In Dead By Daylight Chapter 21 Patch Notes (5.2.0 PTB Update), The Chainsaw seems to have been nerfed to near uselessness. It’s a very popular weapon in the game, but it’s not meant to be a weapon that is used in Combat. Since this is a game, Dead By Daylight, it has to be balanced with weapons that are more useful in the game.

Lately, I’ve been wondering why Dead By Daylight has been so quiet lately. Sure, the game puts out updates frequently, but the big ones aren’t very exciting. I mean, the Halloween stuff is okay, but this is Dead By Daylight we’re talking about. So, this week I wanted to write about a new patch that is now live on Dead By Daylight’s Steam page, and I hope this will help to keep things interesting.

Dead By Daylight is a game that has evolved and improved greatly over the years and this latest update is no exception. This version is the first to feature the new Survivors’ Perks system, which does just that – lets you take on special perks that let you survive longer or better.. Read more about leaks by daylight and let us know what you think.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 21 Patch Notes (5.2.0 Update)

The Player Test Build (PTB) for Chapter 21 of Dead by Daylight is now available on Steam as of August 17 at 11 a.m. ET. Fans of the game may join the PTB to gain early access to future features and to provide feedback and problem reports. A full list of the Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Chapter 21 patch notes can be found below.

Chapter 21 Hellraiser PTB: How to Play Dead by Daylight

Only the player test build of Dead by Daylight’s Chapter 21 Hellraiser is playable (PTB). The PTB may be accessed through Steam. Go to properties, go to the Beta tab, and choose the “public-test” option from the menu. Right-click the Dead by Daylight game in your Steam Library, go to properties, travel to the Beta tab, and select the “public-test” option from the selection. After making these changes, Steam may need to be restarted.

You may also opt out of the PTB by going through the same procedures and choosing “None – Opt out of all beta programs” before restarting Steam.

Player Test Build Patch Notes for Chapter 21 of Dead By Daylight (5.2.0)


  • The Cenobite has been added as a new Killer.
  • Match Results – Players will now be informed if they leave a Trial with a Limited Item (example: The Nemesis’s Vaccine) that they will not be able to retain it. It was sucked up by The Entity.
  • Large Text Settings — This option allows users to expand all words on the HUD, making them easier to read.


Update on the Nemesis:

  • While charging Tentacle Strike Tier 3, movement speed increases to 4.0m/s (from 3.8m/s).
  • S.T.A.R.S. shattered The length of the badge effect has been extended to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • The length of the Iridescent Umbrella Badge effect has been extended to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds, but was erroneously displayed as 12 seconds)
  • The Nemesis’s Ritual has been lowered to only achieving the maximum Mutation Rate once (was 4)

Note from the developers: The Nemesis was released in a decent condition, however it has been somewhat underperforming in higher level categories. Because these players are more likely to reach Mutation Rate 3, a bonus here should offer him a small advantage at that level of play. In addition, two underperforming additions have been improved to make them more feasible, and the related ritual has been made easier to complete.

  • On the Family Residence, Sanctum of Wrath, and Midwich Elementary School, many bug fixes and enhancements have been made to address performance problems.
  • The maps Blood Lodge, Dead Dawg Saloon, and The Game have been reactivated.
  • A range of survival hair and facial hair cosmetics have been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where The Executioner’s back was too flat while wearing “The Corrupted” outfit.
  • Fixed an issue where a particular hook on the Hospital map would obstruct navigation while a Survivor was hooked on it.
  • When the murderer was positioned at the door frame in the main structure of the Blood Lodge, he would bodily block the basement.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed Meg’s extremely rare “Jewel of the Party” costume to clip with her body numerous times.
  • When doing different actions, Meg “Jewel of the Partyextremely “‘s rare costume skirt became deformed.
  • When female survivors stepped on a bear trap while wearing the Calm Spirit perk, an animation was missing. This was fixed.
  • In the Raccoon City Police Station map, it was fixed an issue that led survivors to collapse while going down certain steps.
  • When cleaning certain totems, an issue led survivors to float and fall to the ground.
  • When sabotaging a hook, the durability bar of toolboxes appeared red. This was fixed.
  • When the Nemesis was in spectator mode in a custom game, the walking motion of the Nemesis was absent.
  • Victor was able to pounce on survivors when Dead Hard was being utilized, which was fixed.
  • When downed by the Trickster’s blades while vaulting, survivors may get trapped in a window. This has been fixed.
  • The Doctor’s Shock Therapy and Static Blasts were not negating the Oblivious effect due to a bug.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tinkerer perk’s sound notice to be too quiet.
  • Fixed an issue where the Coup de Grace perk indicator would stay illuminated until all generators were finished rather than until all tokens were spent.
  • When spectating a custom game, an issue where the hook count and generator count overlapped was fixed.
  • When holding the Escape key during a match, the pause menu would continually open and shut, which was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where player names beginning with a # sign in the HUD were shortened.
  • An issue that caused a save file difficulty has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where survivor was given the wrong beneficent emblem.

Issues that have been identified

  • Survivors are sometimes enslaved by shackles and are unable to free themselves.
  • The PTB now includes new Rank Crest pictures. On PTB, the new MMR system will not be operational.
  • While completing the Lament Configuration, certain animations are missing.
  • When the Killer teleports to the Lament Configuration while the Survivor is solving it, the incorrect animation plays.
  • When a Survivor disconnects while carrying the Lament Configuration, it will be lost.
  • When a Survivor disconnects while still connected by a chain, it does not end the match.
  • Even if the Survivors escape with the Lament Configuration, the “Lament Guardian” scoring event is given.
  • When breaking free from numerous shackles, survivors are given the wrong number of Bloodpoints.
  • The Torture Pillar and Burning Candle add-ons do not stack properly.
  • In certain maps, the Cenobite may place a gateway that is out of limits.
  • Claire Redfield does not have anything in her hands.
  • When Claire Redfield is mori’d, her camera clips in the ground.
  • In-game, Claire Redfield’s visage is deformed.


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