If you’re buying a new PC running Windows 10, you might be surprised to find that you can’t use it for a substantial amount of time after you receive it. Luckily, you can do something about that.

The long lead times for first-party chipsets on Windows 10 PCs have become widely known due to delays with the release of the Surface Book, but it turns out that the problem is even more widespread than most people realize. According to WIPT, it’s only a matter of time before the systems are no longer able to support the current generation of second-party chips.

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Nobody should be shocked to learn about how manufacturers all around the globe are having to deal with chip shortages at this time. What is shocking, though, is how terrible the situation has become in recent months.

According to the most recent statistics from Susquehanna Financial Group, the time between purchasing a chip and receiving it has stretched to an extremely alarming degree. Chip-starved businesses must now wait more than 20 weeks for their orders to be completed, according to Bloomberg. This is an increase of more than eight days over what manufacturers had to wait earlier this summer.

While a wide variety of components, including as logic chips used in automobiles, industrial equipment, and home electronics, are impacted, the advent of new systems utilizing Microsoft’s newest OS, or the absence thereof, may make the effect particularly apparent in the eyes of the ordinary PC user.

The chip scarcity, as noted by sources such as Windows Central, seems to be threatening the availability of new Windows 11 computers. Although big manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Dell, and others may be unaffected, smaller businesses like Microsoft may have difficulty obtaining what they need. The suggestion here is that gadgets from Microsoft’s popular Surface series may be more difficult to obtain.

Kurt Sievers, President and CEO of NXP Semiconductors, has warned that the chip scarcity would most likely last until 2022.

1629051625_14_Chip-Delivery-Time-Surpasses-20-Weeks-Impacting-Availability-of-NewBloomberg photo

[Microcontroller] lead times have risen to 26.5 weeks, compared to a normal range of six to nine weeks. Power management chips, which control the flow of energy in everything from smartphones to solar power production, have had their lead times shortened, which is good news for sectors that depend on semiconductors.

Bloomberg is the source of this information (via Windows Central)

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