Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies ever. The first ever Pulp Fiction movie had a few problems, but it was still okay. The movie’s problems were that it didn’t have enough details, it wasn’t long enough, and it wasn’t really happy. So, I decided that I would make a game that used the movie as its base, and did things the way Pulp Fiction would have done them. It’s the best version of this game that I could have ever made.

Disciples II Liberation is a turn based strategy and management game series that was released in 2004. Gradually, the game has gained a fan base, with fans creating fan-made mods to extend Disciples II. The game was never published by the developer, but they have now licensed the game to a new studio, and the series will continue as a full-fledged sequel called Disciples III: Renaissance.

Disciples of Gaia is an open world action role-playing game series created by the Japanese game developer, tri-Ace. An English version of the series was released on the PlayStation 2, and the series has been in development throughout the years. The game follows the adventures of a group of intergalactic warriors, from an intergalactic empire known as the Gaia Federation, as they fight to liberate the universe from invading alien forces. During the storyline, the player takes control of a character, and the game is viewed from a first person perspective. It is a turn-based strategy game, in which players build and manage an army of characters, and engage in combat on a world map, where the player fights against opposing forces.

PREVIEW – After many years without a game, fans were surprised to see the iconic Disciples role-playing tale return. Disciples Liberation, the next installment in this genre of turn-based strategy RPGs, makes a solid first impression: we may be in for an interesting game with a lot of material and unique features.


The new Disciples Liberation is a turn-based tactical combat role-playing game that puts us in the shoes of Avyanna, the person in charge of freeing the Nevendaar area. Frima Studio, the game’s creators, revealed some fascinating information regarding the game’s gameplay and development. We’re dealing with a more ambitious RPG than it seems, and the developer promises that the game will have a campaign lasting more than 80 hours for a single player, which is a very long time.


Disciples Liberation combines three deep and distinct mechanics, all of which are well balanced. It’s a role-playing game, and your choices will have a major impact on the story’s progression. It’s a strategy game with tactical turn-based combat, as well as a management game, because as soon as we set out on our journey, we arrive in Yllian, a city that will serve as the base of our operations, which we must develop in order to make various improvements and improve our army by acquiring new units and training them. Furthermore, we will be acquiring a large number of companions during our journey, individuals that will be more significant than the basic troops and who will have their own objectives). As if that weren’t enough, we’ll also need to acquire resources through the stage in order to, say, construct additional structures in our city.


A role-playing game with a lot of options


Something strange occurs with RPGs: the genre has so many video games that it may be difficult to fulfill the preferences of enthusiasts. An RPG is a lot more fun when my choices impact the video game and the adventure, but it doesn’t imply it’s bad if it leads us further into the narrative. Of course, the part has been enhanced by our efforts to immerse ourselves completely in the character, and the fact that our performance alters the path of Disciples Liberation is a lot of fun. The Fallout series does a great job of that, but there are other, more contemporary and modest examples, such as the excellent Griftlands.

Disciples Liberation guarantees that every choice we make, whether in the main narrative or the side missions we’ll discover in Nevendaar, will have an effect on the game. We may choose whether to murder all the guards at the chapel of Saint Darkchild or only the priest Sebastien, our actual objective, as soon as we start. In this instance, you will see that history forces us to fail to complete the task, but there is a great deal of flexibility in how the conversations are handled. Ayvanna can inquire, argue, threaten, fight, soothe, and even seduce… I’ve felt that depending on what we want to reflect on our protagonist, we may be various characters, and of course, I’ve been able to satisfy characters, lie to them, dodge fights, form alliances, and do anything I wanted in each scenario, based on the available choices. Even so, based on what I’ve seen and played thus far, I can’t guarantee that everything will have the same long-term effect on the advanced game as the research suggests, but there’s no reason to disbelieve it.

We may also murder one of the characters, altering the path of Disciples Liberation, but only if this choice comes in a particular situation. Freedom won’t reach the level of Fallout: it won’t be a question of going anywhere and murdering everyone, but it doesn’t have to go that far for this feature to be useful. “In narrative composition, if a character has the choice of joining the fight or staying away from it, both acts will have an effect on the tale. So whether you decide to murder the characters or not, both choices will have an impact,” said Louis Lamarche, Frima Studio and Disciples Liberation’s creative director.



Nevendaar is a vibrant planet.


Disciples Liberation is an isometric video game in which we may explore an open world and return to the city of Yllian anytime we wish. It’s important to remember, for example, that the whole situation isn’t accessible right away. As we begin, we will make the first critical decision: which countries to visit in order to seek friends and combat our primary adversary. Disciples Liberation includes four distinct factions, each of which we may take a neutral, friendly, or antagonistic stance against. This will also have an impact on which companions and troops join, as well as the structures we construct in Yllian and other plot points. Each of these groups is located at a separate location on the map, so we’ll have to progressively unlock the stage.

The set is finished and ready to go. We may discover neutral, friendly, and not so friendly locations to conquer in order to acquire resources on a regular basis (for example, a sawmill to collect wood), chests, dungeons, and many more mysteries. When I was playing, I made little progress with the mapping since almost every step I took brought me to a new point of failure, whether it was an NPC in need of assistance or a location to conquer in Disciples Liberation. It’s interesting to note that there are certain locations we can’t access, either because we can’t get there at the moment or because our level is considerably lower than the opponents that live there. The firm said that there will be a lot of backtracking: “We’ll go back to places we’ve already visited and keep finding new things to do.”



Action Points and Rearguard in Strategic Combat


Aside from exploring the open world and locations we may visit that will serve as dungeons, fighting is one of the most important aspects of Disciples Liberation, and there is a lot of cloth to cut here. Avyanna will not be alone, and one of our objectives will be to find new friends, which we will accomplish throughout our journey. In Yllian, we may also get additional more fundamental units by constructing new structures. Regardless, the comrades who join may be deployed in combat, and of course, we must properly equip, train, and care for them so that they do not perish in battle, mostly because if they are still in the Cemetery at the conclusion of the conflict, the weaker units will perish. As previously said, Disciples Liberation’s combats are turn-based and tactical on a screen that we access while approaching an opponent. The area has been split into cells so that we may move our characters about and destroy the remainder of the enemy, as is customary. The characters behave in accordance with their statistics, and we may enhance a particular attribute to make them go faster.

The Action Points are an intriguing aspect in Disciples Liberation (AP). Each character will have two AP, however there will be three different kinds: blue, red, and gold. The first three relate to movement, the second to the capacity to utilize orders to attack, and the third is somewhat of a wild card with which we may do anything. Certain characters, on the other hand, will be able to utilize their skills exclusively with certain APs. Avyanna, for example, has both a blue and a gold PA. This is interesting because it comes into play when determining what kinds of activities each of the characters may do, even though we can execute them in whatever sequence we choose. I know I have two choices with Avyanna: one is to move since she has a blue AP, and the other is the one I want because gold enables me to utilize any ability (including spells, which are unique to the protagonist) or to keep traveling across the stage.


The Rearguard line is another distinguishing feature of Disciples Liberation Wars. This mechanism may be used by both the enemy and ourselves to balance the battle in our favor. The Rear is our army’s final line of defense, and we may deploy any troops we choose there to gain battle advantages. These fighters are immobile and serve more as a passive than an active enhancing item. In addition to its various statistics, each unit possesses unique Rearguard skills. It’s possible that a squad we recruit may be ineffective in the battlefield, but it’s on the line. It’s a new chapter in the story, and it’s a tactical RPG that’s worth playing. By the way, boxes with effects, both good and bad, sometimes emerge on the stage, which has grabbed my attention and may play an important part in the battle’s evolution. Placing our guy in one of those cells, for example, might heal a portion of his life or rescue him from a dangerous scenario. In general, the game felt harsh on the player in these early stages, and it made me feel like I should have paid more attention to the narrative in the initial hours instead of wanting to go out on my own since I had died so many times. There will be no difficulty levels in Disciples Liberation, yet it seems to be a tough game.



Disciples Liberation may surprise you, but the length of time it lasts concerns me.


Disciples Liberation’s mechanics may not all be very complex, but the game’s diversity and distinctive elements make it a title worth keeping an eye on. Keep in mind that in Disciples Liberation, the role, the combat tactics, and the administration of our city and army all mix and flow to bring the game to life. It has grabbed my notice because he dares with all of them, even if each one is a task on its own. The greatest part is that Frima Studio informed me that putting them all together to be linked to one other was not difficult. We will also need to locate and manage resources in addition to these three pillars, since they will be essential to development. Yes, I feel compelled to mention that I believe this visual area is one of the game’s worst points: even at 4K, I get the impression that it lacks clarity and is unremarkable, despite the fact that I believe it is more than enough on an aesthetic level.

Dark fantasy and a mature, adult narrative are promised in the game, which will appeal to fans of the saga, who will discover allusions to the franchise’s whole world. I believe we will be dealing with an interesting title in the tactical RPG genre. However, I am concerned that its duration may be too long because, while it has interesting elements, I am not sure if fighting will continue to be as enjoyable if we spend a lot of time playing; keep in mind that we are not dealing with long and calm battles; everything is simple and the units have a wide range of movement. Eighty hours is a long time, and although there are many things to do, you must entice the player with a compelling narrative and interesting objectives. I really hope that is not an intentionally extended period, since this may be harmful to you. Nonetheless, Disciples Liberation seems to be great; it demonstrates that particular attention was taken in its creation since I discovered no problems in the beta version that I was allowed to test, the texts are meticulous, and it appears that there is exceptional effort behind it. When Disciples Liberation releases on October 21 for consoles and PC, we’ll have no more qualms.



The Disciples Franchise is back and better than ever! Disciples III: Dark Prophecy (Disciples III) – Launch Trailer. Read more about disciples: liberation xbox and let us know what you think.

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