The Best Heavy Armor Sets in Dark Souls 2 (Our Top Picks)

The “dark souls 2 best defense armor” is a set of armor that can be found in Dark Souls 2. It offers the best defense and is one of the most popular sets.

This is our list of the best Heavy Armor Sets in Dark Souls 2, with the focus on stats and what you can expect to find for elemental damage. You’ll also find some information about upgrading these sets as well which will be useful if you’re looking to make them your one-stop shop.

“The Best Heavy Armor Sets in Dark Souls 2 (Our Top Picks)” is a blog post that discusses the best heavy armor sets in Dark Souls II. The author of the blog post, “Dark Souls II,” has compiled a list of their top picks for each category. Read more in detail here: dark souls 2 best defense armor.

The first Dark Souls game has a rich history full of lore and secrets for players to explore. The series’ sequels were met with mixed reviews, but its third installment is widely considered the best in the franchise. One of Dark Souls 2’s most iconic moments comes as you make your way through Anor Londo, where you will find yourself fighting off swarms of gargoyles while wearing heavy armor sets from all across Lordran. Here are our five favorite selections from the extensive list found throughout this world.

There aren’t any. Goodbye.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but every joke has some truth to it, so let’s go over some details.

Armor in Dark Souls 2 is pretty straightforward:

Depending on your defenses, your overall armor shields you against a certain amount of damage from each assault.

A fully upgraded heavy armor suit will normally provide you with roughly 1000 protection (give or take), allowing you to block around 100 damage.

Heavy armor is excellent against minor, low-damaging assaults. You wouldn’t have seen a difference if you were nude against most major strikes.

That implies that the great majority of heavy armor users are either newcomers to the game or the genuine kings and queens of the game, FASHION PLAYERS.

Join me for a lengthy discussion on aesthetics and fabulousness rather than numbers, so you may finally discover the armor of your dreams.

Set of Havel

The Best Heavy Armor Sets in Dark Souls 2 (Our Top Picks)

We’re going to start with a classic.

The Havel’s Set is an iconic part of every Souls game, and Dark Souls 2 couldn’t possibly be without it.

Its sky-high defenses and poise are only surpassed by a few other sets, much like in the prequel, but it also weighs a ton.

Wearing this allows you to cheese a large amount of the PvE content while also instilling dread in any PvP opponent.

How to obtain it: Treasure in the Gutter, hidden behind a locked door that can only be opened with the Forgotten Key.

Gyrm Set

Gyrm Set from Dark Souls 2

Have you ever wished to dress up like a viking? Now is your opportunity to shine!

The Gyrm Set hails from the deep depths of the frigid wastes, and it will transform you into a horned terror wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

If you go this way, I recommend employing axe weapons (the larger the better) to get a greater sense of the atmosphere.


Gyrms in the Shaded Woods and Doors of Pharros will drop it for you.

Set of Heide Knights

Heide Knight Set from Dark Souls 2

Following that is a particular favorite of mine.

In a genre steeped with dark and black color palettes, the Heide Knight Set stands out as a bright beacon of hope.

It’s ideal for cosplaying as a paladin, crusader, or any other “warrior of light” character.

Obviously, you’ll want to use it in conjunction with a sword and shield. A lance will suffice in this situation.

How to obtain it: Heide Knights dropped it.

Set of Old Knights

Old Knight Armor Set from Dark Souls 2

The Old Knight armor is what I like to refer to as “fashionable but powerful,” which means it looks nice while still having excellent defensive numbers!

Looking at it makes me think of an ancient hero who refuses to give up the battle and is just too obstinate to retire.

While its defense and poise are strong, you may find it difficult to maintain its durability and weight, so it’s best to save it for a rainy day.

You can decide for yourself.

How to obtain it: Old Knights have dropped it.

Set of Smelter Demons

Smelter Demon Set from Dark Souls 2

This is the outfit for you if you ever want to cosplay as a creature of pure hate, something that has caused many Dark Souls 2 gamers to toss their controllers in a fit of wrath.

Aside from the dubious-looking helmet, this armor looks fantastic and provides incredible protections and poise.

With beast-like hooves and strange carvings and edges, the overall look deviates from the “standard” for an armor.

While wearing this gear, be sure to employ pyromancies and great-weapons.

After you beat the Smelter Demon, Maughlin the Armourer will sell it to you.

Set Faraam

Faraam Set from Dark Souls 2

I couldn’t possible have a list of the top heavy armors without include the one seen on the game’s cover.

The Faraam Set brilliantly depicts the spirit of a roaming knight with no time for frills and just one goal in mind (to link the fire, or die trying).

For those of you who are interested in the history of this armor, I suggest reading up on Forossa and all of the ideas surrounding it.

How to obtain it: Go to Drangleic Castle and look for the treasure by the King’s Gate bonfire.

Set of Ironclad

Ironclad Set from Dark Souls 2

I wanted to draw attention to this set because of one of its unique characteristics.

Are you aware that donning the Ironclad Armor protects you against backstabs?

So there you have it.

So go ahead and do anything you want while spreading the word about our turtle hero.

It’s a cowabunga.

How to obtain it: Ironclad Soldiers will drop it at the Iron Keep.

Syan’s Outfit

Syan’s Set from Dark Souls 2

Sir Syan the Loyal’s gorgeous armor is the final outfit I’d like to show you.

Despite the fact that this is a replica, I believe it looks better than the vast majority of “originals.”

A long and flowing cape is attached to the chestpiece and will swish like the wind, increasing your coolness factor by at least 30%.

Wear this with a longsword and a kite shield (such as the King’s or the Royal) to become a legendary knight!

Just be cautious not to lose your mind.

Please wait a minute… Are those GIANTS attempting to enslave us?

How to obtain it: Syan soldiers drop it.

Dark Souls 2 is a difficult game. If you want to be successful in the game, you need to know what armor sets are best for your build and play style. This article will list our top picks of the best heavy armor sets in Dark Souls 2. Reference: dark souls 2 armor tier list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best armor set in ds2?

A: The best armor set in Dark Souls 2 is the Ringed Knight Set.

What is the heaviest armor in Dark Souls 2?

A: The heaviest armor in Dark Souls 2 is the Black Iron set. It weighs 26 pounds and has a defense rating of 94.

What is the heaviest armor in Dark Souls?

A: The heaviest armor in Dark Souls is the Stone Set, which weighs 1.2 kg.

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