Cyber criminals have stolen credit card numbers from more than 10,000 customers of Crytek, a game development company based in Frankfurt. The cyber attackers used a malicious script to steal the data over a span of three months.

The owner of the world’s largest streaming website has once again been hit by hackers. The video game company Crytek was hacked by the EGor hacking group, who tried to extort a ransom in cryptocurrency.

Crytek – In a series of cybersecurity assaults that started in September 2020, the Egregor gang has claimed another another victim. A well-known game developer and publisher is the victim in question. The Egregor ransomware group broke into their network in October 2020, according to reports.


Many systems and data were encrypted as a consequence of the assault, and consumers’ personal information was taken and subsequently published on the dark web. In a letter delivered to impacted parties earlier this month, the firm detailed the assault.

We can view the contents of the mail thanks to BleepingComputer:



Crytek attempted to minimize the data leak by claiming that “the website itself was difficult to detect […] therefore we anticipate that relatively few individuals would be aware of it.” Not only that, but it was believed that downloading the released material would take too long, and those who attempted to do so were discouraged by the “high danger” that malware contained in the leaked papers would infect their computers.


Arguments and system are flawed, and the assault is harsh.


That’s fine and well, but aren’t virtual computers there for a reason? Not to add that the author of the BleepingComputer post makes an excellent point in stating that such threat actors often sell this information to other hackers. Let’s have a look at what occurred to CD Projekt RED when they were engaged in a cyber-attack.

In any event, Egregor’s data breach site included the following information:


  • Files linked to WarFace
  • Arena of Fate, a Crytek MOBA game, was canceled.
  • Documents providing data about their network’s functioning


Yes, the notorious gang has also targeted other gaming businesses, in case you were wondering. Ubisoft was one of the victims, with the incident occurring in October 2020. The gang released files that indicated they possessed the source code for the games Watch Dogs: Legion and Arena of Fate, which were in development at the time. The validity of the purported source code, on the other hand, has yet to be established.

Egregor is known to have used ransomware to target a number of businesses. They were dangers that took advantage of the COVID-19 epidemic’s unexpected widespread reliance on digital infrastructure. Given that some of their assaults have targeted the healthcare industry, it only makes sense to dread (or hunt down – ed.) them.

The ransomware is a hybrid of the Sekhmet and Maze malware families. Brutal yet very successful double extortion techniques define the assaults. The cybercriminal organization, according to UpGuard, hacks into sensitive data and encrypts it so that the victim cannot access it. They then post a portion of the hacked data on the dark web as evidence of successful exfiltration.

The victim is then sent a ransom letter ordering them to pay a certain amount of money within three days in order to prevent their personal data from being published on the dark web again. Alternatively, they may be sold to other criminal groups. The seized data will be completely encrypted if the ransom is paid before the request expires.

All of these material is highlighted to demonstrate that Crytek’s efforts to minimize the event are far from finished. This was a major cyber-attack that put the data of many of Crytek’s clients at jeopardy. For the time being, it’s better to maintain a tighter hold on your data. Many individuals value that sort of information, and you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

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