EA recently released Battlefield 2042, a live action short film to promote the highly anticipated Battlefield 4. While the film is based on the popular video game, EA has said that it is a “non-canon” version of the story. The short film has come under fire for not being accurate, after a comparison of the short to the game’s trailers.

Battlefield 2042 is a live-action short film based on EA’s World War II shooter Battlefield 4. Although the film was only 4 minutes long, it is an unforgettable experience. It follows the story of an elite squad of soldiers in the waning days of World War II. The group is stationed in the historic city of Rotterdam, and they are tasked with stopping a German V-2 rocket attack on a nearby factory at any cost.

EA has just released a new video, created specifically for Battlefield 2042 fans. If you haven’t seen it, well, here it is.

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Although EA and DICE’s newest Battlefield game will lack a full campaign option to further immerse players in the game’s underlying story, the firms have tried to fill the gap with a new short film titled Exodus.

The Battlefield 2042 short, which was released today on YouTube, features the return of a character who should be known to most Battlefield 4 fans: Captain Kimble “Irish” Graves, a member of Tombstone Squad who is now the leader of the Exodus.

Graves’ presence in the Battlefield 2042 short is notable since it essentially validates DICE’s canon decision at the conclusion of Battlefield 4. When placed explosives aboard an enemy vessel fail to explode, protagonist Daniel “Reck” Recker is forced to choose between sacrificing Chinese Secret Service agent Huang “Hannah” Shuyi or Graves towards the conclusion of the campaign.

The Exodus trailer for Battlefield 2042 makes it obvious that Recker chose Hannah over Graves to die.

Michael K. Williams returns as Kimble Graves in the Exodus short after playing the role in Battlefield 4 almost a decade ago. Williams is best recognized for his role in HBO’s highly acclaimed series The Wire as Baltimore hoodlum Omar Little.


Kimble “Irish” Graves returns in Battlefield 4 as the captain of the No-Pat vessel Exodus, having to choose between the lives of the 200 refugees aboard his boat and the Non-future. Patriated’s In this solo short film set in the year 2042, see the events that will lead to all-out war.

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EA today announced that it will release a live-action short starring Battlefield 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves, as part of its Battlefield Anthology. In the Battlefield 2042 short, Graves stars as a soldier in the year 2042 who fights to rid the planet of a deadly virus.. Read more about bf4 irish annoying and let us know what you think.

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