I’m a massive fan of Final Fantasy XV and its weapons, which is why I’m here to talk about my favourite Greatswords. They are a major part of the game and each one has a unique backstory and moveset. I’m sure you’ve already seen some of these Greatswords in action in trailers, but to get the full experience you need to get these swords in-game.

In this series we will show you some great swords in Final Fantasy XV. These will all be sword types found in the game, not the weapons you can get from story events. These are all based around the same kind of stats and abilities. The stats and abilities may differ, and the swords may look slightly different, but they are all based on base stats and abilities.

The only way to truly master the sword in Final Fantasy XV is to be able to wield all three weapons at once. But this is no easy task! For starters, you have to unlock the Mystic Arte for the Greatswords. In order to do this you need to visit a variety of locations, defeat the enemies you find and complete the missions you are given. The Mercenaries are also a great source of information on The Best Greatswords to get in Final Fantasy XV.

Greatswords are the weapon gang’s heaviest hitters in Final Fantasy XV.

Greatswords are slow to handle and swing, but they do a lot of damage and make the effort worthwhile.

They’re great for wiping out large groups of opponents. They’re also ideal for support and massive link-strike damage when utilized by Gladio.

Greatswords, like every other weapon in the game, are plentiful. Each has its own advantages and abilities, but which are the best?

It may be a difficult decision to make. But for now, let’s concentrate on selecting the finest of the best for your event.


Masamune is number five.

It’s not always the basic statistics that distinguish a weapon, but rather the circumstances surrounding its acquisition and usage.

One such weapon is the Masamune.

It has a decent strike power, but it will eventually be eclipsed by other weapons.

The Masamune, on the other hand, has the benefit of being first among its larger brethren.

You receive the Masamune straight away – as in, right now.

It not only has a lot of offensive power at the start of the game, but it also has a unique ability that allows you to deal thousands of damage in the first hour.

The Masamune is a fantastic way to get started on your Eos journey.

How to Get It: Originally a pre-order incentive, the Masamune is now included in the game’s Royal and Windows versions.


4. Abrasion

Hardedge Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

By the time you reach the Duscae area, you’ll almost certainly be in desperate need of two things: money and improvements.

The collecting of monster components may help with both of these issues.

These components may be obtained by defeating monsters and hoping for the best.

However, equipping a suitable weapon and breaking pieces off is a superior option.

As soon as Duscae opens up, you can get the Hardedge. It also has an extra 80% probability of breaking monster components.

That figure is almost 100 percent when coupled with Gladio’s powerful assault skills.

Even better, the Hardedge is a very effective weapon!

It also looks nice.

As a result, you’ll be dealing a lot of damage while collecting horns, claws, and wings to help fuel your journey.

The weapon may be found close to a hut just south of the Alstor Slough.


3. Code of Duel

Duel Code Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

The Duel Code is a late-game weapon with just one function:

To inflict severe damage on a single enemy.

This sword not only has a strong attack and HP increase, but it also has a unique ability that makes bosses (and other lonely targets) easier to conquer.

The Duel Code will inflict an additional 50% damage when you confront a solitary opponent or a foe who is far away from its allies.

This is a significant gain, particularly when combined with other strength-building techniques.

With lone opponents and the Duel Code, a fully charged Gladio or Noctis may clean the floor.

Even if you have to clear a group, the Duel Code’s assault strength is sufficient to accomplish it.

So go in there and eliminate all opponents but one, then reveal the others who the boss is (it’s you).

How to get it: The Daurell Caverns Menace Dungeon’s 20th level has it.


Hyperion is number two.

Hyperion Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

The Hyperion is a sword that does more damage when you’re surrounded by opponents, and it’s the opposite of the Duel Code.

It has a lot of attack power and a lot of HP increase.

It’s great to use against anything, but there’s nothing better than it when you’re besieged by irritating tiny daemons.

Because of its inherent strength, the Hyperion is at the top of our Greatswords list.

Gladio’s Cyclone and Dawnhammer, for example, are ideal for assaulting a group. And the Hyperion allows you to complete the fight in a single attack.

It’s a long-lasting sword with the unique ability to make crowd control as simple as swinging your blade.

How to get it: Gladio is given this weapon at the beginning of Chapter 15. After then, it may be bought from any store.


1. Possessor of power

Dominator Greatsword / Final Fantasy XV

During your travels, you may have observed that you encounter a lot of Daemons.

This is especially true if you often go out at night. Aren’t they a pain to deal with?

However, daemons have a significant weakness: light.

Can you figure out what’s going to happen next? The Dominator, to be precise.

This massive sword not only offers a massive attack power and stat increase, but it also has a crucial distinguishing characteristic that makes it worthwhile to use as your primary weapon:

It inflicts more damage against daemons.

Daemon-type enemies abound throughout the game’s final chapters, as well as all optional dungeons and material.

They’ll also collapse beneath the dominator’s might — the weapon intended to do additional harm to them.

That’s on top of the massive harm it currently does.

With each stroke, you’ll be completely controlling the daemons of Eos, as the name suggests.

How to get it: In Alstor, west of the Coernix Station, there’s an empty building. Next to it is a sword.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest greatsword in Final Fantasy 15?

The strongest greatsword in Final Fantasy 15 is easily the Zwill Crossblades. This is the best greatsword for Noctis because it has the highest attack power, and can be easily obtained through the side quest, The Worm Turns. Q: What are the best weapons in Skyrim?

How do you get the strongest sword in FFXV?

The “Final Fantasy XV” strongest sword is called the Zwill Crossblades, which can be obtained through the quest “No Pain, No Gem” at the Vesperpool. Whats the best game of 2018? God of War is

Where can I get weapons FFXV?

You can get weapons from the shops in the game. Q: What is the best loot in Fortnite? The best loot in Fortnite is the legendary assault rifle. Q: Where can I find the third and final part of the dark pact? A

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