The 2018 Ghost of Tsushima trailer is creepy and much more intriguing than its predecessor. The visuals, especially the audio and visuals, helped give the trailer a very unique atmosphere. The visuals also help establish the story that is being told in the trailer, a story that is being told in an interesting way, as I will explain. The trailer also showcases something that is a very interesting, and that is that the Ghost of Tsushima is, at least in this trailer, a story that is being told in an interesting way, as I will explain.

Iki Island Shrine is a location in Ghost of Tsushima that is one of the main objectives in the game. The eight Iki Island Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima are scattered around the map. There are three Iki Island Shrine locations in the open areas, including: the Shrine in the village, the Shrine next to the bridge, which is the only one of the three that is open to the public. The other Iki Island Shrine locations are located in the forest.

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In Ghost of Tsushima, shrines may provide priceless charms, yet on Iki Island, just one stands in this area of vagrants, thieves, and misfits. It may be difficult to get there, but with this guidance, you’ll be there in no time.

Yes, compared to the numerous shrines in the original game, this Iki Island addition has just one shrine. To begin, go south of the Weeping Mother’s Meadow, which is situated on Iki Island’s southeast side. We’re going to Nakajima Island, but you’ll have to down a high slope to get there.

Under the violet-purple trees, you’ll discover an Archery Challenge. Soldiers will be practicing archery there with their bows and arrows. Continue up the hill past the archery challenge until you reach the cliff wall. You’ll see a log with red and white rope protruding from it. With your rope hook, jump on it. Using the handholds, carefully down the cliff to the beach.

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Once you’re down, look to your left for an island completely covered with trees. Come on over. Once you’ve arrived, go to the shrine via the crimson temple gates. Take a left after squeezing through the rocks to get inside. You’ll come upon a tree that you’ll have to cut down using your rope hook. To pull it down, hold the R2 button and then the L2 button. To continue, jump on the log and go through the gap behind you. To get a Sakai banner, jump over the rocks and into the pit to the right.

Climb to the top of the handhold and turn right. You’ve arrived at the end of a wooden bridge, where a monkey greets you. You can’t pet it, unfortunately. Now leap to the branch from the right stone wall. Cross the wooden bridges into the water of the pond. Squeeze beneath the rock by turning right.

Mashira’s Bite, a new color scheme for your weapon, is now available. But it’s not over yet. Crawl beneath the rock by following the route to the left. A cave and a route up the rock will now be visible.

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Climb up the rock using the correct route. When you come upon a frog statue, take a step down. Make a U-turn. On the other side, you’ll see a white blossom. Take a leap of faith and approach it. Pull down the tree close to you with the hookshot once again.

After that, jump atop the log and go ahead. The Nature’s Rhythm headband may be found in a treasure chest. Return to the log, and to your left, you’ll see two branches protruding. Climb on and follow the path up the cliff. The time has come for the truth to be revealed. You’ll have to make a life-threatening leap to a branch with a rope attached below.

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To get to the little wooden platform, swing across. Continue on the path and descend to the platform with the white flag. Make careful you don’t fall off to the left, otherwise you’ll end yourself back where you started. Continue ahead, bringing down another tree along the way, then jumping through the rocky tunnel.

Continue to leap and swing down the path until you reach a tightrope. Take care not to step on it, and don’t be concerned about the prize chest on the left. It consists only of supplies. After you’ve walked over a log, look to your right to find several stairs. Climb them, slither beneath the rock, and you’ll arrive at a vantage position. Take note of the lamps. Follow them down a right-hand route. It seems that the platforms are unstable and that you should not be on them, so take care. Ascend the wall using the handed markings. You can now see the shrine, but don’t take the risk of crossing it. Jin is remarkable, but he isn’t superhuman in any way.

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Instead, descend the left-hand cliffs and over a bamboo bridge. Don’t leap like a maniac; instead, take a slow, gentle descent. Finally, you’ve arrived. Congrats. With the L2 button, you’ll acquire the Charm of Reflexive Sight, which allows you to concentrate on an opponent who has started to notice you.

Despite the fact that there is only one shrine, you should keep track of the other places you may visit. For example, all of the animal sanctuaries, such as the monkey and deer sanctuaries, may boost Jin’s attacks and stats.

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