it’s easy to see why Saiki’s expressionless visage remained mostly unchanged throughout the whole series.

It’s because he has the luxury of being calm at all times.

Unless you put him in a situation where he has to deal with bugs.


2. L

L from Death Note anime

Death Note is a Japanese anime series.

L is known for his calm demeanor, which borders on creepy.

He even battled Light hand-to-hand without a single grimace or frown on his face.

On the other hand, you have to give it to him…

Despite his strange conduct and oddly unshakeable mind, he is generally regarded as one of the most intellectual anime characters of all time.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s the one who started all of the inquiries into Kira?

Not to add that he was correct in suspecting Light Yagami all along. But, alas, we are all aware of how his narrative ended.


Sakamoto, No. 1

Sakamoto in Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

Have You Heard About Anime? Sakamoto is my name.

And for the top slot, we’ve got…

Isn’t it true that you’ve previously heard his name? Sakamoto-kun, the one and only!

This individual is great. Period.

There are no ifs or buts. He’s almost unshakeable in the sense that he maintains his cool in the face of adversity.

And by that, I mean Sakamoto can bulldoze through anything without breaking a sweat – or losing his calm demeanor.

There’s a reason he has so many fans among his peers (possibly everyone) and even outside of school.

Sakamoto is just too great and wonderful to be ignored.

The “calm anime characters girl” is a character that always keeps her cool. She’s not the type of person to get all riled up, and she won’t let anything bother her.

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Who is the most laziest anime character?

A: Thats a difficult question to answer, as laziness can be covered in many different ways. However, I would say that the most lazy and unenthusiastic character is probably Kagura from Inuyasha.

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