In Valheim, you have been sent to investigate some strange goings on in the local swamp… You may have heard of this place – it’s a haven for crypt-crawling both new and experienced gamers alike.

It’s hard to believe you have been playing Dungeon Keeper for over a decade. I remember when I first played the game back in 1998, and how much the game changed over the years. I’m glad it still holds up against today’s modern games, but I did find a couple of glaring errors. If you have been following along in Dungeon Keeper, you should know that the Swamp Crypt is located in a marsh called Valheim. However, for some reason, the swamp is absent when you try to access the dungeon. Here’s how to find it.

The quest to find the Swamp Crypt in Valheim is not a simple one. Not only is the swamp a large and dark place, but the Crypt itself is also in a large and dark place. With all this darkness, you would be forgiven for thinking the Swamp Crypt was an actual Crypt, but it is not. It is a trap that traps you. You must not fall for it.

Valheim has been gaining popularity since its debut in February 2021, thanks to its narrative, gameplay, and many chances to try new things. Gamers usually like the game since it allows them to discover new methods to create and explore new areas. 

The game’s biomes are the game’s primary focus, with each biome having its own specialization. There are locations to explore, things to collect, and monsters to defeat in each biome. However, since biomes are such a big part of the game, finding their locations and the things they store may be difficult.

Meadows, Black Forests, Swamp, Plains, Mountains, and Ocean are the game’s six established biomes; Mistlands, Deep North, and Ashlands are the game’s three undeveloped biomes. Each biome has a different level of difficulty to locate in the game, with Meadows being the simplest to find (where you begin the game).

While the Meadows and Black Forest biomes are simpler for Valheim players to locate and explore, the Swamp Biome, the third biome, may be difficult to locate. With its numerous deadly monsters, marshy landscape, and mysterious dungeons, it is a biome that will give players a hard time if they enter it unprepared.

Here’s a quick rundown of where to locate the swamp biome, swamp crypts, creatures you’ll face, what you’ll find, and how to prepare:

How Do I Locate The Swamp?

Because each biome has a distinct location in each world generated by the game. You’ll have to do some exploring in the Swamp biome. The Swamp will never be found on territory that is connected to the continent where you started your trip. 

You’ll need to build a boat before you begin your hunt. It is recommended that you construct a Karve (a buildable building in Valheim that succeeds the raft) since it is more durable and can withstand the severe attacks from sea serpents you may encounter in the ocean. Karves are not only powerful, but they also have greater storage capacity, which you will need for the goods found in the Swamp biome.

Swamp biomes are usually simple to find on the landmasses around your region, although they are separated by the ocean. It may even be found far distant from the nearest continents. However, it is not advised that you travel to the Swamps that are farther out while you are still in the early stages of the game since they are connected to or near the Plain biome, which is a difficult biome to live in.

What Should You Bring To The Swamp?

The Swamp is a hazardous habitat, so you need go in prepared. This will give you a better chance of successfully exploring the area. 

Armor: You should have at least complete bronze armor and weaponry, as well as a decent bronze shield. Copper and tin ore found in the Black Forest biome may be mined and smelted to produce bronze. In a forge, combine the ingots.

Weapons: You may create maces as weapons, since they can be very efficient against Swamp foes, who are mostly susceptible and weak to blunt assaults. A Finewood Bow with Flinthead Arrows may be quite useful for weakening opponents from afar for a more secure battle. 

Health: Make sure you have enough of food on hand to maintain your best health. You may bring plenty of cooked meat and fruit, as well as honey if you have beehives.

Poison Resistance Mead: Make a poison resistance mead to protect yourself against the Swamp’s toxic foes. Healing mead is also beneficial for rapid, immediate healing.

Supplies: Stack wood in your Karve so that when you reach a new continent, you can quickly build a modest shelter before you begin exploring. 

What Is The Swamp Key And How Do I Get It?


The Swamp key is required to access the Sunken Crypt dungeons located inside the Swamps. This key may be obtained by slaying The Elder, the Black Forest biome’s boss. The Elder is the game’s second boss, and he resembles a huge tree with two legs. 

The Elder’s whereabouts may be determined by looking for runestones in the Black Forests’ burial chambers. The Elder’s position on the map will be marked by the runestones. 

Summoning: You’ll need three Ancient Seeds to summon The Elder. You must sacrifice them at the Sacrificial Altar in order to summon the boss.

The Elder boss uses two main strikes in battle. The Elder has two attacks: one is a close-range stomp that covers a wide area, and the other is a distant assault in which he shoots vines towards the player. It is recommended that you engage this monster in a distant battle and utilize weapons that do damage from afar, such as the Finewood Bow and Fine arrows. 

Putting numerous campfires on the ground may also be a good way to take down this monster, since it will suffer fire damage if it walks over them.

You will get The Elder award and a swamp key after beating this bot in the game. The swamp key grants you entrance to the Swamp’s submerged crypts.

Crypts Beneath the Sea

The Sunken Crypt Dungeons contain all of the Swamp biome’s prized treasures. They are brimming with valuable resources and gems. Stone buildings and massive green lamps on the exterior distinguish the submerged crypts. To access these buildings, you’ll need the swamp key. If you’re playing by yourself, just one person needs the swamp key to let everyone in.

Many chambers are separated from one another by muddy scrap heaps in the subterranean crypts. You can earn a lot of resources by mining these heaps with a pickaxe. There may be an unlocked iron gate in certain rooms. Some rooms may even include chests containing more wealth.

What Can You Expect to Find in Sunken Crypts?


Inside Sunken Crypts, there are two things to look for:


The Swamp, as well as the Sunken Crypt Dungeons, are home to a variety of dangerous animals.

Blobs are slimy, green creatures that are big and slimy. They strike by jumping across huge distances and emit a toxic gas cloud. You may acquire ooze by destroying these blobs, which can then be utilized in crafting.

Oozer: The most deadly varieties of the blob are oozers. It attacks in the same way as the blob, but with a wider range. Oozers produce two blobs when they die. They have a low probability of dropping iron fragments after being killed.

Draugr: Draugr is a deadly monster, and one of the most hardest to defeat in all of Valheim. They may be found in the Swamp biome, where they are extremely abundant. They can use weapons such as a bow, an ax, and a shield. Helmets may also be generated on them. Entrails are obtained from killing Draugrs and may be utilized in crafting.

Draugr Elite: Draugr Elites are a more advanced version of regular Draugrs. They have purple eyes and are more uncommon than regular Draugrs. Their missing arm allows them to be easily identified.

 Body Piles are a kind of monster spawner that may be found in the Sunken Crypts. They have the ability to spawn any Draugrs (melee, ranged, or Draugr elite). The easiest method to farm the Draugr Elite trophy is to use Body Piles. 

They should be eliminated as quickly as possible, or else monsters will continue to spawn, making it difficult to explore the submerged crypts.


Muddy scrap piles: The subterranean crypts’ passageways are blocked by huge mounds of muck. Muddy scrap heaps are what they’re called. These are made out of iron fragments and withered bones. Both of these things are necessary. Leather scraps, on the other hand, may be discovered in these muddy scrap heaps.

Chests: As you go further into the Sunken Crypt Dungeons, you’ll come across chests. Iron scraps and chains may be found in these containers. They also have rubies, amber fragments, and amber pearls among their riches. These boxes also contain a large amount of coins.

Yellow Mushroom: Sunken Crypts are full with yellow mushrooms. These mushrooms may be eaten raw or used to make stamina-boosting meads.

Runestones: Runestones may be found in the Sunken Crypt Dungeons on rare occasions. These runestones will indicate you where the Swamp biome boss, Bone Mass, is on the map.

Aside from these, the Sunken Crypt Dungeons include Ironhead and Poison arrows. 

What do you do when you’re lost in the swamps of Valheim? You find the crypt! But, if you’re trying to find the crypt on your own, you’re in for a bit of a journey. The crypt is located on the right of the swamp, just north of the farmhouse, and you’ll need to enter and exit the swamps. On the way you’ll stumble across a bunch of interesting creatures, and if you do find the crypt you’ll be able to face a few tough challenges.. Read more about how to find sunken crypt valheim and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to swamp crypt Valheim?

Swamp Crypt is an area of Valheim located in the swamp region. Please refer to the Ancient Valheim Map for its location. Q: How do I get to the barrows? The Barrows is an area in the north-western region of Valheim. It is located

Why cant I find sunken crypts in Valheim?

Sunken Crypts in Valheim is a free DLC, but it is not available at the moment. This is due to a bug in the game that is currently being worked on by the developers. Q: Is there a demo for the game? Yes, you can download

How do I find crypts?

Crypts are all randomly generated with the exception of a few in the town. To find a crypt, you must listen for the sound of a gate opening. The sound is not too hard to hear, a small click with a metal sound after it. It sounds more like a door opening than anything else

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