All Star Tower Defense Tier List (August 2021)

In the Tower Defense genre, games like the popular game Plants vs Zombies and the more recent Plants vs Zombies 2 are some of the most popular. Although there are lots of tower defense games out there, not all of them are created equally. Some are too easy, some are too hard, and others don’t offer enough extra content. This is the reason why the Tower Defense List was created.

~~ The game that we are playing right now is named: ** All-Star Tower Defense **. It’s a new game that is in the process of development and it’s a game that will be released in two days. This game is a real time strategy game where you have to defend your city from attacking waves of enemies. A new type of game and it’s pretty fun. You have a lot of different types of buildings, units and upgrades. It’s a game for all the ages and it’s pretty fun. Anyways, it’s a game for you to play and have fun with. If you’re tired of playing games like: Call of Duty, Battlefield and the like. Then try All-Star Tower Defense. ~~

The All Star Tower Defense™ Tier List is a list of All Star Tower Defense™ Tier (ATSDT) games. The list is a ranking of every All Star Tower Defense™ Tier game ever released. It is not a ranking of the best ATSDT games.

All Star Tower Defense Tier List (August 2021)
All Star Tower Defense Tier List (August 2021) 3

All Star Tower Defense is Roblox’s most popular TD game, with over 100 characters to choose from. Some personalities are just constructed differently, it goes without saying. Certain characters are better suited to certain modes, but regardless of this, we may rate them by overall strength so you know who to call. We’ll go through every tier in All Star Tower Defense in this tutorial.

Keep in mind that tier rankings are subjective, so the characters we place in the top tier may not be the ones you choose. However, there is widespread agreement that certain personalities are just superior than others. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t want to play someone because we don’t think they’re very good. Instead, you may use this guide as a reference to help you figure out who to summon when the appropriate banner appears.

All Star Tower Defense Tier – August 2021

We’ll also go through some of the game’s greatest characters, explaining why they’re so excellent and why you should consider include them in your rotation. Characters may have rarities ranging from one to six stars, although the star rating isn’t everything. In general, six-star characters are all very strong, although some four-star fighters may still appear in S-tier. Use CTRL+F on your keyboard to search for particular characters in the All Star Tower Defense tier list below.

Keep an eye on our All Star Tower Defense codes page for the most up-to-date list of methods to obtain free Gems, Coins, and other special things.

Tier List for All-Star Tower Defense

S+Bellma is a name given to a woman who (SUPER Money Corp)5
S+Stache (black) (Timeskip)6
S+Flower Magician4
S+X, the Mysterious5
S+Organs are the body’s internal organs (Outrage)6
S+Paper Femininity (Awaken)5
S+The Patriot is a group of people that believe in5
S+Boy of the Year (Requiem)6
S+Koku, the Super God6
SMagician who opposes magic (Demon)5
SBellma is a name given to a woman who (Money Corp)4
SChairman of the Buddha5
SYugo, the Card Collector5
SJusuke, the Demon5
SHirito Hirito Hirito Hiri (Omega)6
SIV Jokato Koju (Jokato Koju) is a Japanese6
SKoro koro koro koro (Mystical)5
SCannon of the Mountains5
SRed Head5
SRuffy is a ruffian (Snake SSS)6
SOne with the Curse5
STroy Honda is a company based in Troy,5
SVegu is a name for a kind of (Mind)5
SGoddess of Water5
SA white mustache (Final)6
SZukia (B)6
ACaptain “God”5
ASorcerer with four eyes5
AStache (black)5
ADisturbing Lights5
ATiger Flamingo (Justice)6
ASupreme-Leader in Gold6
AIkki is a character in the film Ikki (Dark)6
AJokato Koju5
APink Koku Koku5
AKosuke is a Japanese actor (Eternal)5
ABorul, the legendary Borul5
AGreen is fortunate.5
AMeta Knight is a fictional character.5
AMikato is a character in the anime Mikato (Beast Cloak)6
AMina is a young woman who has a (Strong)5
AServant of the Red5
AStar Boy5
AFuture T Supa5
ASuper Boo5
ATatsu is a Japanese word that means “to (Half)5
AThe Path6
ATornado Girl is a fictional character.5
BBeast’s Club6
BTiger Flamingo5
BGeniuses (Grown)5
BIkki is a character in the film Ikki (Hollow)5
BLami Lami Lami Lami Lami Lam (Wuno)5
BPlant Man5
BWarrior with a Red Eye5
BRuffy is a ruffian (4th Form)5
BRage of Wrathdioas5
CGiant Hammer5
CSwordsman of Humility5
CIkki (BW)5
Cassassin (Lightspeed)5
CCaptain Masked4
CMagician Without a Shirt4
CStampede is a term that refers to a (100 percent )5
CSupreme-Commandant (Final Form)5
CTony Stark is a superhero who is well-known for5
CKoku Ultra5
CVeku Veku Veku Veku Veku Ve (Infinite Power)5
DBlack Koku4
DKiryu Yoshaga5
DZazashi is a Japanese word that translates to ” (Ultimate)5
DZaruto is a character from the anime Zaruto (Beast Cloak)5

What are the greatest All Star Tower Defense characters?

In All Star Tower Defense, the greatest characters are:

  • Bellma is a name given to a woman who (SUPER Money Corp)
  • Flower Magician
  • X, the Mysterious
  • Onwin
  • Paper Femininity (Awoken)
  • Stache (black) (Timeskip)

Bellma is a name given to a woman who (SUPER Money Corp)

Bellma is by far the greatest unit in the game, with just one of her earning you over 75,000 points. Bellma (Money Corp), a five-star support unit based on Bulma from Dragon Ball, may evolve into this by utilizing two Bellma (Money Corp), two Alien Soldier, two Alien Soldier II, and two Alien Soldier III. She is without a doubt the most crucial unit to get as soon as possible.

Flower Magician

Flower Magus is a four-star AoE support unit based on Merlin from Fate/Grand Order that offers amazing range boosts. Combine with Gilgamesh’s Gate and Gogeta’s Kovegu for a powerful combination. Overall, it’s a strong unit that serves as one of the game’s finest support towers.

X, the Mysterious

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, also known as Mysterious X, is the meta time stop unit in All Star Tower Defense right now, propelling him to the top of the tier list. He can only be obtained via Hero Summon and is very useful in Infinite Mode.


Onwin, or Erwin from Attack on Titan, is another fantastic triple-damage support tower. The manual ability boosts Towers’ damage by a percentage inside his radius. Carry a Bomba Orb (Trial 2 Extreme) for more usefulness and efficacy.

Stache (black) (Timeskip)

The development of Black Stache is Black Stache, a six-star based on Blackbeard from One Piece. It’s a mediocre damage dealer, but due to the slowing effect, it’s very helpful. It takes Black Stache, Whitestache, 4 Pirate Agent, 3 Pirate Agent III, 2 Pirate Agent IV, and 1 Pirate Agent V to get it.

Paper Femininity (Awoken)

Paper Beauty is a fantastic character that works well in almost every mode in the game. While it isn’t at the top of our list, it is a unit that you should acquire as quickly as possible if you are new to All Star Tower Defense so that you can easily complete Extreme Mode.

If you want to watch who rises (or falls) the rankings, bookmark this page and check it out after each update!

In August 2021, a new game will be released that will potentially shake the Tower Defense game genre to its core. It will be the first time in over two decades for a game will be released that promises to offer a truly new experience. This game will be the first to feature full-length story lines, and the first to combine all 5 Tower Defense Gameplay modes into one cohesive experience. Each and every mode that would make up the game will be fully fleshed out, and there will be over 50 hours of gameplay. Multiplayer will be available to everyone, and the game will have multiple endings, giving the player the ability to choose their own ending.. Read more about all star tower defense character tier list and let us know what you think.

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