If you’re looking for the best game locations in the Ghost of Tsushima game, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll find the best Wind of Concentration Challenges location in Ghost of Tsushima. The Wind of Concentration Challenges is a game where you unlock new locations as you unlock new ranks, and this game location is a location that can be unlocked at Rank 9. Here are the locations you can find with this rank.

Ghost of Tsushima is a narrative game that tells the tale of a young samurai and his spiritual journey. The story is told through cinematic cutscenes and dynamic battles at the core of the game. These are some of the most intense and emotional battles in all of gaming. The story also explores themes of meditation and discipline. In the game’s settings, which span the Edo era in Japan, you’ll experience scenes that evoke the dark, mystical nature of the time period.

Japan is a nation of samurai, and American director Edward Zwick made his name with films about Japan’s longest period of peace in history. He’s set his latest epic in the summer and fall of 1592, during the Tokugawa Shogunate, when the world’s most powerful country was ruled by a seemingly unassailable regime. In Ghost of Tsushima, the vengeful samurai clan headed by Doshin is challenged by a new enemy, the Chinese Pirate leader Kuzun.

Wind of Concentration Challenges, commonly known as Archery Challenges, are a fun mini-game in the game that tests your bow and arrow abilities. Keep an eye out for them while you explore Iki Island, since they may help you increase your Charm of Concentration.

1st Archery Challenge

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The first challenge may be found in the middle of the Iki Island map. It’s southwest of the Zasho River and east of the Kidafure Battleground. These archers may be seen near a river’s cascade. A field of white blossoms is also present.

Second Archery Challenge

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The second archery challenge is located south of Kidafure Battleground, northwest of Lake Nagata, and west of the first. It’s in a moss-infested region where there used to be a village.

3rd Archery Challenge

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An Archery Challenge is located in the Yahata Forest on Iki Island’s eastern edge. It is located to the northeast of the Zasho River. This location is surrounded with purple flowers rather than white blooms. It’s close to some rocks. Some individuals are drinking sake above the archers.

Challenge #4: Archery

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Weeping Mother’s Meadow lies to the southwest, while Senjo Gorge is to the southeast. It looks out over some beautiful purple trees that seem violet in the sunshine.

5th Archery Challenge

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This archery challenge is located on Iki Island’s southernmost tip, south of Buddha’s Footprints. If you see blue flags all around, you’ve come to the correct spot.

It becomes a little more difficult with this task. You may be perplexed as to why the wind brought you to this monument, which does not seem to be a regular archery challenge. However, speaking with the visitors to this monument reveals that they revere the famous archer Tadayori Nagao. You should already have it if you completed his legendary story in Tsushima. Select Outfit from the Gear menu. Equip Tadayori’s Armor by scrolling down.

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Also, don’t forget the cap. In the helmet area of the menu, choose Tadayori’s Hat. A guy with a short haircut stands close to a bow on the right side of the monument. With the costume on, talk to him. Then he’ll put you to the test.

The guy will offer you a Charm of Terrifying Aim once you complete this. When you score a headshot kill, it will give you the upper hand in combat by allowing you to scare a nearby opponent.

If you haven’t yet obtained Tadayori’s Armor, you must complete the Iki Island narrative before returning to Tsushima. Then return here after you’ve completed reading The Legend of Tadayori legendary story.

6th Archery Challenge

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An archer may be found along the shore in the far southwest corner of the Iki Island map. Sarubashi and Saruiwa are to the southwest. It will take place off the coast of the United States. By the archers’ side, you’ll notice some debris and logs.

7th Archery Challenge

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You’ll discover an archery challenge east of Lone Spirit Falls if you search the northwest part of the map. The archer is facing a mountain range that is very big. A tiny pool of water can be seen on the left side of the site, which is surrounded by red flowers.

Challenge #8 in Archery

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The last archery challenge is located at Raider’s Promontory, on Iki Island’s most northern tip. It’s to the north of where you landed after your ship sank. Sly Hunter’s Forest is also located northwest of it. To get there, you’ll have to cross the river. It’s all that’s left of the monkey refuge at the same location.

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