Why is Terraria So Slow on Your Computer?

The game Terraria is one of the best games on the PC. The game has a lot of bugs including the infamous “Stuck in a Loop” bug. This bug occurs in the game when you start the game and it does not load. This happens when the game is started but cannot load because the game is unable to find the Terraria executable.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you are experiencing a game slowdown. As a rule, this is bad. We’re not saying that Terraria is bad, it’s just that all games have issues. So, why is Terraria slowing down? Well, the answer to that question is a bit complicated, and we’ll try to explain it without giving the game away. But, let’s say there have been a couple of updates to Terraria, some of which made it better, some of which made it worse. Maybe the latest update to Terraria was working fine on your computer until one day you started seeing a massive slowdown. The funny thing is, you could easily fix this issue, it’s just not an easy fix.

A few months ago I wrote about the reason my computer was running so slow, the post has been a popular success. This time I want to add a post about how I fixed it, the steps that I took, and how I can make it easier for other players to find what they need.

Terraria is an adventure game for all of our imaginative players out there. It’s a country of adventure, a place of mystery, and it’s all yours to design, preserve and enjoy! 

The game itself is a great way to have fun while also challenging your intellect and encouraging creativity in your brain. But none of this is fun unless your game isn’t crashing, freezing, stuttering, lagging, shutting, displaying a black screen, experiencing FPS dips, or having other problems.

The first thought that comes to mind is usually that you need to update your system. This may be a consideration for some, although Terraria isn’t a very demanding game. It’s well-known for its ability to operate well on old, obsolete hardware. So, if you’re having trouble running the game correctly, it may be due to something else entirely.

Here are some of the most frequent causes of why is terraria so slow on your PC.

Why is terraria so slow on your PC and what you can do about it

Fixes made in-game

Why is Terraria So Slow on Your Computer?

The first step should be to attempt a few in-game fixes. Reduce the quality of your visuals and utilize low-quality lighting. Examine if utilizing multi-core lighting improves or degrades game performance. To improve the performance of the inventory screen, enable auto-pause. 

Frame skipping is more likely to occur if you are using a low-end computer. The ‘Frame Skip’ option may be used to alter this. This is highly recommended since it sacrifices smoothness for quickness. Disabling frame skip on low-end machines will result in a ‘slow motion’ effect, with the game running even slower than before. 

Another problem is lag spikes, which may be easily remedied. You may try turning off the map. The game slows a lot because it scans every title on the screen to keep the map updated. Enter the settings and turn off the map from the title screen.

You may also disable the Blood and Gore option, which can increase your game’s FPS somewhat. Disabling Pickup Text, another feature that may create latency on occasion, may help to minimize the lag.

FPS can be greatly increased by playing at a lower resolution. This may be in windowed or full-screen mode. The game’s lowest resolution is 800×600 pixels, which is around the size of a cell phone screen.

Problems with the Internet

Your system limits aren’t the source of all of your latency spikes. It’s also possible that your internet connection is interfering with the game’s seamless operation. Try switching from a wi-fi to an ethernet connection if your internet is normally good but isn’t functioning properly.

Restarting your network adapter is a good choice if your internet is normally extremely reliable but appears to be running slower than usual. It may seem unappealing, yet it resolves the majority of problems.

If your network adapter driver is out of date, this may be an issue. A network adapter driver is a piece of software that enables your network adapter to communicate with your computer. Your game will slow if the network adapter driver is old, incorrect, or corrupt. Lagging problems are usually resolved by upgrading the network adapter driver.

Restart your computer.

When your device has been on and operating for a long time, you may see occasional FPS dips and latency spikes when you start your game. Restarting your computer not only resets the state of your system, but it also resolves any problems you may be experiencing.

Restarting your gadget is similar to giving it a fresh start in the Terraria game. You may want to try restarting your smartphone every now and then to enjoy better gaming with no latency. Many individuals who were experiencing latency problems were able to resolve the problem by just rebooting their devices. If your game begins to lag after it has been started, you should look for a different solution.

Programs in the Background


Having too many applications/programs running in the background on your PC may detract from your overall gaming experience. So, let’s say you’re attempting to play Terraria and your internet connection is steady, yet the game lags. In such scenario, you should investigate any background programs that may be running and placing a strain on your computer’s CPU.

Some processes may become stuck in never-ending cycles, and this is particularly common when installing new software applications, since most of them are activated at launch by default. They continue to operate in the background, using your CPU’s resources. 

This may be resolved by opening the Windows task manager and seeing whether applications are running in the background that you do not need, then terminating the job. You may also go through all of the enabled applications at startup and deactivate those that you don’t need to run every time you turn on your computer. 

DNS Configuration

To repair your game, try adjusting your DNS settings. The Domain Name Mechanism (DNS) is the system that translates alphabetic names to numeric IP addresses on the internet. As a gateway to the internet, you utilize your ISP’s default DNS server. This server may be sluggish or poorly setup for caching, slowing down your internet connection significantly.

Terraria should be reinstalled.

If your game is still running slowly and sluggish, you might try reinstalling it. On your machine, there may be software that deletes or corrupts particular game files. They may or may not have an impact on the game itself. It’ll most likely function as expected. The performance, on the other hand, will be noticeably different. Corrupted files may be repaired with a new install.

But, before you do that, it’s a good idea to double-check the game’s integrity. Steam includes a function that enables it to scan for damaged game files and reinstall any that are required. First, give it a shot. If the problems persist even after Steam has repaired certain files, you may need to reinstall the game.

Computer Graphics Card


Depending on your current graphics card condition, you may encounter latency or FPS dips in Terraria since the game is too demanding. It’s conceivable that the game is too demanding for your present graphics card, or that the game isn’t fully compatible with it. Updating the graphics card installed on your computer may be a solution to the issue.

Updates for Windows

Windows updates are usually automated and scheduled by your Windows updater on a regular basis. It’s conceivable that your game isn’t running properly because your PC’s operating system isn’t up to date. Manually update your windows and check if the issue persists.

Specific updates, on the other hand, may harm your system upgrade. Check your system’s settings to discover when it last installed updates. If difficulties began to appear thereafter, rolling back the updates may resolve the issues.

Overlay in-game

Everyone enjoys using in-game overlay apps like Discord, and we all like using this feature while playing most games. Many users have discovered that the overlays function in Terraria is the reason the game continues crashing and refuses to start. If you have in-game overlays active in Nvidia GeForce Experience, Discord, or recording software like Overwolf, consider removing them to see if that solves the problem.



DirectX is a piece of software created by Microsoft to enhance multimedia experiences, namely gaming. If Terraria continues crashing on your PC, you may be able to resolve the problem by reinstalling DirectX. Make sure you have the most recent version, install it on your PC, and verify whether the Terraria problem has been resolved.


It’s usually a good idea to have security and protection software on your computers. They do, however, sometimes interfere with safe applications. Terraria is also completely safe to play on your PC.

However, your antivirus or firewall may mistakenly identify the game as malicious software and prevent it from performing its functions. In such situations, the performance will be severely slowed. Create Terraria exceptions in your firewall and antivirus to see whether it fixes the issue.

Priority One

If your game keeps crashing or lagging, you might try making it a high priority. It may boost the game’s performance while also resolving crashing issues. Start your task manager, go to the ‘Details’ tab, right-click on ‘Terraria.exe,’ then go to the ‘Set Priority’ tab and set it to High. This should greatly improve the performance of your game.



As a result, we looked through every scenario that might impact the game’s performance on your machine. Continue to try each of the options listed in this article one at a time until you find one that works for you.

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game where players explore, build, and fight monsters. The game was released on PC in 2011, and has since been ported to various other platforms—most recently, the Nintendo Switch. The game serves as an example for many things: A fun game that anyone can pick up and play. An example of how a game can be ported to other platforms. And a game that uses a lot of memory. While I do not consider Terraria to be a resource hog , it is a resource hog.. Read more about terraria slow motion multiplayer and let us know what you think.

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