Rosaria can wear many hats, but it is probably as a character with a broken prop that she shines the most. This is the best build for Rosary in Genshin Impact, with some good options for weapons, artifacts, and stats. We’ll also look at some examples of team competitions, in case you need ideas on how to incorporate them into your game.

Best rose garden construction in Genshin

You will find the finest specimens of rosaries, as well as good weapons, some artifacts and a selection of statues. You can also find a good team below.

Rosary best weapon

These are the weapons you need for a better rosary:

  • 3 stars: White glans
  • 4 stars: Deathmatch
  • 5 stars: Homa’s staff, the wingtip made of spotless jade.
  • Other options : Prototype Starglitter, Sickle Pike, Lithic Spear.

Overall, the CRIT rate weapon is a good option for Rosaria. One of the best four-star weapons for them is Deathmatch, which offers a CRIT% rate bonus, and the Gladiator passive, which increases ATK and DEF by 16% if there are two enemies nearby, or 24% if there are fewer than two.

All five-star spears are also solid options, and your choice will depend on what values you value most for your build. First, the Jade Winged Arrow is a good choice for the CRIT course. But Homa State is also solid, but offers the GMG CRIT instead.

Best set of artifacts for rosaries

Here are some artifacts for the rosary:

  • Two volumes: Noblesse Oblige (two pieces) and Blizzard Strayer (two pieces)
  • Four volumes: Blizzard Strayer (four pieces) or Lavawalker’s

We will use a 20% elemental weft in two parts, because the elemental weft of the rosary is a significant part of the damage. Combine this with a two-piece Blizzard Strayer for a +15% Kryo DMG bonus.

If you plan on using Rosaria as a pure DPS character, you might consider a four-piece Blizzard Strayer. This gives you a 15% cryo DMG bonus, as well as a 20% CRIT bonus and a CRIT rate against frozen enemies.

Lavalcker’s quadruple epiphany might be a good option if you use Rosaria to melt. All four coins give a 35% damage bonus to enemies hit by Pyro.

Best statistical artifact rosary

Finally, regarding the statistics you want to bring up about the construction of the rosary:

  • Compasses with logos : TRC percentage or loss of TRC
  • Aeon Sands: ATK %.
  • Eonotema Cup: Cryogenic DMG Bonus (%)
  • Secondary statistics : Elementary capacity and energy charge

Power is important to Rosaria, but the extent of it depends on how you handle it within your team. If you pair Rosaria with another Cryogenic character or use her for a quick exchange, you won’t need as much energy as when you charge her. But if Rosaria is your solo support, then you might want to buy Eon’s energy charge sand.

String control possible

There are a lot of good team layout options, depending on whether you want cryo-resonance or how you want to play Rosaria:

  • Keiya, Xianlin, Bennett, Rosaria…
  • Fischl, Beidou, Bennett, Rosaria.
  • Xingyu, Bennett, Diona, Rosaria,
  • Venti, Xiao, Diona, Rosaria…
  • Fischl, Diona, Xingyu, Rosaria,
  • Diona, Xingyu, Beidou, Rosaria…

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Will Rosaria be a game-changing character?


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